Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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Chapter 5

Several weeks had passed and Aidan was beginning to think that Trevor and Duncan were going to the concert themselves and leaving him home alone. In the past couple of weeks, they had pretty much become inseparable and it seemed that his best friend was in love with his roommate.

Aidan didn't mind of course that his friend was in love. On the contrary he was happy for them. However he did kinda miss having Duncan to himself. Going to clubs without him just wasn't as fun.

Aidan was sitting at his computer, checking his email when Trevor came into the room from class. He looked behind him, expecting to see Duncan , however he wasn't there.

"Hey Trevor! What's up man?"

Trevor looked over at Aidan and smiled, "Nothing much.... you going to get ready for the concert or are you not coming with us?" Trevor grinned and held up three tickets.

"You got an extra ticket?" Aidan was shocked.

"Well, yeah.... of course I did... you didn't think I was going to not keep my promise about taking you? Did you? Sure it cost a bit of extra money, but luckily I have a friend at the box office." Trevor wiggled his eyebrows at Aidan and laughed.

"That's great. Sounds like it should be fun, haven't been to a concert in a long time actually."

Trevor nodded. "We can all three hang out and have some fun. So get that cute butt in the shower and get ready!" Trevor laughed and tried to push Aidan towards the bathroom, the shocked Aidan barely budged, he was just too big.

Aidan nodded weakly and then realized that Trevor had said he had a cute butt. Shaking his head Aidan started laughing and quickly shut down his laptop and grabbed a towel, making his way to the bathroom.

Showered, shaved and clean, Aidan walked out of the bathroom with a towel clinging low on his waist. He walked back into the room and walked toward his closet to see what to wear when he noticed that his bed had a set of his clothes with a note.


Wear this to the concert. You look great in it...

Trevor and Duncan

Aidan was stunned. His best friend and his roommate must be trying to set him up with someone if they picked out his best black jeans that clung to his hips and a tight dark blue wifebeater. He had to admit they were right though... every time he wore the outfit he got looks from girls and guys alike.

Aidan shrugged and pulled out a pair of black socks and began putting on the outfit, admiring himself in the mirror once he was done. He toweled his hair a bit more and applied some product to make his shoulder length hair look full and rich with body.

Once he was done, he walked over to his laptop and fired it up, quickly sending an email to one of his chat buddies and letting them know he was going to a concert and wouldn't be online to talk tonight.

(Ding! – AOL Chat Sound)

CMajor: Hey Wolf... glad I caught you on...

Wolf: Hey! I was just emailing you to let you know I won't be on tonight. My roommate and my best friend are taking me to a concert. I think they are trying to hook me up with someone...

CMajor: Oh? What a coincidence... I'm going to one too. Who you going to see?

Wolf: Backstreet Boys. My roommate loves them. Talks about them a lot... though not as much as he used to since him and my best friend are going out. Who you going to go see?

CMajor: Oh no one special... maybe I will tell you about it later.

Wolf: Ahh okie... well anyway... how's work been lately?

CMajor: Tiring... sorry I haven't told you what I do... Its not a secret or anything... just hate talking about it all the time.

Wolf: It's okay... I understand... never know who you can trust online... but you should know by now that I am someone you can trust.

CMajor: I know Wolf... I'll tell you when the time is right... so... whatcha wearing tonight?

Wolf: Ahhh... pair of black jeans and a navy wifebeater... looks really good on me... or so everyone tells me. I think my friends are setting me up... they even laid out my clothes... not that I have problems picking out what to wear or anything.

CMajor: Yeah... bet you don't... well I have to go... got practice to get too...

Wolf: Practice? OK... talk to you later... have a good time tonight...

CMajor: Yeah you too...

Aidan closed the chat window and propped his head on his hand. He guessed CMajor was going to be in the concert not seeing one. He had a suspicion that CMajor was in a band, though he had no clue which one, or if he was right or not.

Author's End of Chapter Notes: Is CMajor a Backstreet Boy? Does Trevor and Duncan know about it and is setting him up for a great surprise? Tune in next time for: Looking for Love in all the right places!

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