Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives. Please note that the pictures and information are ONLY there to pertain to the story. I again state that I have NO clue what the sexuality of the Backstreet Boys or *Nsync are. I do not know them personally and probably never will.

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Chapter 16

Last Time...

Jayden gasped. "Dom, did you just call me hot?"

Dominick blushed and grinned. "Yeah, it's not like you don't call yourself that already. I am just repeating it."

Jayden walked over to Dominick and sat on the edge of his desk. "It's okay boss, you know I am just messing with you. You know we are friends Dom, and I don't mind you calling me that. I know I kind of come off as vain sometimes, but I guess I have had so many people tell me I am good looking all these years, it's hard not to think of yourself as hot. I do know, however, that I won't be the only one wanting to drool over them tomorrow," Jayden said with a wink.

Dominick blushed. "Well, they are hot. Just remember - business first, drool later."

Jayden grinned. "Right boss, right."

Josh's Christmas Present - Part 2

Sadly, it took some time before Josh could put part two of his Christmas present into effect. With Aidan's sister coming into town to see the new house and to meet Josh, each night they were just so tired that they basically went straight to sleep.

Finally, the room was done and they had some time alone without the contractors, designers, and other people crowding the house as they got Kathryn's room finished for her stay. Both of them hoped that she would like it, though as Josh set up the room for the night, he pushed the thought out of his mind.

Josh had set up another romantic scene, though it definitely wasn't typical. Most people spread things like roses around, but this time, since Josh had found out during the course of decorating Kathryn's room that they both loved sunflowers, he called around and had several bunches delivered. Josh didn't want to tear apart a sunflower, so he put a bunch on the nightstands, a few on the dresser, and several in their large bathroom as decorations. The room looked great as moved around, putting finishing touches to their room. He had changed the regular linens to this lovely, silky blue sheet and comforter set he had gotten when the decorator was buying linens.

Josh gathered several bags from the floor and placed the contents in the nightstand. He didn't want to give away his surprise too soon by having them visible. He walked around the room, turning out lights and lighting candles around the bed, creating a warm glow in the room. He slowly removed his clothes, walked over to the clothes hamper in the bathroom, and placed them inside. Walking to the closet, he brought out a blue silk robe and wrapped it around himself as he walked out the door and down the stairs. He found Aidan in the kitchen, putting the last of the dinner away. He walked up to him, slipped his arms around his waist, and pulled him close, causing Aidan to stop what he was doing and smile.

"Gv-ge-yu-hi wa-ya, let's go to bed. This can wait 'til morning, you know," whispered Josh.

"I know, but I like getting them in the dishwasher before bed." Aidan sighed and leaned back against Josh, caressing the hands around his waist. "All right, I will leave the rest for the morning." As Aidan cuddled into Josh's arms, he grinned when he felt something hard poking him in the ass. "Looks like someone is excited, hmmm?"

Josh chuckled. "Yeah, excited to see you as always."

Aidan grinned and turned around in Josh's arms, pressing his body close to the soft silk. "Well, let's say we go take care of that little problem, hmmm?"

Josh leaned forward and licked Aidan's bottom lip before kissing him. "Mmmm... sounds like a good idea to me."

The pair went upstairs and Aidan got out of his clothes as he slowly pulled Josh's robe off his body, letting it puddle at his feet. Josh stopped Aidan and pushed him toward the bed. "Lay down on your stomach. I have a surprise or two in store for you tonight."

Aidan loved Josh's surprises; he was always so romantic and creative. As he lay down on the bed, he took a deep breath and looked around. The room was scattered with sunflowers, and this caused Aidan to smile. He was glad that Josh had remembered he loved them. Aidan felt his heart skip an extra beat as he settled his head on a pillow.

Josh moved around, grabbed some oils from the bathroom, and proceeded to give Aidan a very relaxing and erotic massage. Aidan loved Josh's massages almost as much as he loved giving them. Aidan was typically guilty of not letting Josh do it very often, but he didn't want to push him into anything he might not want to do. Aidan got very excited when Josh was wiggling all over his body, spreading oil on him and giving him a massage. More than once, he almost grabbed him and made love to him before Josh was ready. Once Josh had finished with his back, he told Aidan to turn over, which caused Aidan's hard cock to bounce against his stomach. Josh grinned, for he knew how excited Aidan got during a good, teasing massage and he had counted on it. He quickly finished massaging Aidan, put the oil on the nightstand, and opened the drawer.

"Now, close your eyes love. Your other surprise is very ready," whispered Josh.

Aidan nodded and closed his eyes. He trusted Josh with his life, so he didn't worry about anything as he waited. Josh pulled out the lube from the side table and poured some on his hands, warming it up between them. He slowly grabbed Aidan's cock, rubbing the lube up and down, causing Aidan to gasp and shiver with excitement. Once Josh had finished lubing Aidan's cock, he started lubing up his own hole. Josh moaned softly, as it had been a long time since he had done this, and after a few moments, he knew he needed help. "Wa-ya, it's time for you to make love to me. Don't talk yet, just lube me up really well and then lay back again."

Aidan was shocked and extremely happy; whatever had been bothering his angel all this time was over, and Aidan opened his eyes to find Josh on his back, spreading his ass cheeks for help. Aidan took the tube of lube between Josh's legs and slowly began opening up his love's ass for the pleasure to come. He knew that it had been a long time for Josh, and he wanted this to be so special. He slipped a lubed finger inside Josh, who whimpered softly as he tried to relax. Soon he added two fingers, and finally three making Josh moan loudly. He was staring up at Aidan, his eyes filled with love and lust. Aidan moaned softly. He wanted Josh so bad he was aching for him now, his cock dripping precum.

Josh winked at his love. "Lean back, love... Looks like you're more than ready for me, huh big boy?" Josh chuckled softly.

Aidan smiled, nodding as he did what he was told. Josh got up and straddled his waist. Aidan reached down and grabbed his cock, holding it steady as Josh lowered himself onto Aidan slowly. Luckily, Josh only felt a momentary pain since Aidan did such a great job at lubing and opening him up. Josh and Aidan moaned loudly as the head of Aidan's cock slipped inside his hole, slowly taking more of Aidan inside. Aidan moved his hand to let Josh finish lowering himself, and when Josh was sitting on Aidan's cock fully he stopped moving, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, you feel soooo good Josh..." Aidan moaned, trying not to move before Josh was ready.

Josh whimpered softly as he began to slowly move up and down on Aidan's cock, moaning as it slid in and out of his tight hole.

Aidan closed his eyes, moaning as he spoke. "Josh, you're soooo tight! Oh, God!"

Josh smiled down at his lover, loving the look on Aidan's face as he moved up and down more quickly on Aidan's cock. He leaned down and kissed Aidan passionately before moving to whisper in his ear. "Make me yours, my hot wolf..."

Aidan opened his eyes and looked into Josh's for further confirmation, and what he found in Josh's eyes thrilled him. Aidan grabbed a hold of Josh and pulled him close, pushing up off the bed with one arm as he quickly flipped the both of them over with Josh now on his back. Aidan lifted Josh's legs up over his shoulders and slowly started to plunge in and out of Josh's hole, easing into a quicker and quicker pace.

Josh moaned loudly, whimpering as Aidan began to take him to a height that no one had before. The few previous encounters that Josh had in the past did nothing to prepare him for the pleasure that Aidan was giving him. Aidan picked up Josh's cock and was now stroking it in time with his frantic thrusts in and out of him. He had waited so long for this moment.

Josh cried out as Aidan stroked him faster, and as he came all over Aidan's chest, his ass clamped down hard on Aidan's cock, causing Aidan to lose it totally and drive him over the edge. Aidan slowed his frantic pace to a stop, still imbedded inside Josh's ass as he struggled to catch his breath. Aidan finally pulled out and lowered Josh's legs to the bed. He then crawled up next to him and pulled him close into his arms. Holding him a few moments longer, he whispered in Josh's ear, "That was incredible my angel, and that glimpse of heaven when you came was so erotic."

Josh smiled, leaning up to kiss Aidan gently. "You should have seen yourself, my wolf. You were so lost in it, taking me like a wild animal... damn it was sexy!"

Aidan grinned and blushed slightly, cuddling his love closer. "I love you my angel. I am glad we waited. That was incredible..." Aidan said breathlessly.

Josh licked Aidan's neck gently. "Yes, you were, and I love you too, my wild animal. Let's get cleaned up and go to bed - we have that meeting tomorrow morning and we don't want to be late."

Aidan nodded, not really willing to remove himself from Josh yet. He struggled to get up, lifting Josh in his arms as he carried him into the bathroom where they quickly showered. Shortly afterward, they headed back to bed to get some much needed sleep.

The Next Morning – Dominick's Hotel Room

The next morning Dominick woke up nervous. Perhaps he should have asked Jayden for some help after all? No, he didn't need any help for this. He just had to do his best and he was sure that everything would work out fine. He got out of bed and stretched. This was going to be a LONG day. He walked over to his closet and took out his best suit. Though he normally didn't wear them to the office most of the time, he felt today it was best to look like a sharp executive. Dominick knew that he and Andrew were kind of young to be CEOs of a major company, so he was trying to look older than he was.

Setting the clothes on the bed, he slipped into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He didn't have time to do much else this morning because he wanted to get to the office early to make sure that everything was set up for the meeting. He got out of the shower and looked at his reflection in the mirror, turning his head side to side. Dominick stood there thinking to himself, Hmmm... definitely need a shave, but should I? It would make me look older, but the last time I wore facial hair everyone told me to shave. Better not. I will probably get to the office and Jayden will tell me to shave. Dominick laughed softly. Jayden sure loves to tell me what to do - if he had a hobby then that would be at the top of the list. However, Dominick mused, Jayden is very good at what he does. I don't know too many people that I would allow to boss me around.

Dominick combed back his hair, pulled out his shaving cream, and began to lather his face, thinking about what the day would hold. He just hoped that he got to the bands first, because his offer was a lot better than anything they would get in the music industry. Dominick was actually surprised how many people were transferring to their label once they found out that they wouldn't get totally ripped off by their company. When they first started and hired their entertainment lawyer, he pulled out a standard contract for them and Dominick almost lost it. Did anyone actually read these things? he mused. Well, that was one thing that Dominick did, and he made sure to offer his clients a better deal.

Finishing up his shaving, he styled his hair, splashed on some cologne, and walked out into the bedroom. Pulling on his suit, he walked to the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and grinned. He looked good, if he did say so himself. He walked out of the bedroom and into the suite, seeing Andrew walking out of his room and grinning.

"Hey man, look at you. Guess we must have had the same idea when it came to what to wear this morning, huh?" asked Andrew.

Dominick grinned. "I guess so. You look good Drew."

"Hey man, you do too." Andrew smiled and winked.

"Thanks. Let's say we get out of here and get some breakfast before work?" said Dominick.

Andrew nodded. "Sure, let's go."

Dominick and Drew walked out of the suite and went downstairs to the dining room to have a quick breakfast before heading to the office, talking about the presentation along the way. "I sure hope everything works out okay," said Dominick.

Andrew laughed softly. "Man, you worry way too much. Come on, we both know they are going to jump on this deal after the way the last ones ripped them off."

Dominick nodded. "True. Hey, did Jeremy say the same thing to you as Jayden said to me? He said that he knew we would be drooling over these guys?"

Andrew nodded and laughed. "Yeah, he did say that. I swear, either they can speak telepathically, or they meet up to tell each other what they are going to say to us first."

"I would go with the telepathic thing myself. I swear, if those two ever get boyfriends they better hope they get some understanding ones. If they treat their boyfriends like they treat us, the poor things will probably be overpowered."

"Nah, I bet they will end up treating their boyfriends better than their bosses. Although, that isn't to say that I don't sometimes wish that Jeremy was my boyfriend. He's just so cute, isn't he?"

"Yeah, they are both cute. Problem is that they work for us and that just wouldn't work out. We need someone that works outside of the office. Maybe someone in a band that's real cute, like maybe a certain Backstreet Boy?" replied Dominick.

"Yeah right, like they are gay. I mean, I heard some rumors, but I doubt they are actually true," replied Andrew.

"What rumors?" Dominick asked.

"Oh, that the only one in Backstreet that is straight is Kevin - the rest are supposed to be either bi or gay," said Andrew, grinning widely.

"You're kidding, right? Is that from a reliable source, or is that just wishful thinking on someone's part?" asked Dominick.

"Well, I don't know, but it seems that it is pretty common knowledge around here. I think that we should tell them at the meeting that we are gay and see what happens. Never know, we might get some cute boyfriends out of the deal too," said Andrew, who winked at his best friend with a wide and mischievous grin.

Dominick shook his head. "All right Drew, let's get inside before you get more evil thoughts in your mind. We have a meeting to get to." Andrew nodded and followed Dominick inside the building. This was going to be an eventful day, and he had a good feeling about it too.

Meeting of the Bands - Jan. 5, 2000

Both bands had just arrived along with Aidan, Stone, and Tyler, who were mainly tagging along as a part of the road crew for the tour. Both bands weren't really sure if the meeting was about the completion of their tour or if it was just to meet the new management.

The guys walked into the building promptly at 10 a.m. to be greeted by a new receptionist. They had been worried when they heard that Jive had been bought out, especially since no one seemed to be able to tell them the name of the new label. It seemed that things were pretty hush-hush at Jive. Walking through the lobby, they saw a guy installing letters next to a large wolf howling at the moon. They stood there for a moment as the guy put up the last letter, spelling "Wolfsound" on the wall. Once Aidan saw the logo and the finished name, he gasped softly and looked over at Josh. Aidan's family owned Wolfsound, in a roundabout way, considering they were the financial backers of the label. Aidan let out a soft chuckle, causing several to glance his way.

Don't worry guys. You won't have to worry about anything with this label, " said Aidan. Everyone turned to look at Aidan who was all smiles. "You will see shortly guys. Trust me."

The guys shrugged and Stone grinned at Aidan. "You are lucky that they don't have long to wait to find out. They might mob you and tickle you silly Wolf."

They laughed and continued to the board room, where they sat around the table quietly. A moment later, a very cute young man walked in, asked if anyone wanted something to drink, and orders were taken. A few moments later, another guy walked in, only with a different hair color, looked around, and placed the drinks down for a moment.

"Okay, let's get these distributed and I will go get my boss. Who ordered what?" Jeremy asked quietly. The group looked at Jeremy, stunned, and several muttered something about rapidly changing hair, which caused Jeremy to laugh. "Oh, I changed my hair weeks ago. It was for a good cause, since my twin works here for the big boss and people couldn't tell us apart."

"Twin?" several chorused.

"Well, that explains a few things," AJ said as his eyes glanced up and down Jeremy's body. Man is he hot... he thought.

Jeremy passed out a few drinks, and when he got to AJ's he smiled down at him. "Here you go AJ. I guess this one's yours."

AJ nodded and winked. "You can call me Alex if you like?"

Jeremy grinned and winked back. "My pleasure Alex. I'll be right back; don't miss me too much."

AJ grinned. He was cute and witty - a very nice combination.

Jeremy walked out of the room and AJ's eyes were all over him. He didn't notice that several of the other guys were watching too, but then how could he when he was watching that perfectly toned body?

Jayden came back in a few moments later, followed by two other slightly older men, and Jeremy came in last. The four of them walked to the head of the table, and as the two older ones sat down, Jeremy and Jayden took their respective places on either side of the two and sat down as well.

"Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming so early for this meeting. I guess it's time for some introductions, isn't it? My name is Jayden and that over there is my twin brother Jeremy. We are the executive assistants to Dominick and Andrew who are the owners of WolfSound Entertainment and WolfSound Management."

Dominick laughed softly as he listened to Jayden talk. "All right Jay, we don't want to scare these guys, do we? Let's just get down to business."

Andrew stood and walked to the side table, picking up a stack of books, and began passing them around. When he came to stand in front of Aidan he gasped. "Aidan? What are you doing here?"

Aidan laughed. "Well Drew, I could ask you the same question. When dad told me you asked him for money to buy out a record label, I didn't think it would be Jive."

Andrew grinned sheepishly. "Of course. What other company could I buy so cheaply? With their lawsuits, they didn't have much choice if they wanted to get out ahead. "

Aidan laughed and stood up, hugging his cousin. "It's okay guys, you're now a part of the most gay-friendly record label in the world."

"Gay-friendly?" asked Kevin. "What do you mean by that Aidan?"

"Well, maybe I should let them tell you about that." Aidan grinned and sat down.

"He is correct. Dominick, Jayden, Jeremy, and I are all gay. We are known for hiring gay employees and gay-friendly ones too. If you haven't noticed, a lot of the older employees no longer work here. The majority of them were replaced in the buyout with our friendlier employees."

Kevin laughed. "Well, that explains Aidan's comment outside when he saw the logo going up."

"Oh? What exactly did he say?" asked Andrew.

"Oh, he said, 'you won't have to worry about anything with this label.'" said AJ as he looked across the table at Jeremy.

Dominick and Andrew laughed. "Well, he's right. The main purpose of calling you all here was to let you know that we also have a very successful management company that will give you a much better deal than you will have received in the past. When we were thinking of taking over Jive, we got ahold of your contracts and, needless to say, we were very unimpressed with how they were treating you and your music."

Most of the group laughed, and several expressed the same thing. "You're not the only one."

Dominick nodded. "I arranged these packages to let you know the things we do offer to our musicians, and I have a contract for both bands here as well for both your new record contracts and your management contracts. You will find them far more superior than you would have had with the old Jive Management."

The group began looking down at the packages and several wows filled the room, though several of them were glancing down the table at the four young men that were about to change their lives for the better.

Kevin finished looking over the contracts and smiled, "Well, I agree with you Dominick. These contracts are very nice. They are definitely better than we have ever received before, though I would still like to have our lawyer look over them to make sure that everything is on the up and up. These are our careers we are talking about here and we want to be careful this time."

Dominick grinned. "Kevin, take all the time you need. Your current record contract isn't quite up anyway; we just wanted to get you a better deal before you go back on tour."

Kevin smiled. "That is very nice of you. We should only need a few days. Our lawyer is very quick since we have been looking for new management."

Dominick nodded and looked over towards Aidan. "Now, not to be nosy, but just what ARE you doing here Aidan?"

Aidan laughed and looked at Josh who nodded. "Well, I am a roadie and backup musician for the coming tour, and, well, Josh is my boyfriend."

Dominick broke out into laughter. "Well, well, well. Who would have thought? You're very lucky Aidan; you snagged a very cute guy. You take good care of him. I don't need my stars unhappy, now do I?"

Aidan grinned. "Oh, don't worry. We take good care of each other."

Josh nodded and blushed, reaching over to squeeze Aidan's hand.

Andrew spoke up at that moment. "Well, regardless, I just want everyone to know that whatever is said in this room stays in this room, so if anyone else wants to come out of the closet, you can trust it won't leave the room."

Howie turned to Tyler and grinned. He clutched his hand, which was lying on the table, causing Tyler to blush slightly. "This is our new wardrobe manager and my boyfriend Tyler."

Lance followed suit and grabbed Stone's hand as well. "This is Kent Stone, though almost everyone calls him Stone. He's going to be helping us with some of the equipment and lighting, et cetera, and of course, he's my boyfriend."

The rest of the room looked around and laughed softly. Kevin spoke up as he looked around the room to all the hand holding and suddenly felt very left out. "Okay, this sounds all cheesy, but I am single and straight."

Nick, AJ, and Justin all spoke up and stated that they were single and bisexual. Joey voiced that he was single and straight also, and when it came down to Brian, he shrugged.

"I don't know. I haven't exactly decided yet," said Brian, which caused several confused looks to flow around the room. Everyone had thought that Brian was straight.

When the group looked over at Chris, he was staring at the ceiling. "Chris?" Jayden called, looking over at him. Chris was avoiding everyone's eyes. Was he gay or was he straight? Perhaps he, like Brian, didn't actually know either. Chris looked up and found Jayden staring at him with a question in his eyes.

"I...I... don't see what difference it makes. It's not like anyone likes me, regardless of their gender," Chris said quietly. "Besides, last I checked, I was the freak in the group."

"Chris, you are not a freak!" Jayden replied loudly, which caused Chris to look up into his eyes and smile.

"Thanks Jayden," he said as he blushed slightly.

Dominick took back over the group and smiled. "Well, regardless of what your preferences are, you will have a great group here to work with. None of our employees will out you, that is for sure. I got rid of the last of the bigoted, ignorant employees this morning."

The whole group laughed. This was a day that would change all of their lives, and from the way things were going, the groups were in for a great time.

The Celebration

After the meeting, the guys were invited out for an early lunch, which everyone accepted. Jayden pushed back his chair, nodding his head as he stood, and walked over to the phone in the board room, reserving room at the Golden Lotus, a nearby Chinese restaurant. The group arrived at the restaurant pretty quickly since the normal lunch traffic was not out yet. The group was ushered into the back room and orders for drinks were taken by the waitress. The guys settled themselves around the table, and Jeremy sat next to AJ with a big grin on his face. He had noticed that AJ had been staring at him since he came into the room at the meeting.

Jeremy was the more spontaneous and aggressive of the twins. He had heard a lot of rumors about what went on when the guys went to clubs and figured that AJ was the one to party with. He looked up as the waitress came back in to take orders and slid his hand into his lap, adjusting himself slightly, before glancing at the menu again and placing his order.

AJ sat quietly next to Jeremy, noticing how close he was to his chair and how he just adjusted himself, causing attention to his crotch. AJ grinned. He's flirting with me... he thought. Usually it was AJ that made the first move, but it seemed that Jeremy was already one up on him already.

The meal went well, with lots of great conversation. As friendship bloomed, several of the guys made plans to go out that night after the bosses got off of work. Nick, Brian, Kevin, and Joey were going out to dinner with Aidan, Josh, Dominick, and Andrew after Aidan and Andrew got back from the airport with their sisters who were in town. The rest of the group was going out to a club to do some dancing.

The groups decided that since they were splitting up for the afternoon, some deciding to go home and take a nap before the partying that evening. Aidan and Drew had sisters to pick up from the airport, so Aidan decided to hang around the office for a little while, and Drew promised to give him the grand tour after making some phone calls. Aidan, by now, was clearly nervous about his sister arriving and was so glad someone was going with him. He just hoped that his sister would like Josh and that they would get along since they were all staying in the same house for the time being.

Andrew Gets the Call

Andrew had dropped his cousin off with Dominick for a little bit and went back to work. He was sitting at his desk when he got a phone call. It was his parents. Andrew sighed as he pushed back from his desk. He could not stop thinking about his younger brother Charles, or as he liked to be called, "Chaz." His parents had just informed him that they were sending Chaz for Andrew to handle. Chaz, it seemed, had gotten out of control. His parents were much too busy with Wolcott Enterprises, Inc. to take care of it, and Chaz was way too old for a nanny to tell him what to do.

Andrew sighed again, running his hand through his long hair. His hair was one of the few luxuries he had that always made his parents upset at him, though since Andrew and Dominick ran a very successful record company, his parents decided it didn't matter so much as long as he was successful. His parents thought that since Andrew was the oldest, he would be the best influence on their youngest son, a fact that Andrew couldn't help to agree with. However, as he looked at his appointment calendar, he wondered when he would have the time, let alone the nerve, to tell his brother to get some help.

Andrew closed his eyes as he leaned back in his chair, his mind drifting off to his childhood. Andrew, Jennifer, and Charles had mainly been raised by nannies. Their parents, the heads of a multi-million dollar corporation, were hardly ever home. It was mainly decided early on that though they wanted kids to pass along the family business to, they just couldn't be bothered in raising them. That was someone else's job, of course. His best friend Dominick had been pretty much raised the same way, so he guessed that they were lucky they hadn't turned to drinking to replace the missing love in their life like Chaz.

Andrew had begun taking charge when he was six, Chaz was two, and Jennifer had yet to emerge into the world. It was funny now that he thought about it, because that was the first day he realized he was going to have to fight for his parents' attention. Funny, isn't it, when you're a little kid and realize that you will have to spend the rest of your life trying to gain your parents' approval and some semblance of love? It was only when Andrew had realized that he was gay that the world around him changed.

Andrew came out to his parents shortly after college, though he at least had the presence of mind to get his half of the money for Dominick's record company first. Surprisingly, his parents took it quite well for rich, pompous parents who did not seem to care about their kids at all anyway. In the back of his mind, he guessed they realized that they had two other children and at least one of them had to be straight to produce grand kids. Andrew did not know whether to be insulted by that idea or be glad that he wasn't going to be pressured anymore to marry for the sake of the family.

According to the phone call, Chaz was drunk every night or thereabouts. His parents suspected he might be on drugs or something worse, like he might be an escort. Chaz had once told Andrew that he was bisexual, so, being an escort, he could definitely get himself more clients than the normal person, though Andrew doubted that Chaz would be doing that as he got tons of money from his parents as an allowance. Although he suspected that if Chaz was running around drunk every night, he most likely wasn't holding down a job and was probably on the verge of  losing it all. Chaz was on the next plane to Orlando, arriving in a little less than half an hour from when his sister would arrive into town. Andrew was not even given the luxury of saying no to his parents; they left him no choice, as usual, which made Andrew a bit mad. He was lucky that at least he was already going to be at the airport, so it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to wait for a half hour for him to arrive.

His parents insisted that Andrew find him a job and clean him up. In school, Chaz had taken Fashion and Interior Design, which his parent's had balked at. They insisted that all fashion designers were gay or women. Chaz told them it was what he wanted and they finally gave in, on the condition that he take some business courses as well. In order to please his parents he grudgingly took them, however, he figured if he was forced to take the classes, he might as well learn something. He did, after all, want to own his own design and consulting firm, so he would have to know something about the business world.

Andrew sighed softly. Luckily, several phone calls later after his mother hung up, he had several clients that expressed an interest in having a fashion consultant and designer around. They figured that he could help them pick out the latest fashions, or even design some. Some had even told him that if Chaz looked anything like his older brother, that was a plus too. Andrew laughed at the thought; he still was not used to women coming on to him. No matter how many times it happened, it always shocked him.

Andrew's secretary, before Jeremy, decided she was going to fix him up with someone nice, and boy was that a disaster. Though the girl was pretty, she was so not Andrew's type. She was extremely vain, to the point she was checking her reflection on her spoon or any other reflective surface. Andrew had not ever recalled meeting someone so vain in his life. He quickly informed the girl that she had been set up with the wrong person and that he was gay. Needless to say, shortly afterward he lost his secretary.

Andrew sighed and called down to Dominick's office to tell him that he probably wasn't coming back that afternoon since he had to pick up his brother too.

Airport Taxi Service

Later that afternoon, Andrew and Aidan got into Andrews' car and headed toward the airport. Andrew spent the beginning of the trip telling Aidan about the extra pit stop that his brother had caused, and Aidan agreed that his parents should have given him more notice that his brother was coming.

"Thanks for coming with me Aidan. You didn't have to, but I am glad you did," said Andrew.

"Hey, no problem. What are cousins for, huh?" Aidan said with a smile.

"Yeah, I just wish Charles wasn't coming today too. I am going to be forced to put him up at my house to keep an eye on him. That is really going to be so fun," Andrew said sarcastically. "Well, anyway, it's good to see you again actually. We have been meaning to call you and see when you were getting out of school to see if you wanted a job or something. I guess you beat us to it, huh?" Andrew laughed.

"Yeah, well actually that is kind of an amusing story." Aidan laughed softly at the thought.

"Oh? How did you two meet anyway? You two make a pretty hot couple, you know." Andrew grinned and winked at Aidan as he looked at him.

Aidan grinned and flushed slightly, though it was hard to tell with his dark coloring. "I met him online about a year ago. We were in a chat room, and we got to talking because he liked my nickname and I liked his. I didn't find out it was Josh until after the concert in Atlanta."

Aidan laughed softly and Andrew joined him. "Go on..." said Andrew.

Aidan grinned. "Well, as I said, he never really did tell me who he was, or whatever. I did however figure out that he must have been in a group of some sort; he was always talking about practice. Later he started dropping more clues like rehearsals, so I figured it was a band after a while." Aidan stopped a moment as they made a turn off the highway toward the airport terminal. "Anyway, we officially met after the concert in Atlanta. The funny thing is that until I met my roommate Trevor, I had never listened to them before. Trevor insisted on taking Duncan and I to the concert and he surprised us with backstage passes. I had met Howie and was actually starting to like him a bit, but that night when I got home, Josh e-mailed me and confessed who he was and that he wanted to date me. Needles to say, I was pretty shocked."

Andrew laughed. "I can imagine. A cute guy like that, wanting to date you? Although won't it be hard since he isn't really out?"

Aidan nodded. "Yeah, but that's where my bits and pieces of Cherokee comes in."

Andrew looked confused for a moment than laughed. "You're a genius Wolf! I would have never thought of using that to keep a relationship quiet. I have been out so long I kind of forget what it's like to keep quiet, though I guess if I ever got involved with someone famous I would have to learn, wouldn't I?"

Aidan hmmmmed. "You got someone in mind for that statement Drew?"

Andrew blushed. "Well, maybe, but I don't know if he would date someone my age."

Aidan laughed. "Drew, you're not that much older than me. I am sure anyone would be crazy to turn you down."

Andrew smiled. "Thanks Aidan. I do hope so..."

Andrew pulled into a parking space and they got out, both pulling the flight information out of their pockets for their sisters. Aidan's sister was a writer who decided that she needed a change of scenery and was thinking about moving to Florida. He looked around the airport and then over at Andrew. "Well, I guess we should just go to baggage claim and meet them both there. That's where I told Dawn to meet me. What about you?"

"The same. I figured it was the best way. I don't know where I will be meeting Chaz. I guess I should go see if I can meet him somewhere after he gets off the plane, just in case he tries to bail on me. Oh, we need to make sure we get a cart for the luggage. Didn't you say your sister was staying here for a while?"

Aidan nodded. "I told her we had plenty of room in the house and she was welcome to use the office to work, so she is moving into the bedroom downstairs that opens to the pool. We spent most of the week with a designer making it look nice but not too girly. Dawn, as you know, isn't really that way, though it was interesting to see how the designer worked around the theme we gave her. She did a great job; I just know my sister will love it."

Andrew grinned. "I bet she will. She's so nice and she loves you a lot."

Aidan nodded. "Yeah, she is. I hope she finds someone soon. She deserves to be happy, she hasn't had a lot of luck with men lately."

Andrew smiled. "Yeah, she does deserve somone nice..."

The guys stood next to the baggage claim waiting for their sisters. Kathryn was the first one that showed up and she grinned as she hugged her brother tight. "Hello wa-ya. "

"Hello u-gi-tsi-s-gv... have a good flight?" replied Aidan.

"It was okay. I did manage to take a short nap and get some work done too. I am sure my publisher will be happy at any rate," Kathryn, or Dawn as she was often called, said with a smile.

Aidan laughed. "I can imagine. How is the new book coming?"

Dawn grinned. "It's coming. Let's talk about it later. I have someone I see that needs a hug." She then turned and hugged Andrew. "Drew, what a great surprise! Is Jen here too? It's been a while since I've seen her. In fact, not since she started on her European modeling tour."

Andrew nodded. "Yep, she should be here shortly. I haven't seen her in a while either. Seems she is on vacation at the moment. Her agent called me and told me to make sure she gets some rest. Seems she has been working too hard lately or something. Anyway, I think I see her."

Jennifer walked over to the baggage claim and, as luck would have it, her luggage popped out a few moments later. Andrew walked over, picked it up, and briefly hugged his sister. "Hey sis, are you okay? You look really tired. Are you sure you want to go out with us tonight?"

Jennifer smiled slightly. "Yeah, I will be okay as long as I can take a nap first. You know me - I can't sleep on the plane."

Andrew nodded and led his sister over to the rest of the group. They hugged each other before heading out to the car with the luggage and Andrew decided to break the news to his sister. "We still have one more passenger to wait for. I figured we might as well take the stuff out to the car first so it will be less hassle later."

"Who are we picking up?" asked Jennifer.

"Well Jen, ummmm, it's Charles. Mom and Dad sent him for me to deal with; didn't give me much notice either."

Jennifer nodded and sighed. "Figures. I hope he doesn't ruin my vacation like last time. I need rest badly. I think I should stay at a hotel. The last time I was under the same roof with him, he ended up dead drunk in my bed in the middle of the night and I had to go sleep on the couch, he smelled so bad."

Andrew laughed. "I remember. Well, it's up to you. I know having Chaz end up in your bed after one of his binges isn't fun. He did it to me several times too."

"You can just take me to a nice hotel. I like room service anyway," she replied.

Andrew nodded and headed back inside to pick up his brother. Fifteen minutes later, Andrew was seen walking back out to the car, his brother in tow. The group got into the car and drove back to WolfSound, dropping Aidan and Dawn off at Aidan's car in the parking lot. Aidan moved Dawn's luggage into his Viper and, as they got into the car, he realized how nervous he was about introducing his sister to his boyfriend.

Reunited again...

Andrew, Jennifer, and Chaz went upstairs to Andrew's office and Andrew got on the phone, calling a hotel for his sister, arranging for a driver to come over to pick her up. Andrew decided that now was just as good a time as any to introduce Charles to his new boss. After his sister left, he picked up the phone and buzzed Dominick to come over and meet his brother.

Dominick put down the phone and sighed. Andrew's little brother had gotten into town and he had to go down and meet him. He certainly hoped that he took his job more seriously than his own health. He wouldn't put his reputation on the line for someone that wasn't going to produce the proper results for the people that he represented. He walked down the hall and opened the door. Looking up, he let out a soft gasp while a blush crept over his face. The one night stand he had months ago was standing before him, and it was his best friend's little brother. Oh dear, this is going to be just great, he thought.

Chaz looked up as someone came through the door and he almost fell down on the couch. His long standing rule about never sleeping with the boss crashed down around his ears. Oh no, not him. No, he can't be... Maybe he is just an assistant or something? Please Lord, don't let him be Drew's business partner! Please let me not have slept with my future boss!

Andrew looked back and forth between the two of them as they exchanged looks. They knew each other. It was clearly written on both of their faces, and this didn't look good. Oh Lord, they've slept together! Wait, I know that look on Dom. He hasn't had it since he came back from that trip months ago, after that one night stand with some hot kid who seduced him while he was celebrating at a bar when he landed the financial backer to buy out Jive Records! Our fathers, to be exact.

Dominick had told him that it was the most incredible sex he'd had in years, and he wondered what was going through his mind now. Clearing his throat, he decided to make a joke out of it. "Well, since you two already know each other, I guess the only thing to do is fill in the last names. Charles, or should I say Chaz, this is my best friend and business partner, Dominick Markel."

Neither of them made a move, though Chaz mumbled a cuss under his breath. "Well, there goes my rule about not sleeping with the boss." Chaz laughed and grinned at Dominick, who blushed. "Don't worry about it Dominick, we were both drunk."

"Yeah, we were, but that don't really excuse it does it?" Dominick sighed and sat down in a nearby chair.

"Hey, look Dominick... let's just put this behind us, okay? It's not like it was incest or anything, and it had been about ten years since you saw me last. I don't really look like I did when I was a kid," he replied.

Dominick nodded. "True, but that doesn't change the fact that I am now your boss. Well, I guess if you can forget about it, so can I, as long as it don't interfere with your work."

Chaz nodded. "Don't worry about me. I won't embarrass you in front of your clients. I promise. "

Dominick nodded again and smiled. "Good. I will hold you to that."

Author's End of Chapter Notes: Well, just because I put two chapters in a row that had sex in them don't mean that it will be happening all the time. *ha ha*  Stay tuned for more Looking for Love in All the Right Places...

If I use any of the Cherokee Language, I will put the translation at the end of the chapter to let everyone know what it means.

Word in Cherokee:Meaning:
gv-ge-yu-hiI love you
tsa-siJoshua - pronounced ... ja-see
wa-ya OR wa-hya
a-ua-tse-liMy or Mine

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