Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives. Please note that the pictures and information are ONLY there to pertain to the story. I again state that I have NO clue what the sexuality of the Backstreet Boys or *Nsync are. I do not know them personally and probably never will.

Author Notes: To all my fans, thank you for your encouragement. All I can say is thank you, and that I hope you will continue reading. I am so excited about the number of emails and feedback that I got for my last chapter. It was a record setter that is for sure! I also want to thank my editor & friends, if it wasn't for their support, I might not have made it this far.


  1. From here on this story will be really different than the RL world timeline of both bands.
  2. Since this is now a different time line, it is up to me to put RL events in. Things like Album names and things like that will of course be the same, however release dates, tour dates, and other stuff may or may not be.
  3. I hope you like where I am going with this story. I figured that I would give the guys a chance to do things that they couldn't in the RL world.

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Chapter 15

Last Time...

Aidan nodded. "All right Karen. You two sleep well. We will send someone to get you tomorrow morning for the gift opening and for lunch."

Roy moved over to Aidan and shook his hand. "Good night Aidan. You two drive safely back to your house. We will see you tomorrow."

Aidan and Josh got back in the car and made their way home. They both had a feeling tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was upon them, and everyone was pretty nervous about the gifts they were about to give out. Justin's mom had picked up Josh's parents at the hotel and brought them to the house while the majority of the clan arrived to begin finishing up cooking for the day's lunch. Once everyone arrived, they decided to do the gift giving first instead of after lunch.

The majority of the gifts were from Aidan, who got each of them something. It seemed that he either did some research on each of the bands or perhaps asked someone in them what each of them would like, because both groups were all smiles except for one. Justin looked so embarrassed after he opened his gift that he stood up and rushed from the room with a sad look on his face.

When Aidan got up and started to follow him to apologize, everyone told him that he shouldn't bother. They told him that Justin didn't really deserve to be comforted, and even went on to express that it was very nice of Aidan to get Justin a present after the way he had been acting. Aidan turned to look at Josh with a confused look on his face, but Josh just shrugged. Even Justin's own mother looked after her son and shook her head. Obviously everyone knew what was going on but Aidan.

When it was Stone's turn to exchange gifts, he pulled out several gifts for Lance which made Lance look at him questionably.

"What's all this?" replied Lance.

"Just open it. I... I hope you like them. I couldn't decide between two of them, but open the big one last."

Lance opened the first box and pulled out a graceful Italian Treble Clef Charm necklace, which caused Lance to smile. It was pretty, but still very manly. He opened the second box and pulled out a beautiful Italian two-toned gold cross. The cross was wrapped in a silverish gold; the center wrapped in a rope. It was the most beautiful cross Lance had ever seen.

He looked up at Lance and smiled again before picking up the final, large package. It wasn't very thick, but it was rather wide. Lance tilted his head and gave Stone a questioning look again, which just caused Stone to blush. Lance blinked. Stone had blushed? Whatever was in the package must be something special for Stone to look embarrassed.

He turned it over and carefully grabbed the edges, easing the paper away from it, revealing what appeared to be the back of a canvas in a frame. Pulling the rest of the paper off, he turned it over and gasped softly.

"It's... it's... beautiful..." Lance whispered. On the large canvas was a picture of a beautiful mountain scene, the sun shining on them, causing a glow about them. There was a little country house and a pasture with a pair of horses peeking over the fence. On the porch were a couple in an embrace, standing one in front of the other, the one behind's arms were wrapped around the guy in the foreground. Lance pulled the painting closer to his eyes, noticing his own eyes staring back at him. Looking up slightly higher, he saw Stone's deep fawn-colored eyes.

Lance looked up in Stone's eyes, captured by the look on his face. Lance glanced down in the right hand corner and saw 'Kent Stone' scrawled on the dark green grass. Lance blinked again. Stone had been worried that Lance wouldn't like his own painting? Lance was stunned. Obviously no one had ever seen one of Stone's paintings before, because even his friends creeped around to look at it, with several gasps filling the room.

Stone sat back on his heels , looking around worriedly. Not hearing Lance's whisper, he thought Lance hated it. In fact, after everyone started crowding around it, gasping and staring at it, he couldn't stand it anymore. "If you don't like it, I'll... I'll take it back... You won't have to see it again..."

Lance looked up into Stone's eyes. "Not like it? Kent, it's beautiful! I would be really hurt if you took it away!"

Stone blushed. "I... I... really?"

Lance couldn't believe that this was the same confident, strong person that he fell for. Stone was blushing, stuttering, and Lance liked it! Lance had finally gotten inside - gotten inside Stone's bubble, his personal space, and it was wonderful. Lance put the painting down to the side and opened his arms. Stone quickly moved forward and hugged Lance close. Lance whispered in Stone's ear, "It's beautiful dear, just like you."

Lance released Stone and handed him his gift. "It's not much, but I hope you like it."

Stone opened the box, which looked almost like the ones he had given Lance, and pulled out a very nice rope chain with an eagle clutching a peridot stone in its claws. Stone smiled. Lance had actually remembered that his birthday was in August.

Lance sat back and couldn't help but feel that his gift wasn't anywhere near as special as what he had received from Stone.

When it came time for Aidan and Josh to open their gifts, Aidan actually looked nervous as he handed Josh the long box. Josh knew from the shape of it that it was probably jewelry of some sort, though he had no idea how special its contents were. When Josh opened the box, he gasped softly at the opal and peridot stones glimmering against the silver bracelet.

He lifted it from the box and read the inscription. A tear ran down Josh's face, which caused Aidan to quickly pull him into his arms, whispering the inscription in his ear. "My Angel, I love you, from Wolf."

Josh smiled and looked up into Aidan's blue-green depths, lost in them. He lifted his head up and kissed Aidan softly. "I love it, a-ua-tse-li wu-ya."

Aidan smiled and opened the clasp, fastening it around Josh's left wrist and kissing him on the cheek. "I am glad, a-ua-tse-li a-ni-da-we-hi." Several of the guys in both groups looked at the pair as they spoke a language that none of them seemed to know. When both Aidan and Josh looked up they saw the puzzled expressions and laughed.

"Aidan is part Cherokee Indian; he has been teaching me what he knows. We found it was a very good way to express love and affection without the world knowing what we were saying. Aidan calls me 'a-ua-tse-li a-ni-da-we-hi,' which is 'My Angel,' and I call him 'wa-ya' which is Cherokee for 'Wolf.' gv-ge-yu-hi is 'I love you,' and 'tsa-si' is 'Joshua.' If he says anything else that you don't understand, just ask him. I love it when he speaks it; it sounds so sexy."

Several of the guys laughed and Josh's parents looked at Aidan with an extra measure of respect at that moment. Using his ancestry and language to protect their son from being outed as being gay, protecting his career by using a language that not many knew, was actually a stroke of genius.

Josh handed Aidan his gifts and smiled as he unwrapped them. When Aidan pulled out the beautiful silver wolf head necklace and an Arrow Head necklace charm out the box, he grinned, wrapping Josh in a hug and kissing him gently on the lips. "I love them a-ni-da-we-hi."

Josh smiled. "I thought you would. I also made you this. It's a CD of some songs I recorded, and some songs I wrote for you. I also have another gift for you, but I'll give it to you later, okay?"

Aidan nodded and grinned as he looked down at the label on the CD: Josh's Romantic Sounds: A CD of Songs for my wa-ya. Aidan grinned. He figured that this would be a very special CD which they could listen to later while they were alone. It was always nice to have soft romantic music while they were together; it set the mood so well. After the presents were opened, everyone quickly picked up all the wrapping and bows while the moms moved to the kitchen to finish preparing the food.

Justin was hiding out on the back porch with tears falling down his cheeks. Aidan had actually gotten him a present. Sure, he had gotten one for everyone else, but the point was he didn't deserve one. He had hurt his best friend, almost hurt Howie, and Josh was still mad at him.

Justin couldn't remember the last time he had spoken to Josh and that was bad. He had tried to several times, but each time he received this look from Josh that told him that Justin was still not sorry enough. He had heard everyone telling Aidan not to follow after him. It seemed that everyone knew what he did by now. The only ones who talked to him at all were Chris and sometimes Joey. They both made it pretty clear though that they were disappointed in his behavior.

Justin looked down at the Air Jordan's, the brand new Air Jordan's that were even signed. How in the world did Aidan get them? These were the ones that he meant to buy himself at the mall, but just didn't get around to doing. He felt really embarrassed now. He couldn't accept them. They must have cost a small fortune, unless he actually got them at a game. Aidan didn't even seem to know that he had tried to break up their relationship. It just wouldn't be right to take such an expensive gift from the guy he tried to steal away from his best friend out of jealousy.

Justin picked up the box and slowly walked to the door. As he looked around, he noticed that everyone was either milling around in the living room or in the kitchen. Justin reached up, brushing back a few tears, and walked into the house. He found Josh and Aidan cuddled up on the couch and walked over to them. "Josh? Aidan? Can I talk to you privately please?" he asked.

Josh looked up at Justin. "I don't really think this is the time or place Justin."

Justin looked down at Josh with pleading eyes and then turned to Aidan, finding a confused look on his face. He lifted the box, looked at it longingly, and then handed it to Aidan. "I'm sorry, I can't accept this. I will explain it later. Thanks for the thought though." Justin sighed, turned away, and walked into the kitchen, looking for his mom. At least now no one could say that Justin took the gift he didn't deserve.

Aidan looked at the gift he gave to Justin and then turned, giving Josh a confused look. "I thought he loved Jordan stuff. Why would he give it back?"

Josh pulled Aidan close and hugged him. "It's not you dear, it's Justin. I don't think that we should ruin Christmas with this problem. Save the shoes and in a day or so I will have him come over and we can discuss why everyone is mad at him, okay?"

Aidan nodded. "All right, but this isn't over. I want to know what's wrong as soon as possible."

Josh nodded. "All right, I promise I will tell you very soon."

Lunch went rather smoothly, though Justin seemed very quiet during the whole thing. Aidan glanced over at him several times, trying to figure out what was up, but Justin didn't even look up above his plate. Shrugging, Aidan decided not to worry about it. He had tucked the shoes safely away in his office and would deal with it later. It was Christmas, and it was a time to be happy.

Josh watched Justin quietly, and he figured that Justin had finally learned his lesson. He knew once Justin saw those shoes that he would want them pretty badly. He couldn't believe that Aidan was able to get them; his father must have a lot of connections.

After lunch was over, several people milled around while others went home, including Justin who seemed to act like a lost child instead of the normal, confident young man that Josh knew him to be. Josh sighed. He would forgive him after he told Aidan what happened. Luckily, Justin hadn't succeeded with his plan, so hopefully Aidan wouldn't be too upset with him. Finally, everyone went home and Josh and Aidan were alone. They went upstairs, collapsing into bed and falling into a very tired sleep.

Trevor and Duncan's Hotel Room

Trevor and Duncan had just gotten back to their hotel, and Trevor sat down on the bed while Duncan went to go to get some ice. While he was gone, Trevor had an idea. He pulled off his clothes and arranged himself on the bed facing the door on his left side. He raised one of his legs, bent it behind the other, and waited patiently for Duncan to return, grinning to himself.

When Duncan opened the door, he almost dropped the ice as he stared at the sexy Trevor lying on the bed, unclothed and arranged on the bed in a come-hither pose. Duncan grinned and set the bucket down on the side table while he slowly disrobed, his eyes never leaving Trevor's.

"Well, is this why you wanted me to leave? So you could arrange yourself in that sexy pose, love, or did you really want something to drink?" asked Duncan, grinning.

"Oh, I wanted something to drink, but I figured afterwards we could have some fun, love." Trevor grinned up at his lover and winked.

"Good idea. Let me fix us a drink, and we will have some fun indeed." Duncan winked at his love and quickly fixed them a drink, each taking a sip of the liquid before Duncan eased on the bed and pulled his lover close to his hard body. He nuzzled Trevor just behind the ear, flicking his tongue along the outer ridge, causing Trevor to tremble in his arms.

Duncan whispered in Trevor's ear, "I have never been so content my love. You complete me in ways that I never knew existed. Lay back and let me take you back to heaven where you belong."

Trevor smiled at Duncan; he often said things like that. Duncan always insisted that heaven was missing a prized angel when it came to Trevor and he certainly didn't tell Duncan otherwise. He loved being cherished in Duncan's arms.

Trevor moaned as Duncan licked and nibbled down his neck, tracing a path over Trevor's shoulders, stopping momentarily at Trevor's nipples as he brought the rosy peaks to hard perfection. His tongue swirled around them quickly, causing Trevor to moan and gasp softly.

Trevor writhed on the bed as Duncan licked and nibbled down over his abs, his tongue licking every crevice including his navel, which Duncan traced along the outside before dipping his tongue inside. Continuing downward, Duncan traced his tongue back and forth down Trevor's treasure trail, avoiding his dick to tease his eager lover.

Trevor whimpered, his cock bypassed by Duncan's hot tongue. As it traced lower, Trevor spread his legs wider, easing Duncan's passage down his long muscular legs. Trevor was trembling; if it was one thing Duncan was talented at, it was teasing him. Duncan told him that Trevor got off on it and he was right. Trevor loved being teased and licked by Duncan - he was just so good at it.

Duncan grinned at his love, loving the effect he had on him. He licked back up the inside of Trevor's thigh, lifting his legs slightly to give him better access to his hole. Trevor whimpered again, grabbing his legs as Duncan bent him further forward, licking all around Trevor's hot hole. The heat and smell was intoxicating to Duncan's nose, and he quickly dipped his tongue into Trevor's ass.

Trevor moaned loudly as he felt Duncan's tongue move in and out of his ass, his body trembling. "Oh, Dunc... oh... don't tease me so much. I need you..."

Duncan grinned and looked into the needy eyes of his lover. "What do you need?" Duncan loved playing this little game with Trevor. Hearing him tell Duncan what he wanted was a long time in coming. He had to train Trevor to let him know what he wanted and how he wanted it, which became a very fun game for the both of them.

"Please Dunc, I..." Trevor whimpered softly.

"Come on Trev, you know what you need to say." Duncan looked down at his lover's hole and slowly lifted his finger to his mouth, sucking on it while he continued to tease his lover. He lowered the finger to Trevor's hole, using it to tease him while he waited for his answer.

Trevor gasped and whimpered louder, "Please Dunc, please make love to me. I... need you so much..."

Duncan smiled, leaning down to kiss his love. "Your wish is my command my sweet one."

Duncan reached over to grab his bag and a condom, quickly preparing himself for the intense pleasure to come. Though Duncan and Trevor had sex quite often, Trevor was still very tight, and Duncan loved every moment of their love making. Duncan leaned down and kissed Trevor again, who hungrily nibbled on Duncan's lower lip. He moved into position and looked deep into his lover's eyes, whispering, "I love you Trevor."

Trevor grinned and quickly kissed Duncan while groaning into his mouth as Duncan penetrated his hole, causing Trevor to gasp into the kiss. Trevor relaxed immediately to allow Duncan better access. It had taken Trevor quite a bit of practice over the last several months to learn that little trick, but he did it.

Duncan stared into Trevor's eyes as he slowly picked up speed, penetrating him over and over again with a slow, strong gait. Trevor had once called Duncan his stallion, and in a way it was true. Duncan seemed to be able to hold a particular set of gaits during sex and it was intensely pleasurable.

Duncan groaned as Trevor flexed his ass muscles, causing him to speed up. Taking his lover's cock in hand, he began jacking it off in time with his strokes. Soon he heard Trevor's breath quicken and he knew his love was almost there. He sped up and cried out as he filled the condom, his lover cumming all over his hand a moment later. He released Trevor's cock and leaned down to grab a towel, cleaning his hand and wiping off Trevor's stomach and chest where he had shot before laying down on top of him, his breath still out of control. He lifted his head slightly and kissed Trevor passionately. This was a great Christmas, probably the best one ever.

Aidan gets clued in...

Josh had just called Justin and told him to come over to the house, so he and Aidan sat on the couch cuddling while they waited for him to arrive. Soon the door bell rang and Josh got up to invite him in. Aidan looked back and forth between the two, who had barely mumbled "hello" to each other as they walked into the living room.

"All right, this has gone on long enough. When was the last time you two actually spoke to each other?" Aidan asked, glancing between the two. "I thought you two were best friends? You both sure aren't acting like it."

Josh looked at Justin and nodded his head, and Justin looked down at the floor a moment before speaking. "I... I... was the one that got you the job as a roadie for the new tour. I didn't know you could play anything. I was just trying to get you on the tour so I could... se... seduce you into m... my... bed."

Aidan looked at Justin, shocked. "Say what?! What do you mean 'seduce me into your bed?' When did I ever give you the slightest hint I was interested in you Justin?" Aidan glared at Justin.

Justin blushed. "Never. I just figured if I could get you alone, that you would like me and not Josh. I was so jealous, and you're so... perfect... and I... I... thought he wouldn't be my friend anymore. Of course, I wasn't thinking too rationally at the time and didn't think Josh would be calling to get you a job too so he could be with you. "

Aidan's demeanor softened slightly, however he was still clearly upset. "Justin, I met Josh almost a year ago. What in the world made you think you even had a chance with me?"

Justin stuttered and mumbled for a moment before clearing his throat. "I didn't know you were that Wolf, so I guess I thought it was a coincidence."

Aidan shook his head. "I don't know many people with that kind of nickname. In fact, mine is a family nickname, so I doubt many would have it at all."

Justin nodded. "I'm very sorry that I tried to come between you both. When Josh found out what I had done, he came in and yelled at me about it. He told me that you were THE Wolf he had been talking to online and that he would not be speaking to me for a long while until I learned my lesson. I cried myself to sleep that night. I had never seen Josh so angry about anything before, and it scared me. Not only had I messed up years worth of friendship, but it was over a guy that was clearly interested in my best friend."

Justin looked up into Josh's eyes. "I am so sorry Josh. I hope one day you might be able to forgive me." Justin turned his head and looked at Aidan. "Aidan, I just want to let you know that I am not usually such a creep, and I am very sorry about everything that happened. I hope you can forgive me too, and hope you know that I will never try and come between you two again."

Aidan nodded and looked at Josh. He found it hard to be too angry. After all, everything did work out for the best, though it was going to take him some time before he would become a good friend with him. Aidan looked back at Justin, took the box off the side table, and handed it back to Justin.

"I know you want them Justin, and I have no interest in them. I forgive you because nothing happened, and I can see how sorry you are about it. However, the next time you decide to go after someone, make sure they are totally single first, huh?" Aidan winked at Justin and laughed softly, trying to put Justin at ease.

Justin reached out and took the shoes, a small smile on his face. He nodded to Aidan's comment and then turned to Josh, looking at him expectantly.

Josh sighed softly. "All right, if Aidan forgives you, then I do too. Just don't try to steal my boyfriend ever again, okay?"

Justin nodded. "I really am sorry Josh. I have been so miserable without you this last month. It felt like a part of me died. I don't want to ever feel that way again."

Josh nodded and, standing up, he pulled Justin to his feet, wrapping him in a hug. "I missed you too Justin. Please, never do that again."

Justin hugged Josh close. "I won't. I promise."

Jive Headquarters - Dec 27, 1999

It was the Monday after Christmas and several members of the executive board were having a large meeting behind the closed boardroom doors. For weeks, rumors had been circulating about the buyout, and at last the final bid was on the table as the representative from Zomba handed Dominick and Andrew the paperwork.

"Well, here you are gentlemen. You are the proud new owners of Jive Records. I hope you know what you are getting into. I know that you will probably want to move in your own people, so in the revised bid, we have given severance packages to anyone that you decide to let go."

Dominick nodded as he read over the contract. All the changes had been approved and signed in all the appropriate places. He then handed the paperwork to Andrew. "Here you go," he said quietly.

Andrew nodded. If Dominick signed it, then he knew he wouldn't have to do much other than sign. He grabbed the pen, read a few lines here and there, and then signed at the bottom. Placing the pen down, he looked at his friend and business partner with a smile. They now owned the hottest record company in the business.

Dominick stood and walked over to the previous owner of the company with a grin, holding out his hand to shake. "Thanks. We shall be moving our main staff here in the next week or so. I hope you have a great rest of the year."

The pair nodded, taking the contract and walking toward the door. Stepping outside, Dominick gave the contract to his assistant who was sitting in the lobby. "Here you go Jayden. Where's your brother? We should be getting back to Atlanta soon. You probably want to go home and spend some time with your families, right?"

Jayden shrugged. "Jeremy is in the bathroom and no... I think we will stay here and look around for a place to live since we are moving here with you, boss. It would be nice to get out of the cold for a while before we move."

Dominick nodded. "Well, I did promise you off until the New Year, so have fun you two. I guess if you're not coming back, I should take the contract with me then."

Jayden nodded. "Yeah, you probably should. We want to make sure we do not lose that after all the money that has been spent to buy them out. You know, I am pretty excited. We are getting a lot of big names with this acquisition."

Dominick nodded, spotting Jeremy coming back from the bathroom. He looked at the pair of them. If he didn't know better, he really could get the pair of them confused. Luckily, the twins always wore different styles of clothes. Jayden and his brother both had naturally light brown hair with blond highlights, but recently Jeremy dyed his hair black to stop people from getting them confused. It was actually kind of funny, in a way, how they were so different, yet so the same.

Andrew came out of the boardroom after talking to several of the production staff. "Well, I doubt any of them are staying. When they heard that the company was being bought, they secured other positions. I guess that's good, as we won't have to lay them off. This also means that since we aren't laying them off, we don't have to pay them severance pay." Andrew grinned.

Dominick grinned back and winked. "I see. That is good news."

Dominick leaned over to whisper in Andrew's ear. "Guess we should thank Jeremy for the well-placed rumors about what would happen if the company was bought out, huh?" Dominick chuckled and patted Jeremy on the back as he joined them.

"Well, this calls for a small celebration before Dom and I get back to Atlanta. Luckily, it won't take long to ship our stuff down here. We called a staff meeting for January 3rd for Jive's people, and we have one on Wednesday back in Atlanta for the staff that isn't on vacation," said Andrew. The three of them nodded and headed out to celebrate. Jive was now the property of WolfSound Entertainment.

WolfSound Entertainment

"Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now, to get down to business, we have recently acquired Jive Records and we will be slowly transitioning our corporate headquarters to Orlando. I know that some of you have expressed an interest in moving with us, and you all will have the opportunity to do so if that is what you wish. We have decided to turn this office into a production floor where the CDs will be produced, maintained, et cetera. However, almost everything will be moved to Orlando.

"I know that some of you will have problems with moving, so if your job is moving and you can't move, or don't want to move, we wish you luck and will give everyone excellent references. However, as you were all informed when you started here, once we were able to buy out a major label we would be moving. I hope that with the six months worth of notice we gave that everyone was able to secure other employment. I hope that everyone has a great new year, and please, if you are planning on moving with the company to Orlando, sign the lists that are hanging by the door."

After Dominick made his speech, he slipped out the side of the dining room and let out a sigh. "Man that was a harder speech than I thought Drew. I wonder how many of Jive's people we will have to lay off. I guess I will find out after the first of the year when the deadline for signing the list is over."

Drew walked up closer to his friend and wrapped him in a hug. "Come on buddy. Let's go out to lunch and forget about this place for an hour or two."

Dominick nodded. "All right Drew, let's go. I think I could use a drink. Next time you do the major speech, okay?" Dominick laughed.

Drew shrugged. "Well dear, you are the CEO. I am just a flunky that happens to own half the business."

Dominick laughed. "Yeah right Drew. If it wasn't for you and your family, we wouldn't have been able to buy Jive at all."

Drew grinned. "True. Okay, I will make the speech at Jive, all right? However, I think both of us should do the band meetings."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, I agree with that. Especially the meeting between the two more popular bands in the company, Backstreet and *Nsync. Poor guys. I saw that contract that Pearlman had them under. They were lucky if they were getting $20,000 a year apiece."

Drew blinked. "Wow, no wonder they were suing. Well, hopefully since they both need new management now, they will consider our deal. It's probably better than they will ever get anywhere else."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, anyway... let's get out of here and grab that lunch. I am starving and tired. We still have movers to supervise this afternoon."

Drew nodded. "Yeah, that's true. Are you really sure you still want to live together bro? I mean, not that I am complaining since we are both alone right now, but..."

"Drew, the house is huge. It's not like we would have to cross paths very often even if we didn't want to live together," replied Dominick.

Drew chuckled. "Well that is true. I didn't quite get why you bought that big of a house."

Dominick grinned. "Well, I figure it won't go to waste. I mean, if we both get boyfriends or if Jeremy and Jayden need a place to stay sometime, we at least have plenty of room for them."

Drew chuckled. "Or if we have a party and everyone gets too drunk to go home, right?"

Dominick nodded. "That too. Anyway, let's go. We can talk on the way to the house."

"All right, the movers should be there in about an hour and a half, so we need to get lunch before then. How about we stop for some Chinese?"

Dominick smiled. "Sounds good to me. Let's go. I could use some of those great spring rolls they make and some fried dumplings. Oh, and we must not forget..."

"Crab Rangoon!" they said together, causing them both to laugh.

"Jinx!" cried Dominick.

"Double Jinx! You pay for lunch!" Drew laughed.

"Okay, how old are we again?" Dominick asked as they both laughed.

"Let's get out of here before we scare our employees," said Drew.

"Yes, let's..." replied Dominick.

Jive Headquarters

Jive was abuzz with activity since Dominick and Andrew started taking over the operations of Jive. People were disappearing left and right and being replaced with people from WolfSound. Luckily, the majority of the employees were waiting until their replacements arrived from Atlanta before going to their new jobs. At least only a very few were being laid off, which caused only very few to get severance packages. It seemed that Jeremy's plan had worked. Most of the employees had secured other positions, and the ones that hadn't were taking up positions that were left vacant from the employees that didn't move to Orlando. All in all, everything was moving along like clockwork, and tomorrow was the big meeting between the guys of the Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, and the new management in which they would talk about the ending of the current tour and new records.

Both Dominick and Andrew had heard rumors floating around Jive that some of the guys in both groups were gay, which prompted them to let both groups know that they were gay and that if they needed anything, to just let them know. It's not like everyone that was from WolfSound didn't know already, however the majority of the Jive employees had yet to be informed. Dominick and Andrew had a habit of hiring gay-friendly employees, so it was a common occurrence to see a gay couple holding hands at lunch or when walking out of the building at the end of the day. They liked the fact that their employees were able to be themselves without having to hide. It promoted good relations between the employees as well and increased productivity. That, of course, was always nice.

Dominick was in his office when he heard a knock on his door. "Enter!" he called out.

Jayden walked in. "Hello boss, we are back from our little vacation. Did you miss us?"

Dominick looked up and chuckled. "Yeah, I sure did. The secretary for the old CEO is a complete homophobe. She has been trying to get me to change my ways for the last few days. I only kept her to have her answer the phone. Having her tell me every chance she got about my sinful ways was enough to bar her from my office. It didn't even faze her when I said that I wasn't even dating anyone right now, so how was I being sinful?" he said with a sigh.

Jayden laughed. "Oh God, you're kidding me. I would have fired her on the spot."

Dominick nodded. "She even tried to introduce me to some woman to try and get me to take her out. I called her in my office, told the woman flat out I was gay and that I wasn't going to change, and if she continued to treat me this way, she would find herself fired before you even got back. That shut her up for several hours, and then she started up again. I told her that she was fired, that she could gather her stuff and leave. She looked at me, stunned, and said that I couldn't fire her."

Jayden laughed. "She told her boss that he couldn't fire her? What planet is she from? You don't just up and tell your new boss that his lifestyle is a sin and expect him not to get mad at you."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, it seems that she forgot that part. She kept telling me over and over again for the next ten minutes how I would be a fool to fire her, that she knew everyone here, that they all loved her, and how I would regret it. I laughed at her and told her that if she cared so much about her job, then she shouldn't have said what she did to me and to get out of my office before I called security."

Jayden shook his head. "What did she say to that? Wait, let me guess. She gathered her stuff and started screaming the boss was gay all the way down the hall and out the door?"

Dominick laughed. "Yeah, and I screamed back at her, 'SO WHAT!' Everyone that was waiting for me started laughing. Several asked me if it was true, others shook their head sadly at the woman, and one guy quit. I am assuming that he didn't like the fact I was gay either."

Jayden shrugged. "Well, all in all, I am sure that the word you are gay and Andrew is too will spread pretty quickly, so at least we should know how many new people we need to hire shortly. This time we will hire gay or gay-friendly employees. I know there are lots of them out there that need a safe place to work."

Dominick nodded. "Right. Oh, by the way... get yourself anything you need for the office out front. We can get a designer later to fix up the place. It looks like a disaster area after that woman left. She threw stuff around a bit and kicked some stuff as she left. Apparently, she had been here for several years. Though, on the bright side, after she left I had several people come by and thank me for firing her. Seems that once they heard I was gay, they were pretty happy about it since she was harassing anyone that was gay too. The ex-CEO was a homophobe too, so he never did anything to her."

Jayden frowned. "Wow. Guess it's a good thing he didn't realize he was selling to a gay company or he might not have sold Jive."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, exactly."

Jayden chuckled. "Well, all's well that ends well, huh? Guess I should go out and get some guys to straighten up the office. Can't have the place looking shabby. I will look around for some decorators while I am at it."

Dominick chuckled and grinned. "I knew I hired you for something other than your good looks Jay."

Jayden laughed and winked. "I would sure hope so Dom, otherwise you would have a very messy schedule. I remember what it was like before I took it over."

Dominick shook his head. "It wasn't that bad Jay... at least it wasn't as bad as Drew's. He didn't realize how often time could go over in meetings and scheduled them too close together."

Jayden chuckled. "You have a point there. Well, I better go get the place cleaned up. I glanced at your calendar for tomorrow on my laptop; you have that big meeting tomorrow. Do you need help with the presentation?"

Dominick grinned. "No, but you can come to the meeting - if you promise not to drool on them that is."

Jayden feigned a hurt look. "ME? Drool on ten hot guys that just HAPPEN to be coming to a meeting tomorrow? What do you take me for boss?"

Dominick laughed and winked. "Oh, a very hot gay man that is very much alone? That is, unless you count your twin brother."

Jayden gasped. "Dom, did you just call me hot?"

Dominick blushed and grinned. "Yeah, it's not like you don't call yourself that already. I am just repeating it."

Jayden walked over to Dominick and sat on the edge of his desk. "It's okay boss, you know I am just messing with you. You know we are friends Dom, and I don't mind you calling me that. I know I kind of come off as vain sometimes, but I guess I have had so many people tell me I am good looking all these years, it's hard not to think of yourself as hot. I do know, however, that I won't be the only one wanting to drool over them tomorrow," Jayden said with a wink.

Dominick blushed. "Well, they are hot. Just remember - business first, drool later."

Jayden grinned. "Right boss, right."

Author's End of Chapter Notes: Well, that was an eventful chapter, and I hope that I satisfied my poor fans that have been suffering from the lack of sex scenes. *giggles*

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Word in Cherokee:Meaning:
gv-ge-yu-hiI love you
tsa-siJoshua - pronounced ... ja-see
wa-ya OR wa-hya
a-ua-tse-liMy or Mine

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