Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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Story Notes: Don't worry all, Aidan isn't going to find out right away who the mystery person is he chats with.. that would take all the fun out of it wouldn't it?

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Chapter 6

Aidan sat there with his head in his hand staring at his laptop and double clicked on Eudora to finish his emails. He assumed that Trevor and Duncan were coming back to get him or the note would have told him otherwise. He checked his watch and looked at the time.... 6:00 p.m. the concert was supposed to start at 8:00 if he recalled correctly, so why were they getting him ready so early?

Aidan sighed and sat reading his e-mail. Dumping out the set of the Viagra e-mails that had accumulated in his box. When would people get it in their heads that not everyone wanted that crap in their e-mail? Perhaps when Aidan got old he might want the stuff, but at 21.... Aidan had no use for the stuff.

As Aidan finished his e-mails, he decided to surf the web to see who was on the net. Logging onto NeverNET, he automatically joined his normal Nifty chat channel and was greeted with the usual fanfare and hugs. Aidan sat there for a bit, chatting with some of his friends and was surprised when CMajor popped up on his notify and sent him a message.

< CMajor > Hey Wolf, ready for that concert yet?

< Wolf > Hey! Thought you had practice?

< Wolf > Yeah, I am as ready as I will ever be. I keep wondering though why they got me ready so dang early. Maybe we are going to get some food first. I sure hope so. I'm starving.

< CMajor > Well, yeah I was... we are finished for the moment. I hope you have a great time at the concert, I have heard they are pretty good. You a big fan?

< Wolf > Well, not really, I only heard of them through my roommate and the CD he insisted on buying me. He said everyone should have a good appreciation for music. *chuckles*

< CMajor > So! Do you think any of them are hot?

< Wolf > Well, yeah.... they all look great to me.

< CMajor > Any favorites?

CMajor hit the enter key on his laptop and wished he could recall it. He was being way too nosey suddenly and he didn't like the feeling. He knew more about Wolf than Wolf knew about him already, though at least he knew Wolf wasn't some love struck fan or groupie. Though, would that be so bad he wondered?

As CMajor sat there waiting for a reply, he began to wonder if Wolf had ever done anything with a guy before. He of course wouldn't ask that question, but the whole question made him tingle. CMajor hadn't had much experience with guys himself. It was hard to do in his line of work.

< Wolf > Well, I hate judging people by CD covers, they have been known to be faked over the years. I will tell you after tonight, maybe I will have a better idea after I see them in concert. If he still has the same seats, they were in the front row.

CMajor looked at the screen and let out a shocked gasp, almost dropping his drink. He was going to be in the front row, oh no! CMajor stopped himself. Luckily he didn't really know exactly what Wolf had looked like. He had asked for a picture one time, but he didn't have a scanner so he said he would mail him one and it never came. He probably just forgot about it, or at least CMajor hoped that was the reason. He knew what Wolf was wearing to the concert and promised himself he wouldn't start scanning the crowd. CMajor didn't need to be too nervous to perform now did he? He had meant to tell Wolf that he was in town, but he figured that maybe he should wait 'till the group had their month off and come back to town.

CMajor still couldn't believe that management had given them a month off around Christmas. He really wanted to meet Wolf, but he was scared. What if he told the press? Of course, if he didn't even know who the band was before his roommate told him about them, then he figured he was safe.

< Wolf > Hey man, you there?

CMajor was brought out of his deep thinking as his mIRC window flashed. I wonder how long I was sitting here thinking? Oh well, don't matter now.

< CMajor > Yeah, I am here man.... I was just thinking about some things. Well, I should get going. The guys will be here shortly.

During the long silence, Wolf was having a thinking session of his own, all about the clues that CMajor had dropped over the past few months and some really made him wonder. He knew that CMajor had to be a musician of some sort. Whether he was in a band, or something else, Aidan had no clue. Of course, his nick could have nothing to do with what he did at all.... it could be something entirely different right?

Aidan really had no idea who, where or what CMajor really did. In fact, CMajor could be anything really, just like his nickname Wolf. Practice could be anything actually, swimming, soccer, football, or any other team sport. Though from what he remembered of the small details, he knew that CMajor wasn't a basketball player, he was a bit shorter than he was at six feet tall. Aidan shrugged as he heard the doorknob turn and turned around slightly to spot Duncan and Trevor entering the room. Letting out a sigh, he turned back to his computer and fired off a quick message.

< Wolf > Major, listen... I have to go... my roommate and best friend are back. Talk to you soon I hope.... bye

< CMajor > Ok! Have fun at the concert, talk to you soon... perhaps tonight?

< Wolf > Maybe if I am not too tired...

< CMajor > K... see you!

< Wolf > Bye!

Aidan began shutting down his computer as Duncan and Trevor came into the room and sat down on the bed. They grinned and looked him over, not even hiding the fact they were starring and winked at him. Each of them took turns whistling at their friend and started laughing at the night they had planned for their buddy.

"Good! You wore the outfit. We couldn't have planned it better if we tried. You look great Wolf." said Duncan, who just grinned at his best friend like a cat who had swallowed a mouse. "I bet that you won't have to worry about anything tonight, eyes are going to be so glued to you they might forget that they are at a concert. " He chuckled again and winked at his best friend.

"Ha, Ha, Ha.... very funny guys. Why did you guys get me ready so early? I hope it's for food and your not trying to set me up on some blind date or something.... you aren't are you? You both should know by now I hate blind dates... they never work out... "

Duncan and Trevor looked at each other, then turned to look at Aidan, trying to look innocent, though they weren't succeeding very well.

"Who? Us? Why. would we do that to you?" said Trevor who actually seemed to pull off the innocent look, though Duncan was failing miserably. Of course that's because he KNEW where Duncan had been and Trevor he was kinda unsure about.

"Yeah man, we know how much you hate blind dates!" Duncan laughed and tried again to look innocent while he was laughing his head off... however Aidan always could see through his best friend.

"All right guys, who is he? Spill it now and I might not make you suffer later." Aidan grumbled.

Aidan sat there starring at his friends, wondering why it is when people are in love they always try to fix up their friends so they can be in love too? Sure it had been awhile since Aidan had a boyfriend, but that didn't give his friends license to fix him up did it? Aidan was pulled out of his thoughts when Duncan started talking to him.

"Hey Wolf.... even if we were fixing you up, you know we wouldn't tell you... then you would have the license to kill first and ask questions later right Trev?" Duncan chuckled and shook his head.

"Right.... we remember what happened last month when we tried to fix you up with Chris, that was a total disaster man. Luckily we were there to save you. Can't believe the guy was so messed up, he seemed pretty together the few times I hung out with him. Who knew he couldn't hold his liquor and was the jealous type?"

"Yeah, cute but deadly when drunk... just what I need in my life... oh and him trying to hit me was real fun. Luckily, I am a lot bigger than him and could take the bad punch. I can't believe he got jealous because I went off to dance with Mark from one of my classes. He said I was there with him and shouldn't be dancing with other guys..." Aidan laughed and shook his head sadly. "Man, he sounded like my sister's ex... whining like a girl when she went off to dance with one of her guy friends. I was having bad flashbacks, let me tell you. I never did figure out why I let my sister's ex talk me into going to a straight bar with them."

Aidan groaned, trying hard to forget that experience. What was it with his sister? Why did she always end up with the worst guys? Aidan could probably fix her up with a dozen or so great guys that would be a lot better than the ones that she picked up in her younger days, but he knew how bad that could go and decided not to do that to her. Luckily, in the last several years, she had gotten much better in that department, which was a blessing in disguise.

Aidan looked over at the pair on Trevor's bed and shook his head sadly. I wonder what I should do with them? Though I guess I can't blame them... it is about time I started looking for a boyfriend right? Still shaking his head, Aidan smiled and tried to look happy for his friends.

"Well, are we going to go eat or are you both going to starve me?" Aidan could hear his stomach growling.

Trevor nodded and stood, pulling Duncan up next to him. They stood side by side and Aidan was shocked to see something very different about his best friend. His short blond hair now had what looked like black or brown highlights. Aidan had to admit it looked pretty good and had a new appreciation for his friend.

"Hey bro, when did you start putting zebra skin on your head?" Aidan chuckled and ducked out of the way. "Hey.... Hey... I am just kidding man! It looks great. When did you dye it?"

Duncan chuckled and quickly followed Aidan across the room to punch him in the arm playfully, grinning at his best friend. "Well, the stylist recommended it because I said I wanted a change and Trevor was all for it. He was the one that suggested black, I was leaning more to brown. However they kinda ganged up on me... so black it is. "

Duncan chuckled and walked back over to Trevor and pulled Trevor close, kissing him on his neck gently before speaking again. " I got it done today while we were out. Class was cancelled. Most of our Profs have the flu that's going around. I don't think they had enough subs to go around. "

Aidan laughed, "Well, it does look nice man, kinda took me by surprise." Aidan nodded more to himself than anyone else. He wished some of his professors would get sick on a Friday... a nice long relaxing weekend would be nice. Aidan looked back over to Duncan and grinned. Duncan really did look great, though his friend always looked great in his opinion... but he knew better than to go thinking along that line again. Though one last thought couldn't help but pop into his mind. Duncan 's lithe body looked great because he was always swimming and working out. He was the top swimmer on the swim team, though you wouldn't know it by looking at him.

Aidan walked toward the door and turned, "Come on guys, let's go and get this over with... "

As the trio walked towards the parking lot they chuckled as they realized poor Trevor was going to have to drive. The MARTA didn't run as late as the concert ended and poor Trevor hated driving in large crowds. Aidan personally had a sleek black Harley Davidson, a gift from his dad... it had blue and silver flames on the tank. He painted them himself, in fact. Duncan had a nice Corvette, however he had become quite paranoid lately since his car was damaged at Philips Arena a couple of weeks back.

"So, I guess we are taking Trevor's truck huh? You want me to drive Trev? I know how you hate driving in crowds."

Trevor nodded and smiled at his roommate, who could be the most caring guy in the world sometimes. " Yeah, please. I know Duncan wouldn't take his baby near the Arena again. Someone might dent it or scratch it... or something... " Trevor chuckled and winked at Aidan.

"Hey!" grumbled Duncan . "I can't help it! After the last time I went to the Arena they trashed my windows. I wouldn't take my baby back there again. I have to protect him, no one else will. " Duncan chuckled.

"Yeah we know love... my truck it is then... it's going to be tight unless one of you wants to sit in the back..." Trevor chuckled and quickly unlocked the door and hid behind it.

Aidan chuckled at Trevor and shook his head in mock disbelief... "Not me... I would rather be squished..."

"Yeah me too! Besides, what better place to be squished between... my best friend and my boyfriend? It's the perfect sandwich... " Duncan laughed and winked at Trevor and then turned to Aidan to see the reaction. The look was priceless and he wished he had a camera. "Hey bro... lighten up... you look like you just saw a ghost... "

Aidan nodded, "Sorry... just didn't expect that to come out of your mouth. "Aidan shrugged and moved to the driver's side and shooed Trevor around to the other side of the truck.

Trevor chuckled and followed Aidan's instructions and shook his head. They had this conversation a little too often these days. After Duncan 's Corvette got smashed in a couple of weeks back at an event, he treated his car like it was a fragile piece of art work that had to be under lock and key.

Author's End of Chapter Notes: I hope this was a bit longer for you.. and that you enjoyed it.

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