Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended for people under the age of 18. If you are offended by homosexual content, then you shouldn't read this story. I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned in this story. I have not met them, and probably never will.

Author Notes: Okay, the address of the home is in a place that exists in the current time, but not in the past. 9735 Covent Garden Drive in Lake Nona in Orlando. I am using it as a reference point, but the house that is on the property was changed as I didn't like the floor plan *chuckles* The area is on 500 acres of land about 10 minutes from the airport.

In this Chapter and future ones, there will be some words in it that you probably won't know. At the bottom of the chapter is a legend that tells you the meanings of all these words. Also, I hope by the next chapter to have a nice floor plan drawn up of the house *hint to wonderful fan who promised me one ;) *

I just want to thank everyone that has written me lately. I want to thank my wonderful editor, Rob. You are the greatest friend a person could ask for. *hugs*

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Chapter 14

Last Time...

Howie smiled up at Tyler. "I'm gay Ty."

Tyler blinked as Howie removed his hand. "You are? I... wow... I can't believe you did all this for me." Tyler blushed slightly and looked into Howie's vibrant brown eyes. "This is the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me." Tyler leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "Well, what do you say we get some of that good-looking food in our stomachs? I'm starving."

Howie blushed as Tyler kissed his cheek. It wasn't exactly what he expected, but Tyler didn't seem to be mad. Perhaps he still had a chance.

Dinner at Howie's Cont. - Nov 29, 1999

Howie and Tyler sat down at the table and Tyler's mind was reeling. He's gay? How did mom know, or was it all wishful thinking on her part? Regardless, Tyler made up his mind to enjoy it as much as possible. Tyler looked over the choices in food and was impressed with the catering company. Caesar salad, corn, turkey, stuffing, ham, and macaroni salad littered the table in a variety of dishes. Howie sure had gone all out for this little occasion, though he wasn't quite sure what he had done to deserve such fine treatment.

"Howie? This is a very nice spread; do you normally do this for your guests?" Tyler swallowed, "That is... I mean to say... is this normal for you to..."

Howie shook his head, placing his hand on top of Tyler's. "If you're asking me if I have used them to make an intimate dinner for two before, the answer is no. They normally make some for all three of us that live here or the whole group."

Tyler nodded and moved his hand, filling his plate with food. Tyler was noticeably nervous, and Howie wasn't sure if it was because of what he said, or if it was something else.

"Tyler? Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

Tyler shook his head. "No. I guess I didn't really expect... that is to say..." Tyler mumbled something that Howie didn't quite catch. Howie looked at Tyler, confused, as he watched a blush creep over Tyler's face. "I... like you too Howie..."

Howie's features relaxed visually and he smiled at Tyler. "Good. I was beginning to think that I was wrong... that you didn't like me."

It was Tyler's turn to grab Howie's hand, and he squeezed it gently. "Howie, I've liked you for years." Tyler looked down slightly and blushed. "I know - kind of a stupid crush, but I couldn't help myself. I was so embarrassed when you told me you were gay, I didn't know what to say. I never would have thought you were."

Howie smiled. "Most don't know Ty, and we tend to keep quiet about it. It's no one's business but our own."

Tyler nodded. "Yeah, you have a point there." Tyler was about to say something else when he saw Howie push a button. He heard a CD player whirl to life and the music started to play. It was "Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places."

I spent a lifetime lookin' for you
Single bars and good time lovers were never true
Playing a fools game, hopin' to win
Tellin' those sweet lies and losin' again.


I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places
Lookin' for love in too many places
Searchin' her eyes, lookin' for traces
Of what I'm dreamin' of
Hoping to find a friend and a lover
I'll bless the day I discover,
You - lookin' for love.

I was alone then, no love in site
I did every thing I could to get me through the night
Don't know where it started or where it might end
I'd turn to a stranger just like a friend.

Tyler smiled at Howie, grabbing his hand and squeezing it gently. Tyler had this feeling that his life had changed, and hopefully for the better. Mom was right; he probably wouldn't be home for a long time if he had anything to say about it.

Dec 10th, 1999

Josh had been gone for two weeks now, and even though Aidan talked to him every day on the phone, or on the Internet, it just wasn't the same. Josh had told him of his plans to come back to Atlanta to be with Aidan after the tour, but though Aidan had really begun to miss Josh, he just knew he wouldn't get any studying done if he was around. The sacrifices he made to complete his education were just as important to him as the new job he had been offered after graduation.

Josh spent his last week and a half of the tour calling Aidan whenever he was free. In his interviews, in fact, when someone asked him if he was seeing anyone special, he would say yes, but wouldn't provide anymore information to them. This, of course, made several of the interviewers curious, but when he refused to comment, they really couldn't do much but speculate.

On the last day of his tour in Tampa, on December 2nd, Josh had tried to get Aidan to come down to the concert, but with everything he had to do, he just couldn't miss school. He explained that he would love to be there with him to offer his support, but he had school to finish up, and his degree was important to him.

Josh was a little sad that he hadn't been able to spend time with Aidan since their romantic hotel experience. Josh, after one night, now missed having Aidan's strong arms wrapped around him, keeping the world at bay. Josh also really wanted Aidan to be there with him in Orlando, since both bands were in a major lawsuit with their management and former management, and he really could use help forgetting about it for a while. However, Josh understood that Aidan would be out of school soon and would be moving to Orlando later on in the month.

Aidan was studying hard for his final exams in between packing all his stuff and shipping it to Orlando to a storage facility. He was surprised when his parents had called to let him know that they had bought him the house that he saw last summer while on vacation as a gradation present, since they knew how much he loved Orlando. It was in a nice gated community near his old apartment in Orlando where he spent most of his vacations. In fact, when he told Josh where he was moving to, Josh asked if he would come move in with him.

Aidan, in all his packing details, had already shipped his blue Dodge Viper to Florida from his parents' house and shipped his motorcycle out today since he was leaving soon. He told his parents to sell all his old furniture, since he had just gotten some cheap stuff as he wasn't in the apartment that much. He figured that when he got to Orlando, he would go shopping to get what he needed.

The house was a beautiful four-bedroom, four-bath with a kind of modern but old style feel. Aidan had only seen pictures since then, but he loved the pool area which was not only enclosed, but surrounded by beautiful gardens. He was told that the main master suite had a large balcony that opened up into the backyard and a huge master bath with a nice large two person tub, which made Aidan grin already.

The house included a second master bedroom as well as two extra large guest rooms. Overall, the house was just perfect for Aidan, and he had plenty of room to invite friends over for parties and other such things. However, he didn't like some of the items on the floor plan that he had found, but he figured he could hire a contractor when he got to Orlando to fix anything he didn't like.

Aidan was still unsure about the whole Josh moving in with him thing. At least the place was in a nice gated community with a big garage so he could accommodate them both with no problem. Though he was finding out more and more about Josh every day, he still barely knew him. However, something was telling him to do it. In fact, Josh had even gotten Aidan a job on the tour as a roadie and backup musician, though there was some nagging feeling telling him that Josh wasn't the only one to ask their management if he could have a job. Aidan luckily wasn't a stranger to hard work, so the idea of being a roadie on a big tour was very interesting to him as well as giving him new skills he could use later.

The thing that seemed to bother Aidan the most at the moment was that Josh and Justin were fighting. He didn't exactly know what they were fighting about, but he had a suspicion it was about him.>From the first minute Justin had laid eyes on him, he seemed to want Aidan, though Aidan didn't give him the time of day. Aidan, however, didn't think that Justin was used to being turned down by anyone.

Aidan sat reading his book and shook his head. He was still unsure about the backup musician part on the contract that he signed. He had never really played with a group of people like this before. Piano and guitar recitals were much different than playing in a band. The musical director, Kevin Antunes, told him that once he got to Orlando, he would have until February to learn all the songs for both bands and get used to playing with a group. As he began listening to the songs for both groups, he was pretty sure that he could at least do the piano parts, if not the guitar too, so at least he was okay, though he was, of course, nervous.

Aidan shrugged and went back to studying - only a few more days and he and Josh would be together again.

Lance and Stone

Stone had been finishing up his last few weeks of his finals along with Aidan, so he really couldn't spend as much time with Lance as he liked. Unlike Aidan, Stone didn't mind having Lance there with him after the tour was over. Lance was just too dreamy to be a bother or too much of a distraction since computers came so easily to him.

Stone loved the fact that Lance was a little shy about things. The funny thing was, it had always annoyed him in the others before him. Stone had pretty much figured that he felt this way because he was in love with Lance, or at least felt a connection that he hadn't in his previous boyfriends. Stone couldn't ever remember finding shyness attractive before, but it definitely would make the sex more interesting when it did happen.

Stone had to admit that this was the first real relationship in his life. Sure, Stone had plenty of guys that he would consider ex-boyfriends, but he'd had no real relationships to speak of. It was more like he had dated several guys that he had no emotional attachment to or were friends with, but occasionally had sex with.

Lance had been more than willing to play around when Stone wasn't studying. In fact, Stone had rented a hotel room for them to stay at because he figured that the dorms weren't the safest place to be for a pop star. Lance didn't really seem to mind one way or the other, but secretly Stone figured he preferred the hotel.

About as far as Lance and Stone had gone was a lot of heavy petting, foreplay, jacking each other off, or blow jobs. Lance might not have been a master on the subject, but with a bit of coaching, Lance had definitely improved. The thing that got Stone off the most was looking down into Lance's gorgeous eyes and just losing himself in their depths. It just couldn't be described in words how he felt about Lance when he did that to him. The look of his green depths - sucking him in, causing him to melt and explode with desire - it was something that Stone knew was special.

Aidan's Big Move - Dec 13, 1999

Aidan arrived in the Orlando airport clearly excited. He was looking forward to seeing Josh more than anything at that point. He was looking forward to moving into his new house, going furniture shopping with Josh, and inviting both groups over for a great party once it was all done.

Aidan had finally given into Josh and decided to give living together a try. Josh was very optimistic about everything it was hard to say no to him. Josh had been animatedly talking about shopping, what styles they both liked, color schemes, and everything under the sun. Aidan's mind was swimming with details when they hadn't even really seen the inside of the house.

The guys had actually gotten involved and decided that once he got to Orlando, they would have a huge decorating party to get the house ready for Christmas. It was a great idea and Aidan loved that everyone was so supportive of their relationship. At first, Aidan had thought that Howie would be pretty upset, but it seemed that he had moved on and snagged the cute Tyler.

Aidan was glad for both of them. He vaguely recalled that Tyler had a crush on Howie since the group first started, especially when Howie started growing out his hair. Aidan grinned at the thought; he was glad that Howie made the first move. Last Aidan heard, Tyler was living with Howie, Brian and Kevin.

The New House

Josh met Aidan at the airport and they began driving to Aidan's new house. Aidan had been storing his stuff in a storage bin because he hadn't signed the final paperwork to get the house in his name, and he still wanted to see if the house was okay before doing so. However, Aidan had this odd feeling that something was either wrong with the house or the realtor had forgotten to tell him something.

They pulled up to the address that used to be the house in the picture he had seen, and now a completely different house stood in its place. Some of the features he recognized, but the whole house had been totally redesigned from what he could tell. Aidan checked the address again, got out of Josh's car, and started walking up the front walk, which now had a beautiful fountain in front of a large bay window.

Aidan looked inside and noticed that a nice large office had been put in the place of the pool, and he hoped that the house still had one. Aidan loved swimming when he was stressed out and it also helped keep him in shape.

Just then, the realtor showed up, and he suddenly knew why she hadn’t told him about the changes. The woman practically fell out of her car and stumbled toward them on uneasy legs. Aidan wasn’t sure if she was drunk or if she just wasn’t good at walking in heels. Regardless of that fact, he walked over to meet her half way.

“You must be Aidan! I'm Candace. I am so sorry about not calling you about the changes in the house, although I can assure you that the house looks one hundred percent better than it did before. When the previous owner relisted the house in such a short time, I just assumed that he hadn’t done any remodeling. When I came earlier this week to air out the house I noticed all the changes to the house, and was shocked he didn’t tell me about them.”

Aidan nodded as Candace spoke, not sure what to tell her. He did like the changes so far, and it did look like the house was larger than it was before. Aidan looked around and noticed several bay windows, which gave the house the character it was lacking before the make-over.

“Well, let me judge that the house looks one hundred percent better for myself. Let’s go inside and have Josh and I look around,” he said, almost irritated at the irresponsible woman.

Candace nodded and quickly gave him the key. He let himself in, and Aidan was taken aback with wonder. The whole floor plan seemed to have changed and the foyer opened up to large French doors that led into the backyard. It showed the biggest pool in the back, surrounded by a large stone wall which was topped with the same glass that used to be over the old pool that was on the side of the house.

That was one of the features that Aidan liked the most about the old house - that the pool was covered, so if it started to rain while they were having a party, then it wouldn’t ruin their fun. He was extremely glad that this feature had stayed. He walked through to the backyard and immediately looked around, spotting a very nice built-in brick grill on the right and a very large Jacuzzi tub on the left, which seemed to be set into the concrete right almost on top of the pool. It could easily fit five or so people in it at one time, which was nice.

The Jacuzzi was raised slightly higher than the surface of the pool, which caused the water runoff to cascade into the pool, making an interesting water feature on the pool's edge. Whoever redesigned the house definitely had an eye for details.

Aidan turned and went back into the house, looking around at the office and the new larger kitchen. The new, larger dining room looked like it would now hold the number of guests that he would have once the house was finished, which was a good thing. The previous floor plan that Aidan had seen had this tiny little dining room that jutted off from the side of the kitchen that gave no real flow to the kitchen area. Now the whole floor plan was open and very nice.

The realtor stood by the door, looking down at the floor. She knew she had messed up, Aidan guessed, and was trying to stay out of showing them around the newly redesigned house. The couple went around from room to room, and Aidan decided that he loved the new design so much that the only thing that it needed was a different color on the walls and, of course, furniture and accessories.

They walked upstairs to the master bedroom, and Aidan playfully picked up Josh and threw him over his shoulder. He walked over the threshold into the bedroom, which caused Josh to laugh. “Okay, if that wasn’t corny enough, look at this bedroom a-ni-da-we-hi. It’s perfect…”

Aidan set Josh down and looked around; it was indeed perfect for them. The room was large and had a huge flank of beautiful windows along the far wall that led to a beautiful glassed-in balcony that overlooked the backyard and pool.

Luckily, with the addition of glass instead of a screen, Josh and Aidan could sit on the balcony and still be cool from the inside of the house. It had several fans mounted to the ceiling as well, and the whole area seemed like a restful retreat fit for a king. Aidan loved everything about it.

“What do you think Josh?” he asked, hoping that Josh would like the house too.

“I love it. It looks so much better than the floor plan you sent me, although we will have to rethink some of our plans since the changes that you wanted to make were already made. I wonder why the owners sold the place?” Josh asked.

Aidan nodded. “Let’s go ask her. I mean, I know dad already paid the money and the paperwork is just a formality. We could back out of it since she didn’t inform us of the changes, but I don’t want to. I love that it has more space now and that office was pretty nice.”

“Yeah, it was. We can put a custom desk in the window... would look really nice,” said Josh.

“That’s a good idea a-ni-da-we-hi.” said Aidan, smiling.

Aidan pulled Josh close, whispering in his ear, “Gv-ge-yu-hi, tsa-si.”

Josh smiled. “I love you too, wa-ya.”

Aidan pulled Josh closer and kissed him gently. “I have wanted to do that for weeks.”

Josh nodded. “Me too, wa-ya.”

Aidan and Josh walked downstairs to find the realtor and sign the paperwork. With all the changes the last owner had made, it left Aidan very happy. It did make him wonder, though, why the realtor didn’t call him and let him know that the owner had made them. The house was much bigger now, had a beautiful pool, spacious rooms... It was all he could ask for really.

They found Candace sitting on the front steps waiting for them. When she heard the door open, she quickly stood up. “Did you like the house? I know there were a lot of changes, but you really got a steal since the owner didn’t ask for more money, considering all the changes he made.”

“Why exactly did he sell the house? To do all that work, and suddenly get rid of it?” asked Aidan.

“Well, from what he told me, he does this all the time. He buys slightly older homes that no one seems to want, fixes them up, and resells them. Of course, he didn’t tell me he did that to this one until late last Friday.” She paused slightly to catch her breath and continued. “He led me to believe that he was going to be living in this house, and then he sent me a message about four or five months ago to relist it. It basically sat on the market because I was using the older picture of it, and then I got a call from your father saying you wanted it. So, I quickly took his offer and called the owner to let him know that it was sold.”

She laughed softly. “When I came over here last Friday to air out the house for your arrival, I thought I was at the wrong address and called the owner. He apologized for not telling me that he had fixed up the house, and said to let him know when the sale was final and hung up. I haven’t talked to him since then. It was almost as if he was annoyed that it had taken me this long to check on the house. However, when he called I had so many houses to sell that I guess one had to suffer, though if he would have told me that the house was changed, it wouldn’t have taken so long to sell. Of course, I guess that worked to your advantage in the long run, right?” she said.

Aidan nodded. “ All right, where do I sign?”

Candace smiled as they walked over to her car to use the hood as a table while Aidan signed the final paperwork for the house. After he signed the last page, she smiled and took the pen. “Thank you very much Mr. Derikson. Please let me know if you need anything further. Here are the keys to the house and a bill of sale. I will go down to the courthouse the first thing in the morning and change the title for you. Your father paid for that as well. Have a nice day you two.”

Candace got back in her car and drove off, leaving them alone. Aidan grinned. “Well, let’s see... it's only 11. I bet we could go downtown to get the power and water turned on by tomorrow or so. I guess it’s good that I came down here on a Monday, huh?”

Josh nodded and smiled, "Yeah, guess it is. Tomorrow after we get the TV and our computers delivered, we can go ahead and call the satellite company, the cable company for the internet, and get both of those set up too. I think the main thing we should do after putting in the water and power requests is to get a moving truck to move your stuff over here and get your car.”

Aidan nodded. “Luckily, I got my bank set up about a week ago and got the card on Friday, so at least that's one thing that I won’t have to take care of.”

Josh nodded. “True. Changing banks is such a pain. It’s probably a good thing that you did it ahead of time.”

The New House Party - Dec 15, 1999

Fortunately for Aidan and Josh, it didn’t take very long to get most of Aidan's and Josh's stuff to the new house. For now, until they painted, the large garage was filled with most of the guys' stuff. The guys had decided to have a painting party, which was a great idea suggested by Kevin.

It was actually kind of funny to Aidan, now that he thought of it. He would have never thought that the guys would want to get together and paint a house. Aidan had told them that he could have hired someone to paint it, but Kevin thought it would be a good chance to get together and have a party before Christmas.

Not wanting to offend any of his new friends, he quickly agreed that it was a good idea and Josh and Aidan went down to the local hardware store to get the paint and supplies.

The house was painted in no time, and the guys actually had quite a bit of fun. Everyone had a chance to get to know everyone, and Aidan soon learned that most of the guys in both groups were either gay or bi, and the few that were straight were really supportive of their band mates.

Once the paint was dry and the furniture was delivered, the house looked more like a home. Josh’s idea of a custom made-bay window desk was turning out quite nicely. The side of it wrapped around to the door to give more than one surface for a computer so that Josh’s laptop could be in the office too.

All in all, Aidan couldn’t be happier. He had a house of his own, a great boyfriend, and a lot of great new friends. The groups had decided that since everyone had to stay in Orlando for the lawsuit, they would all come to Aidan’s house for Christmas.

Aidan was a bit worried at first, considering that was a lot of people at the house at one time, but all the guys' mothers took over and told him not to worry about it. Aidan decided that he should be more worried about meeting Josh’s parents than how many guests were coming for Christmas. Would they like him? Would Josh stop seeing him if they didn’t like him?

Aidan finally came to the conclusion that his Angel loved him, and he wasn’t going to stand by and let them take him away. He would just have to show them that he was the best choice for Josh, and that he would do anything in his power to make him happy. That would have to be enough for them.

Planning and Bedroom Fun

Aidan was going nuts by the 20th with worry about the party. He had wanted to hire a caterer, to make a great first impression on Josh's parents, but most of the moms of both bands just wouldn't have it. They came over to the house, put up a tree, decorated what was left over, and started cooking up a storm. Aidan had to admit that by the time they were done, the house felt warm, cozy, and welcoming.

That night in bed, Aidan pulled Josh close, whispering in his ear, “Do you think your parents will like me?”

Josh smiled. “Of course they will. My parents are cool with me being gay. They have known about it for quite some time, so it wouldn’t be a shock to them that I finally got a boyfriend.”

Aidan nodded and nuzzled Josh’s neck. “I have never met anyone’s parents before. I am just nervous.”

Josh purred softly. “Well, my parents luckily aren't coming down until Christmas Eve, and I have planned an intimate little dinner party for just the four of us. That way you can get to know them without having all the guys around taking away their attention.” Josh nuzzled in closer to Aidan and smiled. “Anyway, I know they will love you wa-ya. I love you, and that is all that matters to me.”

Aidan smiled; that was just what he needed to hear. He leaned up on one arm and pulled Josh close for a kiss. He was surprised when Josh hungrily began to kiss him back. Aidan groaned and kissed back, his tongue mingling with Josh’s in an intimate dance as old as time.

Aidan’s hand slipped down Josh’s chest, caressing him all the way down his hard taut abs, his hand slipping under the covers to caress Josh’s hardening cock. Josh moaned softly, trembling slightly as Aidan worked his magic on him. Aidan has been so understanding about Josh’s wish to not have sex yet, though it didn’t stop Aidan from showing Josh just how much he cared about him.

Each night, he would whisper Cherokee in his ears as he would slowly caress his body. Sometimes he would just slowly stroke Josh’s cock till he came, or some nights he would lick his way up and down Josh’s body and suck his cock until he exploded in Aidan’s talented mouth.

Josh had never had such an attentive lover, and at first Aidan wouldn’t even let Josh repay the favor. However, Josh soon wore Aidan’s resolve down, and the mutual stroking and sucking became a very exciting 69 between the two of them.

Though Josh was still nervous, he knew that Aidan would never hurt him. He had decided that he would give himself to Aidan as a very special Christmas present. It would be really romantic, and would make everything between them just perfect for the New Year.

Aidan goes Christmas Shopping

It was the 21st of December and Aidan hadn’t even begun Christmas shopping for both the groups. He had, of course, gotten presents for his parents, Trevor, Duncan, Stone, and Tyler, however he hadn’t gotten anything for both the bands yet, or his new boyfriend.

Knowing he needed to take care of this as soon as he possibly could, he told Josh he was going out for a bit and took off on his motorcycle to the mall. After searching around for hours, Aidan couldn’t figure out what in the world to buy Josh that would be special enough.

As he was passing by the jewelry store, Aidan got an idea and went inside looking for something special. He settled on a silver bracelet that had a pair of small opal and peridot stones on each end, which were their birth stones.

“A very fine choice sir. That will be the base price plus the engraving, so the total is $1,000.00,” said the salesman.

Aidan nodded, pulled out his credit card, and placed it on the counter as he spoke. “All right, I want the front to say a-ua-tse-li a-ni-da-we-hi, then I want the reverse to say,gv-ge-yu-hi, from wu-ya. I will spell that out for you so it won’t be wrong. “

“Very good sir. It sounds like it will be very personal. I am sure he will like it,” he replied, smiling at Aidan.

Aidan laughed softly and smiled. “I hope he does. I have been shopping for hours and haven’t been able to find something for him. It’s hard buying for someone that can buy anything.”

The salesman nodded. “Can I ask if this is a relative or a boyfriend?”

Aidan looked at the man oddly, but shrugged. “My boyfriend actually. I already bought my sister something; she’s the only sibling I have.”

The man nodded. “By the way, the name's Dan. Sorry if I am being nosy or anything, but I just had my gaydar go off and I had to know if it was right.”

Aidan laughed. “Yeah, looks like it's working fine.”

Dan grinned. “Cool. Well, anyway, we can have this ready by tomorrow. I do all the engraving myself. It’s one of my more unique hobbies. It was actually the reason I got hired. They needed an engraver and a salesperson, and I could do both, so it saved them some money.”

Aidan smiled. “Well, it was nice meeting you. I still have nine other presents to find. It's so hard finding gifts.”

Dan hmmed and nodded. “Have a nice day sir, and come back again.”

Josh’s Christmas Present

Josh had a hard time deciding what to get Aidan for Christmas. He had bought Aidan a beautiful silver wolf head necklace, and an Arrow Head necklace charm to change out occasionally, but he just felt that wasn’t enough. He called Lance, since he still wasn’t talking to Justin, and Lance came up with a very neat idea. He suggested that Josh make a special CD for Aidan of himself singing some of Aidan's favorite songs, including the song that Aidan sang while in their stay at the hotel in Atlanta.

The CD included several songs by Heart, including ‘Will You Be There in the Morning’, which Aidan had sung while they were at the hotel. Josh had surfed through Aidan’s CD collection and found out that Heart was one of Aidan’s favorite groups, which he thought was an interesting choice. He also included the original copies of ‘Seasons Change’ by Exposé, as well as Josh singing "Circle In The Sand" and "I Get Weak" by Belinda Carlisle. He had also added "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler as well, as Josh had always loved the song and he could sing it pretty well actually. All in all, Josh felt it was the perfect present, and he hoped Aidan would love it.

The Dinner Party - Meeting the Parents

Josh's parents were arriving at the airport early Christmas Eve and Josh went to pick them up. To say Josh was nervous would be the understatement of the century. Luckily, Josh had arranged a very nice catered dinner from a place that Tyler and Howie had recommended. They were very professional and promised to not take up too much space in their home.

Josh stood waiting for his parents in the VIP waiting room, quietly looking out onto the runways as he watched the planes land and take-off. He looked up at the arrivals board and, seeing his parents flight, he pulled down his hat and walked out of the lounge, heading toward the baggage claim where he told his parents he would meet them.

After about ten minutes of waiting around, he found a seat and tried not too look too suspicious, though that was usually when someone recognized him. Lucky for Josh, there weren’t a lot of people in the baggage claim area when his parents came through the doors. Josh stood up and quickly walked over to his mom and smiled.

“Hey mom. Did you have a good flight?” he whispered.

“Yes we did. Let’s talk in the car dear - prying ears and all.”

Josh nodded. “Good idea mom.” Josh looked around for his father, who had just picked up their bags. Josh led the way out to the car and opened the trunk, putting the bags in back. He opened the door for his mother and his father slid in after her. Josh walked around to the driver’s side, got in the car, and started the engine.

“So are you staying with us? Or are you staying at a hotel?”

Karen looked at her son and smiled. “I think we will just stay at a hotel and give you boys some time alone. I doubt you will get much of it tomorrow.”

Josh was about to insist that they stay with them, but he knew that Aidan was nervous enough already without adding to it by forcing his parents to stay. Josh actually was a bit surprised; usually Aidan was so strong and easy going, but he was quite nervous about meeting Josh’s parents.

Aidan did tell him, though, that he had never met anyone’s parents before and was nervous that they wouldn’t like him. Josh had to smile at that. If anything, his parents probably would love him at first sight and tell Josh that if he ever dumped him, that they would give him an old fashioned spanking.

Josh chuckled softly to himself. Aidan had nothing to worry about, though Josh felt he did. Aidan’s parents were very rich, from what he could surmise, and even though the guys did win their lawsuit today, which was a good thing, he certainly didn’t have the money that Aidan did.

“Oh! Mom, dad, we won our lawsuit today. I haven’t been home to tell Aidan yet, but I am sure he will be very happy for me.”

“That’s wonderful dear. I was just about to ask you for an update on it,” she replied.

Josh nodded. “Yeah, the guys are all pretty relieved, though there are large rumors that something is going on at Jive, but no one seems to have concrete evidence, or if they do, they aren’t telling us.”

Karen hmmmed to herself. “Well, I am sure that you will hear about them soon enough... maybe after the New Year?”

“Yeah, probably. I just hope it's nothing bad,” he replied.

Karen smiled at her son. “I'm sure it will be fine dear.”

Josh pulled into the hotel, and while his father took the bags and checked in, Josh and his mother sat in the car waiting on him. The bellboy told him that he would take their bags up to the room so he could go ahead and leave. Roy gave him a nice tip and hurried back outside and got back into the car.

Josh started the motor and before anyone knew it, they were pulling up to the house. Josh opened the garage and pulled the car in. “All right, before we go in... Aidan is pretty nervous about meeting you, so please try and get along with him.”

Roy laughed. “Son, we aren’t going to bite his head off.”

Josh nodded. “I know dad. I just want to make sure that you know that he might act differently than he normally does out of nervousness, so don’t get offended if….”

Roy looked at his son seriously. “Son, calm down. It’s obvious that you care about him, so just give us a chance to get to know him. I am sure everything will be fine. Now, let’s get in the house, because I'm starving.”

The three of them got out of the car and walked through the door from the garage. They immediately were flooded with all sorts of smells coming from the kitchen. Opening the door, Josh stepped through and was about to call out he was home and saw Aidan leaning over a bowl, stirring something inside.

Deciding to keep things in English around his parents, he walked over to Aidan and wrapped his arms around his waist, hugging him from behind. “Hello dear. Whatcha doing?”

Aidan smiled and let out a small contented sigh. “Making some salad dressing. I already made dessert. I hope chocolate mousse is okay?”

Josh grinned and kissed Aidan’s neck. “Chocolate mousse is great dear. Is dinner almost ready? Mom and Dad are staying at a hotel, and it’s going to be a long day tomorrow, so I am sure we all could use our rest.”

At that comment, Aidan stiffened and turned slightly to see Roy and Karen looking around the kitchen and dining room.

“If the rest of the house is this nice Aidan, you have a very lovely home,” replied Karen. “Oh, by the way, it’s nice to meet you.”

Aidan smiled. “It’s a great house; even better than I could have hoped for in the beginning. It’s nice to meet you both as well.” Turning back to Josh, he smiled. “Dear, why don’t you take them on a tour while I finish this up ?”

Josh smiled and nodded. “All right sweetie, let us know when dinner is ready and if you need any help.”

Aidan nodded. “Okay, it should be done in a few minutes, so don’t take too long.”

Josh and his parents left, following their son from room to room. The house was beautiful, and both of his parents told him so. They could see their son’s influence as well, which really meant that he was a part of Aidan’s life.

After the grand tour, they made their way back to the kitchen to find Aidan lighting some candles on the dining room table. “Just in time, Josh. You want to help me bring in the food?”

Josh nodded. “Go ahead and sit down. We will be right back.”

Josh followed Aidan into the kitchen and pulled him close. He lifted his hand to caress Aidan’s cheek, giving him a kiss on the lips. “They love the house, and I just know they will love you too…”

Aidan nodded, giving him another quick kiss. “Come on. let’s get this over with, my angel.”

Dinner went along smoothly, and Roy and Karen insisted that they needed to get to the hotel to rest up. The four of them piled in the car and took off for the hotel. As they got out, Karen pulled Aidan into a hug.

“You’re a nice young man Aidan. I haven’t seen my son so happy in a long time. You take good care of him,” she said as she smiled.

Aidan blushed. “Yes ma’am. I intend on it.”

Karen laughed. “None of that. Just call me Karen.”

Aidan nodded. “All right Karen. You two sleep well. We will send someone to get you tomorrow morning for the gift opening and for lunch.”

Roy moved over to Aidan and shook his hand. “Good night Aidan. You two drive safely back to your house. We will see you tomorrow.”

Aidan and Josh got back in the car and made their way home. They both had a feeling tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

Author's End of Chapter Notes: Yes, Aidan is part Cherokee, so he does use some Cherokee words with Josh; it seemed to be a good way to express love and affection when people are around. That, and I am a very small part Cherokee myself, so I thought it was appropriate. If I use any of the Cherokee language, I will put them at the end of the chapter to let everyone know what they mean.

Word in Cherokee:Meaning:
gv-ge-yu-hiI love you
tsa-siJoshua - pronounced ... ja-see
wa-ya OR wa-hya
a-ua-tse-liMy or Mine

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