Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives. Please note that the Pictures and Information are ONLY there to pertain to the story. I again state that I have NO clue what the sexuality of the Backstreet Boys or *Nsync are. I do not know them personally and probably never will.

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Chapter 18 Recap:

Kevin arrives at Aidan's for his date with Dawn and has an interesting heart to heart with Aidan. Dawn and Kevin go on their date and have a great time.

A month passes and the guys are getting ready for the finish of their joint tour. Aidan has a big bomb dropped in his lap—the keyboardist for *Nsync has quit and he was asked to take his place. They have been working him very hard, and he half expected it already. Aidan gets some reassuring words from Duncan about his abilities and he cleans the house for a party they are having the next day.

Nick comes over early for the party to talk to Aidan about Andrew. However, he ends up talking to Dawn first. They have a nice conversation about Andrew and she tells him to go for what he wants and not let the past (AJ) rule his future.

Lance asks Stone to permanently move in with him, as in stay at his house. Currently Stone is staying in Lance's guest house near the pool. Lance, however, wants Stone to actually move into the regular part of the house into a spare room next to his so they can spend more time together and move into a real relationship. (Yes, that means that they have only been really good friends up to this point. Even though Stone wanted more than that. They have dated a bit, gone out and had fun, but it really hasn't gotten anywhere past first base.)

After Aidan arrived home from the five hour meeting, Nick talked to him about Andrew as well and was basically told that he doubted that Andrew would turn him down if Nick asked him out.

Chris has decided several things after finding out that B*Witched is going to be touring with them—that Keavy is pretty and she is single again. Chris goes over to Jayden's to pick him up for the party and feels several things that he never has before. Jayden wasn't dating and was spending all his time with him. He made a mental note to ask Jayden if he had been hurt in a past relationship. Chris, now sporting a much better look thanks to Jayden's prying, decides he has been celibate way too long.

Chapter 19

During the party, Nick had stuck pretty close to Andrew. In fact, Nick had stuck so close to Andrew that Andrew was beginning to think something was up. Nick listened in rapt attention to anything Andrew had to say during the party and by the end of it, Andrew was confused.

"Nick is there something wrong?" asked Andrew.

Nick blinked. "Ummmm, no? Why do you ask? Did I do something wrong?" He lowered his head and eyes, looking down at his hands. 'Maybe he got tired of waiting, moved on, and didn't tell anyone.'

Andrew shook his head. "No, nothing's wrong. You just seem, well, different tonight. I haven't seen anyone so attentive to what I have been saying for quite a number of years," he commented with a laugh.

Nick blushed and mumbled an apology as he quickly stood and turned to walk away. To say that Nick was embarrassed was an understatement, but he wasn't going to sit there and listen to Andrew tell him that he only wanted him as a friend. As he turned, Andrew caught his arm and stopped him from moving.

"Where are you going Nick? What did you just apologize for?" Andrew asked, confused.

Nick muttered something and tried to struggle out of Andrew's grasp. Andrew watched Nick and blinked, letting him go. Nick stumbled for a moment and fell into Andrew's arms with an audible oomph, Nick's hands landing on Andrew's chest. Nick looked up for a moment, afraid that Andrew was mad at him when he suddenly found a pair of lips on his. Nick was confused, though it didn't stop him from responding to the kiss and letting out a soft whimper when Andrew pulled away.

"I'm... I'm... sorry Nick. I shouldn't have done that," Andrew whispered.

Nick blinked. 'What did he say?' Nick slid his hands down Andrew's body and grabbed his hips, pulling him close. "Why are you sorry Drew? Maybe I wanted you to kiss me," he whispered softly.

Andrew looked stunned. "Really? I thought you just wanted to be friends?"

Nick smiled. "You never asked me if I wanted to just be friends Drew. In fact, you never really asked me anything about us. You always kept the conversation neutral."

Andrew nodded. "Yeah, but I figured you would think I was too old for you and wouldn't want me."

Nick smiled again, lifting his hand up to caress Andrew's face. "To quote Dawn, 'Age is a relative number. All that is important is that you're happy.'"

Andrew smiled. "So, ummm... Want to go out on a date sometime?"

Nick grinned, leaning forward to kiss Andrew again before pulling back to look in his eyes. "I would love to, though it will have to wait a bit unless you want to meet me on tour sometime."

Andrew grinned and winked. "Hey, it's called a business trip, right?"

Nick laughed. "Yeah, you could call it that if you want. Though just make sure you take me some place that is not business related, okay?"

Andrew laughed softly and hugged Nick close. "Don't worry. It won't even resemble a business dinner, that I can promise you."

Nick smiled. "Good. I look forward to our date then. Just let me know when you're coming so I can make sure I am free."

Andrew nodded. "No problem."

Later that night when Chris was taking Jayden home he looked over at his best friend. "Jay? Can I ask you a question without you getting mad at me?"

Jayden nodded. "Sure Chris. You know you can ask me anything."

Chris pondered his thoughts for a moment before asking, "Jay, why aren't you dating?"

Jayden's face registered a look of shock which was quickly masked. "I don't really feel like it right now," he said quietly.

Chris nodded. "I see. Did someone cause this? Did someone hurt you Jay?"

Jayden shrugged. "Not really. I haven't always had the greatest luck in the keeping men department. Usually it ended up that I moved a lot, which I guess isn't really their fault."

Chris nodded. "I understand that; it happens to me all the time. It's hard to have a relationship with someone when you're always out on tour and stuff. I am really going to miss you even if it's only for a month. I still can't believe that we go back on tour a month and a half after our old one ends. I guess we are lucky we got such a big break between our last concert and the last part of this one."

Jayden smiled. "I'll miss you too Chris, though I promise to call you often so you won't forget me," he said with a wink.

Chris laughed. "Like I could forget you! Do you know that the last photographer that took our picture said that this is the nicest I have looked in years? I think I almost fainted Jay," he added with another laugh.

Jayden grinned. "Well, it's nice to know that all my hard work was appreciated. You do look much nicer by the way."

Chris blushed. "Oh stop it. You're starting to sound like that photographer. I think he was flirting with me!"

Jayden laughed loudly. "Oh really! Some guy was flirting with my best friend and he didn't ask me if he could? The NERVE of some people!" Jayden said as he dissolved into a fit of laughter.

Chris laughed and shook his head as he pulled into Jayden's apartment complex. It was going to be a long month and a half without Jayden's laughter to keep him company. For the first time in a long time, Chris actually didn't want to go, and that was saying something rare.

February 23rd, 2000 - St. Petersburg, FL

Two weeks passed and the guys were finally getting back in the swing of constant dancing and singing. Everyone but Jayden, Andrew, Dominick, Jeremy, and Chaz were on the trip, and Justin wasn't taking the separation from Chaz well at all. Justin rationalized that it was the constant sex that he was really missing, but to anyone with a brain, Justin was missing his boyfriend being with him all the time. Luckily for the rest of *Nsync, by the time their solo tour started Chaz would be out of rehab.

Nick was practically bouncing off the walls after last night's concert as he took a night flight to their next concert date in Florida. He had received a call a few days ago from Andrew and they were going out on a date that night. It was their first official date and Nick was excited. He had waited so long for Andrew to ask him out that he almost wondered if he ever would. He just knew tonight was going to be special. Later on that morning, he did an early check in at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club. He had to pay for an extra day because he was arriving late at night, but that didn't really bother him too much.

Nick was awed by the scenery of the resort, but he was way too tired to explore. After he got to his room, Nick quickly undressed and slipped into bed. Today was going to be a long day, he could just feel it.

Nick awoke around noon, took a shower, and got dressed for the day. He was told by Andrew to pick something casual, so he picked a nice pair of black jeans and a dark blue shirt. Nick had no idea where they were going for their date, but he did know it would take up a majority of the afternoon and part of the evening.

A few minutes before one, he heard a knock on the door. Rising to get it, Nick walked to the door and eased it open, a nervous look crossing his face as he stared at Andrew. Andrew might have said casual, but he doubted he meant it. Blushing Nick stepped back from the door, inviting him in.

"I thought you said casual?" Nick choked out as he looked over the black dress pants and the silver wifebeater that covered Andrew's chest.

Andrew smiled. "I did. I just don't really wear jeans all that often anymore. Sorry."

Nick nodded and let his eyes skirt Andrew's form. "You look nice. I feel a little under dressed though. Perhaps I should change clothes?"

Andrew shrugged. "You can if you want to, but you don't have to on my account. I like what you're wearing. We can always come back and you can change for dinner if you want to wear something more formal?"

Nick let out a relieved sigh. Try as he might, Nick was extremely nervous and didn't know how to act. Andrew was an older man, though not too much older, and he had a lot more life experiences than Nick. Nick nodded to the question and smiled tentatively. "Sounds like a good idea. So, where are we going?"

Andrew smiled. "I thought we could go to the Florida Aquarium. I know you like water related stuff, so I thought it might be fun."

Nick grinned. "Sounds great to me. Let's get going then. Could we catch some lunch first? I just got up and I am starving."

Andrew smiled and nodded. "Sure, we can stop at McDonalds on the way. It's a little ways from here."

Nick nodded and followed Andrew down the back stairs to his car before they pulled out on the highway for their date. After a while, they stopped for food and, deciding that a crowd would not be a good thing, they ate in the car on the way to the aquarium. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the aquarium, and the number of exhibits they saw was amazing. Nick chuckled as he came to one of the earlier exhibits. Nick had no idea that some people called what looked like a seahorse a dragon.

Finally deciding to head back to the hotel for dinner, Andrew followed Nick up to his room and waited as Nick changed into something a bit more formal for dinner. Putting on a pair of black dress shoes, Nick smiled at his appearance. His body was covered with a green shirt and a pair of black pants. Nick had always been fond of darker colors and he figured that the green would match nicely with Andrew's shirt. Opening the door of the bathroom, he walked out into the bedroom and smiled. Andrew was lying back on the bed, his arms folded behind his head with his eyes closed. He looked utterly hot, and Nick had to bite back a groan. Nick knew very well how attractive Andrew was. In fact, Andrew had starred in quite a number of Nick's fantasies since he had met him. Nick cleared his throat nervously, causing Andrew to open his eyes and slowly sit up.

"Hey, I figured you would be longer than that. You ready to go handsome?" Andrew said with a smile and a wink, which caused Nick to blush.

"Yeah, I am. I'm used to fast wardrobe changes after all these years, so I didn't want to keep you waiting too long," said Nick.

Andrew nodded. "Good enough. We have a private dining room reserved downstairs; figured it would be easier here than going off to some restaurant that would be hard to get out of if you got mobbed."

Nick nodded, clearly used to this kind of thing by now. "Sounds good. Let's go."

Dinner passed rather slowly that night. They talked into the wee hours of the morning before they had a waiter come over to them and tell them that the restaurant was closed. Gathering their stuff, they paid their bill and went back upstairs. Andrew said good night at the door and walked across the hall to his room while Nick slipped inside his room. Overall, it had been a very good evening.

Nick walked toward the bathroom, taking off his clothes as he went—deciding that a shower would be a good idea before bed. It had been a long day and some of the animal houses had been unusually warm. Pulling back the curtain, he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature before getting in. As the water splashed over him, he heard a knock at the door. Looking over at his watch lying on the sink, he had no idea who would be knocking this time of night unless it was Andrew.

Nick hurried out of the shower and yelled that he would be there in a moment. Drying off for a moment and wrapping the towel around his waist, he went to answer the door. Looking through the peephole, he noticed it was indeed Andrew with a goofy grin on his face.

"Uhhh, sorry Nick. I didn't know you would be in the shower," Andrew whispered softly as a blush crept over his face while he took in the mostly nude body of Nick before him.

"It's okay. Come on in and let me go in real quick and finish up. I'll be right back out, okay?" he said.

Andrew nodded and smiled. "All right. I'll just turn on the TV. No need to hurry on my account."

Nick nodded as he walked back in to the bathroom. Since Andrew was actually in the room, he tried to finish as quickly as possible. It really wouldn't do to keep a good-looking guest waiting. However, Nick's thoughts were in a jumble. 'Will Drew expect me to sleep with him? Is that why he is suddenly here? What will I do if he tries to and I don't want to?' Nick shook his head to clear his thoughts. 'No, Drew wouldn't try that. I just have to tell him I am tired and just want to sleep. As long as he doesn't try anything too sexual tonight everything will be okay. I am sure he will stop when I tell him to.' Nick yawned. 'I am so tired.'

Drying off, Nick grabbed a pair of silk pajama bottoms that he brought into the bathroom earlier with his shower gear. Pulling on the bottoms, he towel dried his hair and then brushed it quickly before another yawn escaped his lips. Opening the door, Nick made his way out toward the bed, and what he saw took his breath away.

Andrew was lying on the bed, fast asleep. He had taken off his shirt apparently—whether it was to relax or an attempt to seduce him, he wasn't sure—but Nick shrugged, pulled back the covers to the bed, and slipped in beside Andrew, cuddling against him before falling into a deep slumber.

Nick awoke slowly the next morning, finding his head cuddled up on a warm pillow. Though what startled Nick was the fact that, as he slipped more into the conscious world, the pillow was moving. For a moment, Nick panicked and quickly tried to move away when a strong arm encircled his waist.

"Shhhh... It's okay Nick. It's just me," Andrew whispered.

Nick settled and then looked up to find Andrew's deep gray eyes looking down at him. Nick smiled tentatively as a blush crossed his cheeks. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Andrew smiled and moved his hand slightly to let Nick move, though he slowly began to caress Nick's back before Nick drew away. "Nothing to be sorry for Nick. You just forgot I was here, didn't you?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah. You were asleep when I came out of the shower last night and you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you. How long have you been up?"

Andrew smiled. "That's really sweet of you Nick." Andrew paused. "Well, I guess about a half hour or so. I was watching you sleep since you were cuddled up on my chest."

Nick blushed again. "Sorry, it seems to be a reflex of mine. When the guys and I had to share rooms and beds back at the start of our careers, I would do that to Brian a lot. He never seemed to mind, so I got used to it."

Andrew nodded and leaned down slightly. "Well, good morning handsome." Andrew groaned as he captured Nick's lips with his own and began kissing him gently. Nick responded almost automatically and the pair started kissing in earnest. As Andrew's hand finally moved lower than Nick's waistline, Nick froze, becoming quite stiff.

Andrew stopped moving quickly, bringing Nick's face up to look into his own. "Nick, what's wrong? Why did you stop?"

Nick blushed. "Drew, I do like you. A lot, but..."

Andrew started to panic. "I didn't hurt you, did I? Oh god, I am so sorry Nick. I was just getting carried away."

Nick shook his head, blushing from head to toe. He leaned up to kiss Andrew gently. "Drew, I... You didn't hurt me. You see, I haven't done this kind of thing before."

Andrew looked puzzled. "Do what Nick? Kiss a guy?"

Nick blushed. "Well, I have kissed a few, and a few small things, but the fact remains that I'm a..."

Andrew blinked as he got the point. "You're a virgin?"

Nick nodded, moving away slightly, clearly embarrassed.

Andrew smiled and lifted his hand to caress Nick's rumpled hair. "Well, we can just take it slow, all right? I can wait, honestly. I did wait two and a half months to go on a date with you. Surely, I can wait long enough before you're ready to have sex."

Nick blushed and leaned up to kiss Andrew on the cheek. "Thanks. That means a lot Drew."

Andrew smiled. "No problem Nick."

The New Tour Begins

The joint tour had finally ended with the last concert. The Backstreet Boys were looking forward to making their new album, and *Nsync was looking forward to their own tour. When the guys were back in Orlando, both groups had a couple of weeks off before they were forced to get back into the daily routine. The only snag in the whole process was of course the fact that the majority of the groups were going to miss each other.

Kevin and Dawn were swimming along happily in their relationship. Joey and Jennifer were making up for lost time. Josh and Aidan were their normal happy selves, though Aidan was still very nervous about playing in front of a large audience for the new tour. Chaz and Justin were still apart due to Chaz's alcohol treatment, and Justin seemed to be slowly going insane. Justin was cranky, moody, and generally unapproachable unless you were bringing him something he wanted. Justin's mood didn't continue to go well when *Nsync went on their new tour to promote their newly finished album.

The guys tried very unsuccessfully for several weeks to keep Justin busy, but he started looking like a caged tiger. It had been a couple of months since Justin and Chaz had been separated and, try as they might, they couldn't stop Justin from acting like a part of him was cut out of his life. The fact remained that Justin liked to pace back and forth in Aidan and Josh's room. The group had decided to order in that night and everyone noticed Justin's jumpy attitude. As it stands, Justin was showing the classic signs that he had before Chaz had come along. He wanted sex and he wanted it bad.

Coming to a halt in his pacing, Justin exclaimed, "That's it! I can't take it anymore!" The sudden outburst caused the others to look up at him in surprise. "I am going to find the first cute boy I see and ride his ass home," said Justin as he headed toward the door before he lost his nerve.

Aidan and Josh pounced on Justin and held him down. "You will do no such thing! Chaz is in there getting sober for you, and here you are trying to ruin everything. Don't be an idiot Justin!" shouted Josh.

"I can't take it anymore! I miss him so much! I need something to take away the pain!" Justin sighed and broke down, sobbing silently.

Andrew, who had just walked into the room, looked at Justin and smiled slightly. "Justin, I know that Chaz misses you. He's actually been taking the treatment very well and they are releasing him a bit early with a promise to go to AA meetings or some group counseling."

Justin looked up, shocked. "He's getting out? Early? I... Oh God! I feel like such a fool. I almost went and cheated on him!" Justin wiped away some of his tears angrily. "I'm sorry Drew. I have been going out of my mind for months now without him around."

Andrew smiled. "He feels the same way Justin. You were the first thing he asked me about actually. I told him that you missed him a lot; I could tell you did from your behavior."

Justin smiled and wiped away the last of his tears. "Thanks Drew. Is he coming to our next stop?"

Andrew nodded. "Yep, he is. Says he can't wait to see you. No mention of anyone else in fact, just you. I think this is probably the first time that my little brother has found someone that he truly cares about. Just don't mess it up Justin. I don't want him hurt anymore."

Justin nodded and settled down into the couch. "I won't Drew. I just need him. I just want him back."

Andrew grinned. "Good. He should be here by Friday."

Time heals all wounds...

Chaz and Justin were reunited over a month ago and both were completely happy for the first time in a long time. During Chaz's treatment, he was counseled on his sexual habits by one of the counselors at the center, though that wasn't a part of his job. The counselor reasoned that since Chaz had never settled on one guy before now, that Justin must be special to him. It was something that Chaz had come to realize too. Chaz had more one night stands than he cared to think about over the years, and had never really gone for repeat performances more than twice. The fact that Justin and Chaz were still together meant something.

Justin guiltily told Chaz what he had almost done before Chaz was released and,to Justin's surprise, Chaz wasn't upset with him. Justin hadn't cheated on Chaz, so he really had no cause to be upset just because he thought about it. In the end, that reasoning strengthened the unorthodox relationship that the pair had. To celebrate their four month anniversary, the pair went to a club to dance. Both of them had sodas and had a good time sober. The pair had no idea that the next morning, their lives would change.


By Oliver Jameson

Last night Justin Timberlake was spotted outside of a night club in the lower district of Orlando with his arm around a young man who is said to work for Wolf Sound Entertainment, which was formerly known as Jive Records. The club they walked out of was a well known gay club named the Quivering Appeal.

As one can see from the picture, the two clearly have an intimate look on their faces. However, sources from inside the club offered no comment as to what they were doing inside the establishment. It seems that if there was anyone in the club that had seen the pair together, they aren't talking.

Attempts were made to contact Mr. Timberlake in order to confirm the picture, but his managers offered no comment. Is this perhaps why Justin and Britney Spears broke up? Were the pair ever really a couple or was it an elaborate cover story? Sources for Ms. Spears tell us that their relationship was real, so the only other explanation is that Justin Timberlake must be bisexual.

Updates will be published as soon as more evidence is revealed.

Justin groaned at the headlines on the morning's edition of The Enquirer. Justin had gone out to get some breakfast and passed by the newspaper stand when he saw his picture on the front hugging Chaz. How in the world had his disguise slipped like that to reveal his face?

It was amazing how well connected Chaz was. He had this great makeup artist friend that was able to disguise him before they would go out to a club. This was the first time that he had slipped up and he knew he would soon hear the lecture from his band mates and friends. When Justin showed the paper to Chaz, he was startled by the fact that he Chaz wasn't too worried about the article in the newspaper. He told him that at least the guy hadn't bluntly yelled out he was gay, which would have probably been worse.

Justin had just finished reading the newspaper when his cell phone rang. Looking at the caller id, he saw it was Chris who was extremely upset. They had just called a group meeting, and he also wanted to let Justin know that Dominick and Andrew were on their way to the city they were next playing in to hold a press conference. It seems that his nights of fun had finally caught up with him. Not only was he spotted at a gay club the night before, but there was a video tape of them making out in a bathroom stall circulating the internet.

After Chris yelled at Justin for a few moments for his stupidity, he gave Justin the address for the tape. Hanging up the phone, Justin pulled out his laptop, connected to the internet, and opened up Internet Explorer, typing in the URL into the address bar. After the site loaded, Justin's stomach dropped with dread. It was then that he felt Chaz standing behind him before he wrapped his arms around Justin's shoulders.

"Well, it"s definitely real..." Justin said with a shiver running down his spine. It was clearly taken the night that Justin and Chaz had first met and the guy was getting thousands off the sale of the tape. Sighing softly, he jotted down the information that was listed for the site owner, pricing information, and the website address. After logging off, Justin figured he should call his lawyer to get the paperwork started on suing the guy from the website, and possibly include the club in the lawsuit since it had allowed the illegally produced tape of them and then exploited it.

Chaz continued to hug Justin from behind. "Well, at least you're already on tour when all of this hit. I can't imagine how this would affect ticket sales if you weren't on tour. Do you think that this will make a difference?"

Justin shrugged and leaned back into Chaz's arms. "I honestly don't know. I mean, if the public knew how many of the guys in both groups are gay or bisexual, then there is no telling what the public would do. I know we probably would get some more gay fans if we all came out, but I doubt moms would want their girls swooning over a bunch of gay men. I mean, rumors are already circulating about Josh because he is living with Aidan, though most of them can be explained by the fact that he is in the band."

Chaz cleared his throat quietly. "True. What are you planning on doing? Denying that it happened, or just telling them you are bisexual and leave it be?"

Justin shrugged. "I don't know Chaz. I don't plan on giving you up so I guess we will just tell the truth. I got drunk that night at the club. Someone illegally taped the encounter and they are going to be sued. As for last night, we were just there having a good time. If we lie and then come out later, people won't trust me anymore."

Chaz nodded. "True. Well, I don't care either way what you tell them. Though I wouldn't recommend telling them that I bought you the alcohol, as I could probably go to jail for that."

Justin looked up at Chaz and chuckled. "I am not that stupid. Heck, what bothers me is that we have been going to that club forever. I bet that it wasn't even the club. Maybe it was some maintenance worker that was new or something that did it. I have had fun there before and no one did this."

Chaz laughed. "Perhaps that is why they did it Justin. They knew that sex in the bathrooms was common, and thought they could make a quick buck."

Justin shrugged. "Well, I could see putting a camera at the restroom door to make sure that no one died in the bathroom or something, but taping it and then selling it on the internet isn't right. Isn't that what you call defamation of character?"

Chaz nodded. "I think so. Actually, if I remember correctly, it"s also against the law to put a camera in a restroom or dressing room. Perhaps you should call your lawyer and give them that information in order to get the site taken down today before he makes any more money?"

Justin nodded. "Illegal? Hmmm, interesting. I didn"t know that. I was just planning on calling him. Let me do that right now."

After Justin got off the phone with his lawyer he felt at least a little better about the situation. The website's site registration information was very helpful in tracking down the culprits. His lawyer and Justin called the club owner on a three-way call at home about the allegations and found out some interesting information. The club owner had recently fired one of his employees for setting up an illegal camera, however they couldn"t inform anyone because they didn"t know whom the man had recorded.

The worker was fired the week before Justin"s call and was probably using the tape to hurt the business as well as Justin. After much debate with his lawyer and the club, Justin decided to not sue them as long as they fully cooperated in the investigation and testified to the reasons why they had fired the worker in the club.

It was almost four in the afternoon when Justin finally heard back from the police. The warrant for the worker's arrest was carried out and they confiscated all the tapes that they found in his possession, including some others that were labeled with various famous people's names. It seemed that the guy had recorded not only Justin and Chaz, but several other famous people as well. Luckily for them, however, their little escapades weren't out on the internet and video yet for the world to see. Justin had a gut feeling that by the next morning the tape was going to be in every tabloid from The Star to The Enquirer.

While Justin was getting reacquainted with Chaz, Chris was becoming increasingly confused with his life. Chris and Keavy of B*witched had been dating quite a bit lately and he was either unsure it was going anywhere or he was afraid to tell Jayden. They had begun dating when she had come on tour with them, though they were getting pretty close to the end of the time period that they were there and Chris was unsure whether or not the relationship was worth it. He had no idea that Jayden would find out the wrong way about his relationship that very next day.

Some events don't always go according to plan...

Chris was flipping through the television channels the next day when he stopped on the channel where a talk show was on. Hearing his name on a music talk show was a cause for alarm on any day and soon his good day was shattered. Chris was livid as he watched the interview with B*witched about their new solo tour that was coming up soon. Keavy had just told the whole world that they were dating quite exclusively and Chris was beyond upset. At first he chalked it up to just being mad that she had broken her promise, and then he came to realize something. No matter how many dates they went on, he realized that there was no spark with her. She didn"t make him excited to see her, and he had almost begun to think of her as a friend or perhaps a sister. In the end he decided that he couldn"t remember the last time he was excited to see any woman other than his mother.

Finally Chris realized something. All those months ago when he told everyone that it didn"t matter if he was gay or straight he had been in denial. He was gay and it had taken the smartest, prettiest girl that he had ever dated to convince him and make him face reality. Once Chris finally decided that he was gay, he realized something else. Jayden liked him! Suddenly all the symptoms he had been feeling for months made sense. Jayden wasn"t dating; he wanted to spend time with him as much as he could. He would catch him looking at him, and there was that whole makeover thing that Jayden had done for him as well. Now Chris just had to decide what to do about this turn of events.

Later that night, Chris"s cell phone rang and he saw it was Jayden. Excited by all his plans he answered the phone cheerfully only to hear an angry Jayden on the other end.

"What, do I mean nothing to you?" asked Jayden. "I had to find out third-hand about all of this."

"What are you talking about? What do you mean 'third-hand?'" Chris shot back.

"Well, let's see. Firsthand is if you tell me yourself, which you didn't do. Secondhand is your friends do it, which is the coward's way out. Third is if I have to hear about it in an interview on national television, which hurts a lot!"

Chris gulped, almost dropping the phone as he stuttered back a reply. "I can explain Jay. I told her not to say anything to anyone, but she just wouldn"t listen."

"Oh, and I am supposed to believe that? That you told her to wait and that she didn"t?" Jayden asked angrily. "I mean, come on Chris. How long have you been hiding her from me? Months? I thought we were friends at least. I..."

"Jay, I... I"m sorry. You"re right. I should have told you. I just didn"t think she would get all serious on me. We only went out a few times, and well, honestly, I don"t think she is my type. I kind of broke up with her after the interview."

Jayden leaned back in his office chair. "You... You broke up with her?" he stuttered.

"Yeah. I told her that I didn"t appreciate her telling the world that we were dating seriously when we weren"t," he whispered into the phone.

Jayden sobered and let out a sigh. "I"m sorry Chris. I don"t know why I am so upset. I had no right to yell at you like that."

Chris smiled, though Jayden couldn"t see it. "Jay, you know why you were upset. You like me, don"t you, and I am not just talking about a best friend like here. I mean really like me."

Jayden sighed softly, whispering into the mouthpiece, "Yes, I do."

Chris" heart fluttered in his chest. "Good, 'cause I like you too. A lot. You"re the main reason why Keavy and I aren"t dating anymore. I guess I finally figured out that I am gay."

Jayden felt like his heart had gotten stuck in his throat. "You are? And you like me? Really like me?"

Chris chuckled softly. "Yes, really like you. I wanted to tell you all of this in person, but dang Keavy had to open her big mouth. I am sorry about all of that though. I was actually was going to call to see if you could get a little time off for a visit so I could tell you. Guess that ruins part of my surprise."

"Surprise?" Jayden squeaked out.

"Yeah, but you won"t get that 'til you get here. Let me know if you get the time off and I will see you soon I hope. I have to go. We have to leave for the concert in ten minutes."

Jayden nodded. "Okay, I will talk to Dominick and ask him and call you later after the concert like always."

"Good. Look forward to your call Jay. Talk to you later. Bye."

Jayden cleared his throat. "Bye Chris."

Chris and Jayden got together later in the week and the pair of them were beaming so brightly that the rest of the large crew of *Nsync could see them several miles away. The group had heard of Keavy"s little interview rather quickly and their subsequent breakup. The breakup was, of course, accompanied by the sudden revelation that Chris was gay, which wasn"t really much of a shock to much of the group, and that annoyed Chris.

"How in the world did you know?" Chris demanded.

Most of the group shrugged. "How could we not? You lit up every time Jay called like a Christmas tree!" Justin said as he and the rest of the group chuckled. "It sure didn"t look like you were just excited to hear from your best friend."

Chris blushed and looked down at the ground. "Well, I guess I am a bit slow on the uptake, but at least I figured it out before it was too late." Chris smiled and looked over at Jayden. "Yes, life is good. Now if we can just get Justin's life under control," Chris thought.

Story's End Notes:

This is where the origional version ends. It will never be updated. Please read my new and improved version.

If I use any of the Cherokee Language I will put them at the end of the chapter to let everyone know what they mean.

Word in Cherokee: Meaning:
gv-ge-yu-hi I love you
tsa-si Joshua - pronounced ... ja-see
wa-ya OR wa-hya
a-ua-tse-li My or Mine
u-gi-tsi-s-gv Dawn

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