Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Author Notes: Thanks to everyone for their support, I am writing as fast as I can I promise. I have been editing a great story for a friend as well, so I have been trying to divide my time between the two projects and I am contemplating a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy story as well. Thanks to Eagle42, who sent me a glowing review of my story.

Story Notes: This story takes place at the End of 1999. The date for the Concert is 11/24/99 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Any events before or after that date are up to me to stick in, so don't assume that I am following the current events of the groups. Also, I know that N*sync was not touring with the Backstreet Boys in 99, but this is my story so I just stuck them together for the story *grins*

The Restaruant mentioned does not exist. I made it up because the closest Italian Restaruant is across the interstate. *chuckles*

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Chapter 7

Trevor snuggled up against Duncan as he settled in beside him in the truck and sighed happily. Trevor had to admit that though his truck was a bit cramped for the three of them, he didn't mind being shoved against Duncan. Though Duncan and Trevor had fooled around a couple of times in the last few weeks, they hadn't done anything too serious yet. The both of them decided to try and take things slow since Trevor really didn't have too much sexual experience. Trevor was glad that Duncan respected him enough that he didn't try to force him into doing anything before he was ready.

Aidan looked over towards his friends and cleared his throat. "So, where are we going? Papaya's Pizza's?"

Duncan and Trevor nodded as Aidan put the truck into reverse and eased out of the space. Papaya's Pizza was not too far off campus so the trio went there a lot and it was their favorite restaurant. Usually they walked to the restaurant, but since they were going to a concert, they drove to save time. Duncan yawned and swung his arm around Trevor's shoulders and hugged him close, making sure to get as close to Trevor as he could. The pair actually looked quite cute cuddled together, but Aidan had to keep his mind on the road or he might end up in an accident. Aidan turned his head back towards the road and didn't watch them.

Pulling the truck into a parking space, the trio climbed out and went inside. They quickly ordered their food, knowing that it was probably better to get out of here before the crowd started pulling in for the concert. Aidan, thinking they would probably be there for a little while, stood and went over to the newspaper rack, grabbing the newspaper. Skimming the main page, Aidan turned back towards the table. As Aidan sat down and began reading, he noticed that within 5 minutes or so after sitting down, the pizza was being delivered. It took less than a minute for it to dawn on Aidan that his friends had thought of everything tonight including pre-ordering their meal to make sure they wouldn't be late to the concert. Before grabbing his first slice Aidan turned to the Entertainment section. He was surprised to find a press release from the Backstreet Boys.


The Backstreet Boys and touring partners N*sync will be taking a much needed tour break in December. As you know the boys have a long tour schedule and they need some time off after some of the members of the tour collapsed from exhaustion several weeks back due to the stress of the tour. The tour will be picking up again on Feb. 10th in Buffalo, NY.

Aidan hmmed and held out the article to Trevor to read and took his slice of pizza and began to eat. Trevor sat in silence as he read, eating his pizza between paragraphs. After dinner and the usual silly banter between the three friends they got back in the truck and headed towards the Arena. The guys lucked out. They got there just as they started allowing the concertgoers to park. Getting out of the truck, they started walking to the building, noticing on the left side of the building, a line of busses were parked and a large group of girls was forming around them, all screaming and holding up signs.

Aidan laughed and shook his head, " Girls.... you don't see guys over there screaming and bouncing around like idiots to get a glimpse of someone that is probably already inside the arena. " Aidan, Trevor and Duncan watched the bus for a few more moments and suddenly they spotted several large guys standing off to the side of the crowd, who quickly started backing the girls away from the bus. As the bouncers formed a clear path, the door of the bus opened and the guys of the Backstreet Boys came running out, waving to the crowd. Trying to make it inside before some girl decided to rip off one of their shirts for a souvenir.

Walking up to the Area, Aidan was still shaking his head. He was glad that Trevor had not decided to do the same as the girls. His roommate could get a little emotional sometimes about his favorite group. Aidan was actually fully ready to tear his friend away from the crowd if he had to. Luckily Trevor showed considerable strength that Aidan didn't know he possessed.


The guys of N'sync were in hair and makeup while the Backstreet Boys were waiting in their dressing room to be called to get ready. In each of the rooms, you could hear the banter between them when several of them began commenting on the three guys that were standing in the parking lot when they ran out of the bus.

ROOM 1 - Backstreet Boys - Dressing Room

"Three hot guys at our concert? What are the odds? I wonder if anymore of them will show up? " Howie grinned as he remembered his quick glance at them.

AJ groaned, " Oh come on, they weren't THAT hot were they? Not like I got a real good look at them, they were a bit far away... "

"Come on guys, we don't have time to talk about cute guys, we have a concert to get ready for...." said Kevin. "We can talk about them after the concert if you want, but not now. "

"Oh All right, let's see if the guys are out of hair and makeup and get this concert going. " Howie grumbled, however a smile crossed his face as he hoped that the three guys weren't here escorting their girlfriends or something.

ROOM 2 - N'sync - Hair and Makeup Room

N'sync, who's bus had been much closer to the three guys that were standing in the parking lot had a lot more to say about them. Justin for instance couldn't shut up about them, which caused Chris to grumble and become frustrated.

"Can't you talk about that some other time? There are some of us who are straight around here. " Chris said.

"Awwww... look he is blushing. Don't knock it till you've tried it Chris." Justin grinned and winked at him.

"No way man, you keep your hands to yourself." Chris began to laugh. Being the oldest of the group was a bit tiring with this crowd.

"Come on guys, we are done here, time to get in wardrobe and get this party started. " said Joey.

Both groups groaned and walked out the door as N'sync went to wardrobe to get ready, the guys of the Backstreet Boys went to makeup to get their hair and makeup done for the show.


The guys went to get something to drink and went down in the arena to find their seats. The stage was a flurry of activity as the roadies set up the stage for the concert, guys setting up instruments and other equipment, doing sound checks etc. Aidan, Trevor and Duncan chatted idly as the place slowly started to fill up, screaming teenagers giving them weird looks and some even giggled and pointed at them.

Suddenly the house lights dimmed and the band took their places on the stage and N'sync came dancing out onto the stage and began singing 'Tearing up my Heart'. It was interesting to say the least in Aidan's opinion. He hadn't heard this group before. He also was surprised at how cute they were. Vaguely he remembered that Trevor mentioned there were several groups made up because of their good looks and talent.... this must be them he thought.

Soon the first half of the concert was over, time was flying by quicker than Aidan would have expected. The group had quite a few catchy songs and the guys danced along with the teenagers in the arena, some of them still giggling at them.


N'sync had just ran off stage, trying to catch their breath. After all the costume changes and stuff during the show they just wanted to sit down and relax for a bit. They heard the Backstreet Boys take the stage as they collapsed in the green room.

"Hey, those three guys we saw in the parking lot were in the front row!" Justin said excitedly.

"Yeah they were, was kinda nice to see a bunch of guys at our concert for a change isn't it?" Lance spoke quietly.

"Yeah Scoop, you're telling me. It was nice to be able to just look down at someone normal, well not totally normal really, they are at our concert after all." JC laughed.

"Hey! Just because they are guys and are at our concert don't make them not normal, right Scoop? " Justin said with a huge grin on his face. He loved pitting Lance and JC off against each other.

"Hey, leave me out of it. I just said it was nice to see some guys for a change." Lance shook his head quietly.


The Backstreet Boys were tearing up the stage, singing Larger than Life, when Howie caught site of the three cute guys in the front row. Man they are hot, Howie thought to himself, almost missing his next dance move. Luckily Howie was a good dancer and tore his eyes off the guys and concentrated on singing and dancing.

Shortly the guys started to slow the pace down and began singing 'I Want it That Way', while several of the guys were looking towards Aidan and his two friends. Of course the girls surrounding the three guys thought the guys were singing to them and began screaming madly. Aidan grumbled a few times as some of the unruly girls shoved against him while they were bouncing around like screaming idiots. Though when Trevor began doing the same thing, Aidan began to laugh and shake his head sadly.

Trevor yelled, "Isn't this great!"

The song then changed and Aidan nodded as he watched Howie begin dancing to 'The One', on the stage right in front of the three of them and he was taken back by how cute he was. His shoulder length hair was floating around his head as he danced. Aidan couldn't take his eyes off him and he was sure that the girls all around him were enjoying the show as much as he was.

Soon however, all good things come to an end and they ended the concert with 'The Perfect Fan', bringing mothers and daughters up onto the stage to sing to. It was pretty moving song and the guys put on a fantastic performance. Aidan and his friends got up and started to leave, Trevor began to chuckle.

"Hey Wolf, where you going? We got backstage passes... "

Aidan turned around and stared at amazement at his roommate. "Really? You mean we actually get to meet them?"

Trevor nodded, "Yeah, my friend works here and got us some passes, as soon as they are done cleaning up they will have a small group of fans in to talk to them and we are on the list." Trevor grinned widely.

"Wow, then let's go. Did you see the way that one was dancing right in front of us? He was totally cute." Aidan blushed and looked down at the ground, hoping none of the hyper girls around them heard him. He was out, but all the pointing and laughing earlier made Aidan a little self-conscious.

Trevor and Duncan nodded and grinned widely at their friend. They had no idea that Howie would pull such a stunt on the stage, if he were gay, he really should be more careful. As the guys prepared to head backstage, they showed their passes to the bouncer at the side stage door and headed backstage to the green room where all the guys' food was. The bouncer told them that the guys would be in shortly, so Aidan, Trevor and Duncan made themselves comfortable on the couches.


"Man Howie, could you have been any more obvious out there? I mean making sure you were dancing in front of those guys, what were you thinking? " Kevin grumbled and glared at him.

"Hey, all the girls thought I was dancing for them as usual, what's the harm... not like we will probably ever see them again anyway. " Howie laughed and shook his head at Kevin. sometimes he could get to be a little too serious for his liking.

Kevin shook his head and went over to the bathroom door to knock, "Come on AJ, we can't take long showers tonight, we have people with backstage passes tonight that we have to go meet."

"All right Kev, hold your horses... I will be out in a few minutes!" AJ yelled over the sound of the shower.

Soon, all the guys were showered dressed and went over to the green room where the fans were supposed to be waiting. Howie was the first one through the door and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, blocking the door, which caused Kevin and Brian to slam right into him.

"Hey, Howie... what's the hold up? Why did you stop walking?" Kevin yelled. Howie pushed backwards on Kevin and pushed them out of the door.


Aidan, Trevor and Duncan were chatting quietly, wondering if they were the only ones that were going to show up for this thing, when Trevor spotted Howie begin coming in the door, only to stop and push the guys back out the door, perhaps he forgot something. The guys started laughing, thinking it was pretty funny to see Howie backing up out of the door instead of turning around.

"Wonder what's the matter with him, never seen a guy here before I bet." Duncan chuckled and looked over at Aidan and Trevor before looking back at the door.


AJ laughed at Howie, " What is the matter Howie, looks like you have seen a ghost... who is in there? An old boyfriend?"

Howie shook his head... "No... It's the guys from the front row... and they are the only ones in there.... " Howie's sentence trailed off and he looked at Kevin quietly.

Kevin blinked. This was the first time that they had a bunch of guys in the room waiting for them with no girls around. Perhaps someone forgot to sell all the backstage passes. There was at least 10 or so each concert. Kevin shrugged and spoke.

"Look! Just think of this like every after concert meet and greet okay Howie? Forget how cute they are and just talk to them, I am sure they are probably nice guys. " Kevin noted to himself, hot too. Hey... what am I thinking... ummmm... this is not the time to go over this.


The Backstreet Boys filed into the green room and walked over to Aidan, Trevor and Duncan, Howie was hanging in the back of the group as Aidan stood up and followed Trevor and Duncan's lead.

"Hey guys, great concert. My name's Trevor, this is my boyfriend Duncan... and over there is Aidan." Trevor winked, watching their reactions and found they weren't shocked. Sure... like three guys coming to a concert for the Backstreet Boys with no girlfriends tagging along were straight right?

Howie was standing in the back of the group blinking several times. Trevor and his boyfriend Duncan? They were all gay! Wow!... Three hot looking gay guys at their concert. Once in awhile, Howie saw some nerdy looking guys floating around that weren't even cute. He never expected that three hot guys would come to their Atlanta concert and be actually gay. He looked over the third one and noticed his clothes, noting how well they fit him. He slowly moved forward as the guys began shaking hands with the guys and taking seats around the room.

Howie grabbed Aidan's hand and shook it, looking up at the dark haired god above him, suddenly having a flash of what he might look like nude and hovering above him. The thought made his pants become a bit tighter and Howie quickly released his hand and went to sit down.

Aidan grinned and followed Howie, sitting down next to him on the couch, which also happened to be where AJ was sitting, so he was sandwiched between the two of them. Aidan glanced over at AJ, slightly startled as he saw all the tattoos covering his body. AJ looked like the poster child for a Hell's Angel gang ad. He seemed nice enough though. Aidan turned slightly in his seat and smiled at Howie.

"Hi, how are you? " said Aidan who was trying to get Howie to be sociable.

"Doing okay, you been a fan long? " Howie asked quietly.

"Actually, would you believe me if I told you that I wasn't a fan at all till tonight? " Aidan chuckled. "My roommate Trevor is actually the big fan. I think Duncan and me were kinda being dragged along for moral support. Though I have to admit, you guys rock. " Aidan leaned over to whisper in Howie's ear. " I especially liked it when you were dancing in front of us on stage... man it was hot... " Aidan straightened and winked.

Howie blushed and stuttered slightly, "I.... uhh... what? huh? "

Aidan nodded and smiled. "Though I am sure all those girls thought the moves were for them, so I think your safe lil bud."

Howie blushed again, "How do you know I was dancing for you guys? I could have been dancing for the girls... "

Aidan shook his head, "Nahh, I could tell the second you ran out on the stage that you were dancing for us. You thought you would never see us again am I right? Just thought you would tease the gay guys in the front row since you could. "

Howie stuttered. He was caught. "Yeah... " He whispered softly. "We don't get many good looking guys at our concerts, don't worry, I already got yelled at for dancing in front of you guys." Howie looked down at the ground quietly.

Aidan hmmmed and lifted Howie's chin, "Hey, look at me bud, don't worry about it. Like I said... it was hot... you have a great body... and you're a great dancer."

Howie blushed again, "Thanks."

On the other side of the room, as Trevor and Duncan were chatting with Brian, Kevin and Nick, Trevor was eyeing Aidan and Howie. He grinned quietly to himself and slightly elbowed Duncan and nodded his head in Aidan's direction, causing Duncan to grin widely.

"Hey, guess that little dance of Howie's must have really turned Aidan on huh? I sure hope Howie is gay cause if he isn't, Aidan won't be great company later." said Trevor.

Nick, who was leaning in to talk to Trevor and Duncan heard that little bit of information and grinned, "Don't worry...it's all good... " Nick winked at Trevor and chuckled. "Howie got yelled at when he got off stage for his little performance in front of you guys. That was supposed to be my spot actually."

"Oh, yours huh? I guess that means that ... hey... look!" Duncan noticed Aidan with his hand under Howie's chin lifting it up to look at him. " I wonder what just happened? "

Aidan slowly dropped his hand from Howie's face and smiled at him. "Hey, cheer up bud... don't worry... I'm gay too... contrary to my looks. There are some agencies that have been trying to get me to model for years. I would rather finish school first."

Howie looked up into Aidan's blue-green eyes and smiled shyly. "Yeah, you could be a model, you're really hot. " Howie blushed and looked over towards the other members of the group, noting a look of approval on Nick's face.

"What are you studying? " he asked.

"Information Security, I go to Georgia Tech." Aidan looked towards Trevor and he noticed a look that could be perceived as envy on his face, perhaps Trevor liked Howie too? It was possible, though he hadn't mentioned it before. I bet Trevor is now wishing he were single Aidan thought to himself and laughed softly.

Howie smiled, "A smart cute guy, what are the odds? " he chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, I get that a lot believe it or not. They expect someone who looks like me to be dumb or something, it's a pretty bad stereotype."

"Yeah, I know the feeling. Hey, this is our last stop on the tour and we have several days off before we head back home for a rest from the tour, did you want to maybe hang out with us?" he asked, then quickly added. "Your friends can come too if they want." Howie blushed.

"Well sure, I got a week or so of school left, but I can hang out after school and on the weekends. Then I am done... I am graduating early. "

"Oh? " Howie said.

"Yeah... I haven't told the guys yet. It seems that some of the credits I took in High school were transferable, so when that happened I had enough for my degree. I found out about a week ago. Now I've just got to figure out where to get a job. "

Howie nodded and smiled. "Well, I guess that is pretty cool then, we don't go back on tour till February."

"Oh? That's cool. I probably won't end up getting a job right away. Graduating in December isn't the best time to go job-hunting huh? "

Howie nodded and looked up as the door opened and N'sync came walking in the door, all talking and chatting. Howie lifted his hand and waved, hoping that Aidan wouldn't run off now that the other group had shown up.

Justin was chatting with Chris as they headed into the green room when he blinked and rubbed his eyes for a moment. Am I dreaming? He thought. On the couches, surrounded by the guys of Backstreet were the three guys from the parking lot. Justin put on his usual confident grin and walked into the room, looking around for a place to sit.

Chris walked in after Justin and noticed that they had company. "Hey guys, who are your new friends?" said Chris.

"Hey guys! This here is Trevor and Duncan. They are boyfriends. And over there is Aidan, the cute single gay guy. " Nick chuckled softly, winking over at Justin.

"Well, pleasure to meet you guys. It's not often we meet our gay fans. We just got finished listening to screaming girls in our room, why is it that girls have to scream and yell when they meet us? " JC spoke up.

Kevin nodded sympathetically and spoke up, "No Idea Josh, but its hard on the ears isn't it? " he said as he laughed softly.

Author's End of Chapter Notes:Well, as I never got to see a concert before the BSB and N'sync went on sabbatical, I hope I did All right with this chapter.

Next Chapter coming up soon.

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