Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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Chapter 2


After getting Trevor settled in the now vacated spot, Scott his ex roommate left Aidan looked around the room at some of Trevor's scattered possessions. One of the ones he found most interesting was a pair of tickets to some group named the Backstreet Boys, which looked like front row tickets from his quick glance.

Not recognizing the name, Aidan shrugged and quietly moved towards his bed and sat down. Deciding to be nosey, Aidan grinned over at his new roommate and nodded over toward the tickets. "You going to a concert soon?" Aidan asked.

Trevor looked over towards Aidan and then over to where he was nodding and with a sad look on his face he nodded. "Yeah, I was. However, I don't have anyone to go with anymore." Trevor hopped off his bed and slowly walked towards the room's little refrigerator. Opening the door, he picked up a can of Pepsi and opened it taking a long sip. Trevor shook his head several times before moving back to his new bed to sit down, stretching out on the newly made bed.

Aidan tilted his head in confusion, his face wrinkling slightly as he noticed the sudden change in Trevor's mood. "Well, if you still want to go, I can go with you if you want me to, though you better tell me who they are first."

Trevor gasped and turned his head to look stunned at Aidan for several minutes before quickly hoping half way off his bed to turn fully towards Aidan. Suddenly Trevor started laughing uncontrollably, shaking his head with confusion and continued to laugh for several minutes before he replied to Aidan's question.

"I can't believe it! A gay guy that doesn't know who the Backstreet Boys are? They are only 5 of the hottest guys in the best Pop band out there! Where have you been living? Under a rock?" Trevor laughed again, shaking his head in confusion.

Aidan blinked several times and began to laugh as well. "No, I haven't been living under a rock. I however may be waterlogged or something due to the chemicals in the pool." Aidan smiled at Trevor and shook his head.

"Ok, listen, just humor me for just a moment." Aidan said. " What kind of music do they sing and is it some requirement that gay men must listen to them?" Aidan grinned and watched Trevor's mood drastically change from sad to happy as he began his animated story about these five hot guys in a band named the Backstreet Boys.

After a long and very drawn out story on this great band that Trevor loved and being exposed to their music, Aidan had to admit that they were pretty good. Aidan smiled at Trevor and chuckled softly as he shook his head before getting up and moving back to get more comfortable on his bed.

Crossing his long legs, Aidan suddenly realized that he really didn't have much in the way of clothes on. The thought was somehow forgotten in the meeting of his new roommate, who turned out to be gay. Aidan laughed to himself, thinking that the fates must be happy with him to have brought him a gay roommate. Aidan was relieved not to have to hide his sexual orientation from his roommate and the relief made him quite happy.

Clothes forgotten for a moment, Aidan realized that he was missing vital swimming practice time, but after meeting his new roommate, it didn't quite seem to matter anymore. Stretching, Aidan went over to his closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and walked over to his drawers and pulled out a pair of black underwear. Dropping his swim trunks, Aidan showed off at least his backside to his new roommate for a brief glance to quickly pull on a pair of underwear and jeans.

Trevor watched his new roommate as he stood and put on some more clothes. Musing to himself Trevor looked over his new roommate and he smiled to himself. Quickly taking in Aidan's good looks and nice ass, Trevor had to admit that Aidan looked much better than the Backstreet Boys that he loved. Though Trevor somehow seriously doubted that he was as talented as the band.

The more Trevor thought about it, the more he couldn't actually believe his luck, a hot looking roommate that was gay! If he were straight, he would march right over to the student housing department and plant a big wet kiss on Cindy that would knock her socks off. Well. he would if he was bi or straight, but of course he was gay, so that would never happen, now would it?

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