Looking for Love in All the Right Places..
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Author Notes: Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Sorry this chapter took longer than usual, had several job changes lately for the company I work for, so it made it hard to concentrate.

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Chapter 8

JC walked further into the room as Justin got out of the way and he finally had a chance to get a good look at the guys who were introduced earlier. JC blinked several times, turned on his heal and promptly walked out of the room, leaving several confused looks on the faces of the occupants. A moment later, JC called Joey and Lance outside the room and they disappeared. As things settled down, the banter between the groups continued as the rest of N'sync came in and joined the conversations around them.

Justin of course tried to get closer to Aidan, but the couch was only so big and neither AJ nor Howie was budging. So Justin did the only thing he could think of and sat on the floor in front of the couch, looking up towards Aidan. Just as Justin was about to say something to Aidan, he noticed that he was already in conversation again with Howie. He was leaning over to whisper in his ear and Justin felt a stab of envy run though him.

"So, are you out? If not we can talk about tomorrow later... " Aidan whispered.

Howie nodded, "Been out for awhile, quite a few of the guys here are actually bi or gay too, so it was easy to come out to them."

Aidan blinked, a lot of the guys here are bi or gay? Man that news would rock the world of entertainment. He could see the newsflash now.... certain members of the guys in the Backstreet Boys and N'sync announced today that they were bi or gay. News at 11! Oh my! That would that cause a stir he thought.

"Really?" Aidan whispered as Howie began to nod.

Howie saw the look of shock on Aidan's face. He somehow knew he could trust Aidan, though he wasn't quite sure why. It would probably be the end of the guy's careers if the press found out that some of the guys were gay or bisexual.

Justin, still sitting on the floor wanted to introduce himself to Aidan, but somehow felt this was some sort of intimate conversation. How could they be that way already? What is with all the whispering he thought?

Aidan finally looked down and noticed Justin at his feet and smiled. "Ummm.... Hello, sorry we were just talking."

Justin looked up as Aidan spoke to him, God! How could he get even cuter when he smiled? He reached his hand up and held it out to Aidan, "Hello, my name's Justin. I saw you earlier near the buses before the concert."

Aidan looked slightly shocked, "You mean you saw us when you were running out of the bus? I would have thought we would have been a blur as you ran past into the building."

Justin chuckled, "It's hard to miss three guys standing in the parking lot. Especially when screaming girls, trying to rip off your clothes are mobbing you. "

Aidan nodded quietly, "Yeah, I can imagine that wouldn't be too fun. At least you have the money to replace them right?" he chuckled and winked.

Justin nodded, "Yeah, but its hard when it was a one of a kind shirt that I bought somewhere that I won't get back to for a long time. "

Aidan nodded again, " True... I had some guy pull the shirt off my back one night at a club. It was my favorite shirt. I almost decked him, but luckily Duncan was there to save me. He's a great friend. "

Justin was intrigued. "Why was he trying to pull off your shirt?"

Aidan blushed, "Well, sometimes I let some of the guys down at the club talk me into playing and one of the guys decided that he wanted a souvenir when I got off stage. Luckily the bouncers grabbed him and threw him out while Duncan held me back. "

Howie finally pulled back from his thoughts, "What do you play? "

Aidan shrugged, "I play the guitar, sometimes the keyboards, but I have to be pretty inspired to touch the keyboard. "

Justin blinked, a musician, how perfect was that? Justin began plotting, there just had to be a way of getting Aidan on the tour when it started back up.

When Justin didn't say anything Aidan shrugged and looked towards Howie and nudged him gently. "Want to take a walk? I need to stretch my legs and we can talk about tomorrow."

Howie smiled and nodded, standing up next to Aidan, now realizing how tall he was to Howie's short stature. Howie looked up into Aidan's incredible eyes and instantly fell hard. He blinked as Aidan smiled down at him and then turned to move towards the door. Howie followed him closely until they got out the door.

By now the arena was deserted except the roadies loading the bands equipment and instruments all around them. Aidan made a quick decision and walked up the steps to the arena and turned to make sure that Howie followed. They went to the last row and took a seat, slightly hidden from the work lights of the stage.

Aidan adjusted himself in the seat slightly and turned to face Howie, "So, what did you have in mind for tomorrow? Did you guys already have plans or something?"

Howie nodded, " We were going to go to Six Flags actually, the management arranged for us to get the park to ourselves for the day. "

Aidan blinked, "Wow... never thought to do that before... no lines, no waiting... sure... I would love to come... sounds fun actually. "

Howie's heart skipped a beat. He was coming with them! Howie always had problems when they went to amusement parks. He never had any one to sit with. Brian and Nick always sat together and Kevin and AJ always sat together... which left Howie the odd man out. Sometimes Kevin took pity on him and sat with him, but most of the time being in a 5-member group had its drawbacks.

Howie smiled, "Great, I will let management know... I will need to have your address and stuff so we can pick you up. "

Aidan nodded and took out a piece of paper and wrote down his address and his phone number. "There you go, I added my number just in case, the front desk sometimes likes to call the room before someone comes up. "

Howie nodded, looking down at the dorm address. Howie scooted to the front of the seat and stood up, putting it in his jeans pocket before sitting back down. He looked at Aidan, smiling shyly. Howie normally wasn't shy around guys, but when it came to guys like Aidan, he had a problem not blushing a lot.

Howie's mouth was dry as he spoke. "Perhaps we should get back, I am kinda thirsty. We will probably be leaving shortly for the hotel. Did you want to come with us and get some food?"

Aidan smiled, "Well, we ate before the concert... but I am sure I could eat something. "

Howie stuttered slightly, "Oh... well no pressure... It's just... we don't really eat until after a concert, helps not getting sick on stage. "

Aidan nodded, chuckling softly. "Sounds like a good idea. Come on... let's get back. Duncan and Trevor are probably thinking we are off making out or something."

Howie blushed deep crimson as he stood and followed Aidan back to the green room.


(You hear voices arguing.)

"How could I have not told him? Did you see him in there making eyes at Howie! Of course, who could blame him after that little dance Howie did for them during the concert. How could I have been so stupid... he is so gorgeous! "

"Calm down, when he gets online tonight tell him the truth... tell him that you like him a lot and you want to meet with him. Maybe you can invite him to the park tomorrow and spend some time with him?"

"What if Howie already asked him? You saw them walk off together.... what chance have I got? "

"Listen man, you're a hot guy... he would be stupid not to like you. Just tell him the truth man!"

"Yeah, but I don't want to hurt him... what if he really likes Howie? "

"How can he really like him? He just met him a half hour ago. Give him a chance to decide on his own. You said that he is always excited when you log online right? He must like you at least some... use it to your advantage..."

"Come on... we better get back to the Green Room... people are going to begin to wonder about where we all went and why. "


When Howie and Aidan returned to the Green Room, it was mostly cleared out. AJ was lying on the couch and appeared to be sleeping, Kevin, Nick, Trevor and Duncan were talking and Justin and the rest of N'Sync were nowhere to be found. Aidan shrugged and walked over towards his friends and smiled.

"Hi guys, where did everyone go? "

Trevor smiled and winked up at his roommate, "Well, Brian went with Chris to find the rest of the guys and Justin is in the restroom. "

Howie and Aidan nodded.

Duncan grinned at his best friend, "So, where did you two go? You were gone for at least 15 - 20 minutes. "

Howie blushed as Aidan spoke up. "Oh, well my legs were cramping from sitting, so we went for a walk around the arena and talked. "

"Talk? That's all? Well, guess its better than nothing. Hey Aidan, the guys invited us to Six Flags tomorrow... did you want to come too?"

Aidan laughed, "Actually, Howie already asked me to come. We were coming back to ask you the same question. "

The group laughed and went silent for a few minutes. Meanwhile the door to the bathroom opened and Justin came out dressed in a blue wifebeater and a pair of tight blue jeans. He walked over to the group about the same time that Aidan and Howie had returned from their walk. He felt a pang of jealousy run through him as he continued to plan.

Howie walked over to some chairs and pulled one close to the rest of the group, wondering where the rest of N'sync was. He saw how oddly several of them had acted when they saw Aidan, which caused him to realize he was probably going to have to fight to keep Aidan's attention. He saw the way that Justin was undressing Aidan with his eyes, that lust filled look that said that he wanted to fuck Aidan 6 ways to Sunday.

Howie had seen that look a lot these days and he wondered about it. Howie hoped that he would one day be able to stop having to fight for the attention of guys. Competing with Justin was not a very fun pastime. Howie had lost several potential boyfriends this tour because of Justin and this time he planned to fight and win.

Nick watched Howie with a curious look. He had always thought of Howie as a brother and Nick couldn't miss the look on Howie's face as Howie watched Aidan. Howie had fallen hard, Nick could tell. In fact, the last time that Howie fell this hard, Justin stole the guy away and left poor Howie heartbroken. Needless to say, Justin and Howie were not the best of friends after that. Thankfully for Howie, Justin dumped the guy shortly after, in fact it was so fast that he didn't even have time to react. Howie had later found out that the guy's goal was to sleep with all of them and Howie was glad he hadn't had the chance to do that. Truth be told, Justin almost did Howie a favor, though Nick or Howie would never admit it.

Nick knew that he was going to have to say something to Howie as soon as he could pry him away from the group. Nick made a fleeting glance towards Justin as he took a seat near Aidan and Nick had a sudden case of dejâ vu. Nick noticed that same gleam in Justin's eyes when he had met Mark six months ago and he wasn't about to let Justin get the upper hand again.

Nick however soon pushed aside thoughts of Justin and Howie for a moment and thought back to last night. Nick had been fighting his desires for AJ for a long time. Maybe it was the bad boy image that AJ tried to portray. Something had to give however, and he didn't know how much longer he could hold out. He had this feeling that AJ returned his feelings, but Nick had no idea how to act on them.

Nick had fooled around with several guys before, but nothing really serious had happened between them. The only real sex that Nick had lately was with girls, but something just wasn't right when you thought of your band mate during sex.

AJ and Nick both were bisexual, so AJ had to know that Nick wouldn't turn him down if he tried to move their relationship to the next level. The only thing he could think that would be stopping him was that he didn't want to screw up their friendship or do something to hurt the band.

AJ had a reputation of being a playboy, but in reality it was rare that you would see AJ with anyone these days. Nick suspected that he had a crush on someone that didn't return his feelings. The thing that scared Nick the most was that AJ was going out and getting drunk and it didn't help that he wasn't yet old enough to go to the clubs to watch out for him.

Nick's fear of messing up their friendship was one that Nick had considered carefully. Either Nick had to find a new obsession or he might risk loosing his friend altogether, which is something that Nick definitely didn't want. Though he had this nagging feeling that told him to try, he wasn't quite sure what it was.

Nick almost considered asking Brian for help, but he somehow thought that Brian also might be bisexual as well. Brian was giving Nick "the look" lately, which was one that Brian normally reserved for girls. Not one that you would normally give your best male friend.

Nick had always had a crush on his best friend and had seen Brian in about every stage of undress. Those nights when Nick was growing up when Nick had nightmares, he could always crawl into Brian's bed and feel safe from the world. He would snuggle close to Brian, lay his head on his chest and listen to him sleep while Brian held him close.

Those were the days, when Nick had no idea that he was bisexual. He was blissfully happy until one day when he first saw AJ naked. AJ might have enough tattoos to satisfy several people, but he was also well hung. This was probably why he had no problem being bisexual. Girls and guys alike drooled after him once they saw him naked and it made Nick a little self-conscious. Not that Nick was a slouch in the dick department, but AJ made him feel quite small in comparison.

Nick looked over at AJ on the other side of Kevin and watched him quietly. He wondered if AJ knew what kind of effect he had on Nick. Knowing AJ, he probably didn't. Perhaps all that ink had gone to Nick's brain, because shortly after Nick got a tattoo of his own, following AJ's example.

Nick had hoped that the shared tattoo obsession would bring them closer together, however it seemed that either AJ wasn't attracted to him, or he just didn't want to ruin anything between them. Nick had made up his mind... tonight he was going to talk to AJ. Nick only prayed that he didn't screw up everything in the process.

Aidan sat next to Howie and glanced over at Justin and suddenly felt a knot in his stomach. There was something about this guy's gaze that just didn't sit well with Aidan. It was clear that Justin was attracted to him, that much he could see... problem was the idea suddenly made Aidan physically ill. Justin seemed almost too fake to Aidan, like he was so used to putting on an act, that he never had time to develop his own personality. Problem was, that Aidan really liked Howie and wanted to get to know him without having to watch his back.

Author's End of Chapter Notes:Hmmms.. Who is CMajor? JC? Lance? Joey? Or perhaps it is someone else in one of the groups. Perhaps it's Justin? Who knows? We can of course rule out that CMajor isn't Howie. As I told one of my readers, perhaps CMajor was just biding his time, because he wanted to surprise Aidan on their break from the tour. Of course, he is upset that Howie seems to got to him first. Next Chapter coming up soon..

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