Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

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Chapter 9

Soon all the members of both bands were back in the room. Aidan looked around and found JC looking at him with a tinge of sadness in his eyes. Aidan tilted his head and blinked, quickly giving a swipe at his black hair to get it out of his eyes. Looking back at him, Aidan smiled for a moment before returning to the conversation.

Quietly, Kevin stood up, "Well guys, as much as I hate to say it. We’re all starving and need to get back to the hotel. If we’re going to go to the park tomorrow we all need our rest." Most of the guys nodded and stood to leave. The groups were getting used to Kevin being the daddy of the group, and knew that he would bug them silly until they did as he felt they should.

"We’ll see you guys bright and early tomorrow about 9 a.m. If you need anything before, here’s my number. The password is Hydra today. When you call for me, just tell them the password and they will send you right through."

Trevor, Aidan, and Duncan nodded and smiled." Ok, we’ll see you tomorrow."

Howie stood and walked Aidan to the back stage door, as the rest of the guys followed to get into the waiting vans. The guys rounded the side of the building and slowly walked to the truck, chatting between themselves about how great the guys were.


"You know... it was odd... When… what was his name? JC? Came back. He looked really sad about something. I hope there wasn't anything really wrong." Aidan commented

The guys all nodded.

“Yeah, I wonder what was wrong with him, he was staring at Aidan a lot. You know, it’s amazing, but I think that Aidan had at least three or four of them totally hot for him and does he notice? Nope!” Duncan said, teasing Aidan.

“Hey! I did too notice. I did walk off with one of my admirers didn’t I?” said Aidan defending himself with a grin on his face.

“True, we have to give him props for that. Howie does have a hot little body, but I didn’t think you went for hot Latinos, Wolf.” Trevor grinned.

“Well, as you said, he is HOT! What was I supposed to do? Turn him down and not give him a chance because we have different backgrounds? I am part Italian, and Native American, and who knows what else. I could be part Latin myself.”

Trevor and Duncan nodded, though whatever made up Aidan’s background, he was one good-looking guy.

" Soooooo, what did you and Howie talk about while you were gone?" Duncan wiggled his eyebrows. "Anything interesting? What do you think of him? Hot huh?"

Aidan nodded, "Yeah, he is nice looking and we mainly talked about tomorrow actually. Though I am sure once he realizes he can trust me, I hope he’ll open up."


Aidan was tired, but he was hoping that CMajor had written him so he could tell him about the guy he had just met. It wasn't every day that Aidan met a guy he actually liked, and though he had been hoping that one day CMajor would tell him more about himself, he had a feeling that he might never know.

He logged onto his email and checked his messages, to be surprised that there was infact a message from CMajor, not too long ago infact. He wondered how he was ever going to talk CMajor into opening up. He clicked on the message. Confession? Aidan's heart lurched, perhaps the wishing he had done came true. Maybe CMajor was finally going to tell him who he was. He clicked on Confession and waited for it to load and then read it.

From: CMajor <CMajor@Yahoo.com>
Date: November 25, 1999: 12:00 AM
To: AWolf78@Yahoo.com

Dearest Wolf,

I have a confession to make. I know that I haven't been completely honest with you the last few months, but I did it to protect my career. In this day and age, you never really know who is really honest and sincere. The truth is my name is Joshua (JC) Scott Chasez. I am a member of N'sync.

I know that this is probably a shock since I met you tonight, but I had no idea that we would meet each other so soon. I had planned to take some time during this next month while you were out of school to come and meet you, but it seems that I have to reveal my identity now if I plan to stand a chance.

I know that you’re supposed to go with us tomorrow, and I know that you and Howie have hit it off. All I am asking here is for a chance to get to know you. I care a lot about you, and every day I have spent waiting for your emails because they brightened my days. You’re not only handsome, but you have a kind and good heart, and it’s one of the reasons that I was planning to risk my career to let you know how I really feel.

Please don't be mad.

Josh. aka CMajor

Aidan was stunned. JC was CMajor? Everything tonight suddenly made sense... the sad looks, the hurt in his eyes. Aidan thought back to the glimpses of scattered information that he had been told over the last 6 months. It all made sense now.... and Aidan was torn. Josh had asked him for a chance, and Aidan wanted to give him one. However, how could he explain it to Howie?

Aidan held his head in his hands and groaned. The only thing Aidan could do is to tell Howie the truth. Though how do you tell someone that? Aidan looked over at Trevor, as he came out of the bathroom, dressed and began checking his own email. Closing down his email, Aidan stood, walking over towards him.

"Hey Trev? Can we talk about something?"

Trevor looked up from his own email and closed it. "Sure Wolf… what's up? You look troubled."

Aidan nodded. "You remember the guy I told you about online that I have been talking to forever?"

Trevor nodded, "Sure… I think it was one of the reasons you haven't been dating."

Aidan blinked and nodded quietly, "Kinda… well… he just told me who he really is… and well… I met him tonight…"

Trevor blinked, "You did? Who? You mean he was one of the guys in BSB or N'sync? Wow! Who knew?"

Aidan nodded, "Remember how I commented on the way home that JC kept looking at me? Like he was really sad about something? It was him… JC…It seems that he was waiting ‘till next month when the tour was on holiday to come and meet me. He saw tonight that I was interested in Howie… he felt that he better tell me now or risk loosing me all together."

Trevor looked at Aidan stunned. "I guess that explains why he left the room so fast when he saw you. Hey, didn't you tell him what you were wearing before you left?" Aidan nodded.

"Well that explains a lot… the group references, the odd hours... what are you going to do? I know you like Howie, but you have been talking to Josh for a while now... I don't envy the decision you’re going to have to make."

Aidan nodded, "I don't know... I guess I am going to have to let Howie know the truth, and hope that he understands. I want to get to know them both before I decide which one I really want to be with. I have never had this problem before. It’s going to difficult."

Trevor nodded. "Well, we better get to bed... it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.."

Aidan nodded, "Yeah... and draining... sleep well bro..."

Trevor smiled, "You too..."


Aidan awoke early his alarm buzzed louder than all get out, not that he had gotten much sleep anyway. He crawled out of bed, groaning softly and padded across the floor to the dresser. Taking out some clean clothes, he walked into the bathroom to shower. Undressing, Aidan turned on the water, waiting for it to reach the right temperature. While waiting, Aidan tried to piss but he was just too hard. He found he couldn't. Shrugging he stepped into the shower, the spray cascading over his lean muscular body, his shoulder length hair becoming a shade darker as it was soaked with water.

Aidan stood under the spray, reveling in the cascade of hot water as he was slowly waking. He thought back to several dreams he had last night. He couldn't make up his mind on which he wanted to concentrate. He liked Howie, and that little dance he did for him during the concert was definitely hot, however, up close Howie was a bit more shy than he had expected. Aidan didn't mind that, after all Howie was a great guy from what he could tell.

Aidan thought hard and shook his head. Aidan realized that at least three guys in the two groups liked him that he knew of. Of course he only liked 2 of them, though sadly there wasn't that much of him to go around. Though, Aidan, in the past had two guys he was sleeping with at the same time, they were just casual friends. This was a whole new ball game, and it left Aidan confused.

Aidan soaped up, washing himself slowly since he always set the alarm to wake himself early enough for a long leisurely shower. Once he got out, he would need to wake Trevor, Trevor never set his alarm. Unless he had a really important appointment that couldn’t be missed Aidan slowly soaped up his cock and balls. His cock still hadn't softened enough to take a whiz, so he decided to take care of the problem.

He used his hands to get the soap really lathered as he slowly rubbed up and down his shaft, his eyes closed as he thought back to the hot dance that Howie had performed for him last night. Aidan groaned, his free hand reaching up to tweak one of his dark nipples, his body lounging against the back wall of the shower as his soapy hands slowly began to bring him off.

Spreading his feet to center his weight, he slowly stroked himself, moaning as his fingers tweaked his left nipple. Aidan slowly let his hand trace down his chest, over his stomach and finally under his cock to squeeze his balls gently. Aidan's head rolled to one side, the spray of the water quickly washing off the soap as he speed up the stroking of his rock hard cock.

Aidan liked jacking off in the shower. In fact and it was a lot safer than doing it in bed where a roommate could catch him. In the shower Aidan could indulge all his fantasies and did, as he suddenly thought of Howie and JC having a hot steamy session of sex. He gasped suddenly and shot his load, visions of sucking off Howie as JC fucked him from behind danced through his head. Aidan couldn't remember the last time he had cum so hard. It had been way too long between guys, Aidan decided.

Aidan finished rinsing off and turned off the water, stretching as he climbed out of the shower and headed to the toilet, quickly empting his bladder, grabbing a towel off the rack he began to dry himself as he examined himself in the mirror. Tilting his head slightly, he saw that he could use a shave and wrapped the towel around his waist and walked to the sink. Taking out his shaving gel, he added it to a small bit of shaving cream in his hand and rubbed them together. Working the two into a rich lather with his hands, he rubbed the lather onto his face. He rinsed off his hands, wet his razor and began shaving.

Satisfied, Aidan put the cream, gel and the razor away and patted his face dry, turning his head back and forth to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Nodding to his reflection he cleaned up the bathroom and looked at his watch. It was time to wake Trevor, seemed that even though Aidan had decided to jack off this morning, he still had almost an hour ‘till the guys were supposed to pick them up. Walking over to the bed, Aidan whipped off his wet towel and threw it in Trevor's face, laughing as he ran to the other side of the room and quickly pulled on a pair of blue boxer briefs.

Trevor awoke with a jolt and looked around, "All right, what's the deal Wolf... why did you throw a towel in my face at this hour?" Trevor said grumbling as he looked over at the bright red numbers of the clock. As his vision cleared, he noticed the time and jumped out of the bed.

"What in the heck have you been doing? It's only an hour till they show up... oh man... what am I going to wear?" Trevor ran over to his closet and Aidan began laughing harder.

Shaking his head, Aidan went over to his closet and pulled out a nice long sleeved blue sweater, and a pair of black jeans and set them on the bed. The sweater was one of Aidan's favorites as it showed off and brightened the color of his eyes. Aidan grabbed a towel, dried his hair then turned on the dryer for a few moments to take the last of the dampness out of his hair. He walked over to the full-length mirror on his closet door and took some of the styling gel out of the jar and worked it in from the back to the front. By the time Aidan finished, it looked great, though you wouldn't think that he had done much of anything to it.

Aidan watched Trevor in the mirror as he raced around and rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower. Shrugging Aidan sat down in front of his computer and fired it up. After it loaded, Aidan loaded Eudora and watched as the blue bar moved, saying that he had a message. Aidan was happy about one new feature in his email program, it now had a built in spam filter. Now he wouldn’t have to wade through all the ads for breast enlargements, penis patches, weight loss pills, naked teen sluts and all the other Internet junk. Aidan was shocked to see an email from CMajor from just 10 minutes ago.

From: CMajor <CMajor@Yahoo.com>
Date: November 25, 1999: 07:00 AM EST
Subject: Hi
To: AWolf78@Yahoo.com

Hello Aidan, I hope your doing okay this morning. I thought about what I sent you for a while last night and kept wondering if you read my confession last night or this morning. It is possible that you won't get this at all ‘till after we get back from the park. Though I suspect that you read my confession last night.... am I right?

I didn't get much sleep last night. I kept wondering what you were going to do. I hope you will give me a chance. I am sorry for lying but I was being cautious about my career. It means a lot to me. Not that I thought you would tell anyone, I just wanted you to like me for who I am, not for what I do or an image I portray.

It's a little silly now, because I realized that you were being honest when you said you didn't know who N'sync or the Backstreet Boys were until your roommate introduced you to them. At the time, I thought you suspected who I was and was playing with me. However after hearing you talk last night, I know you were telling the truth.

Please forgive me. If you can't see me as your boyfriend, at least see me as a good friend.

Oh, btw, we heard from Management last night and closing the park didn’t work out so we bought out Underground Atlanta for most of the day so we can shop in peace. Hope you don't mind the change too much. They gave us all a rain check for the middle of next year. Wear something warm, don't want you to catch cold.



Aidan hit the reply button on his email message and sat pondering a response when he heard the familiar ding of AOL IM.

<CMajor> Hi Aidan.... didn't think you would be up so early...

<Wolf> Hi Josh.... was just about to reply to your message. Needless to say I am totally in shock right now.

<CMajor> Sorry to spring it on you like that. I meant to pull you aside today and tell you, but after the way you were looking at Howie last night I didn't think I would get a chance to tell you during the day.

<Wolf> *nods* its not that... just didn't realize that all the sad looks last night were for me till I got home. I would have never guessed that was the reason you were upset.

<CMajor> Yeah... when I saw you during our concert I almost lost my footing, and slid right into your lap. It was an interesting coincidence that your seat was right in front of where I was dancing most of the night.

<Wolf> *nods* true... I noticed you trust me... *smiles* though I never had a clue that you were JC from N'sync. Though once I read your email everything suddenly fell into place. All the clues you dropped, etc.

<CMajor> Well, like I said in the email, I wanted you to like me for me... not cause I sing in a popular band.

<Wolf> Contrary to popular belief, I am not shallow JC... *chuckles*

<CMajor> Ohhhh! I know that... I was just saying... oh never mind... I think I put my foot in my mouth again.

<Wolf> *chuckles* No, its okay... I was just teasing you... really. You know... you weren't the only one that didn't sleep well last night. I kept trying to think of a way to tell Howie that I wanted to get to know you both before making up my mind, but no matter how many times I replayed it in my head, it sounded bad.

<CMajor> Just be honest. You met me online a year ago. We started talking a lot 6 months ago and have become friends. Not much else you can say. Right? I would mention to him however, that you didn't know who I was till last night. Might help smooth things over that I didn't tell you till late... he might be mad at me, but I did meet you first...

<Wolf> *nod* true... true....

<CMajor> Well, I gotta go... Lance is pounding on the door to get going. I can't believe we talked for so long. We will be there in a bit. See you soon.

<Wolf> Ok... see you Josh.

CMajor has signed off

Trevor came out all dressed and ready to go, and he saw the look on Aidan's face. Walking over, he placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling down at him.

"Wolf... you look happy... what's going on?"

"Oh, hi Trev... I just got finished talking to Josh.... we talked while you were in the bathroom." Aidan closed down his computer quietly, "They are on their way... we are going to Underground Atlanta though... the park is closed..."

Trevor nodded, "Yeah, I thought it was odd that they said the park... though won't they get mobbed if they go to UA?"

Aidan shook his head. "Nope... Josh said that they bought it out for the day... guess they are going to close it so we can shop without having problems."

Trevor nodded, "Sounds cool."


Josh closed down his email and his laptop and walked over to the door, opening it right before Lance could pound on the door again almost hitting him in the chest.

"All right, I am ready... go bang on someone else's door Lance..."

Lance turned and began knocking on other doors, and slowly one by one everyone was assembled in the hall. Going downstairs in the service elevator, they made their way out the back to the waiting vans and made their way to the campus to pick up Aidan, Trevor and Duncan.

Author's End of Chapter Notes: Wow.. Intense chapter huh? How many of you were right about CMajor's identity? Write me and let me know!

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