Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives. Please note that the Pictures and Information are ONLY there to pertain to the story. I again state that I have NO clue what the sexuality of the Backstreet Boys or N'sync are. I do not know them personally and probably never will.

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Chapter 13


Meanwhile, Back with the Rest of the Gang

Stone was watching Lance the entire way back to the hotel. He really had a good feeling about Lance, and felt he had really connected with him. Stone definitely wanted to get to know him better, but didn't exactly know how to do that at the moment. When the rest of the guys got out to go on their respective dates, Stone had pulled Lance aside and asked if he could see them off to the airport and hang out with them for awhile.

Lance, of course, was very relieved that Stone had made the first move, and that he had decided to come with them back to the hotel. Lance had a feeling that Stone would be the initiator if they had a relationship until he felt more comfortable with everything he had recently learned about himself.

Walking into the back of the hotel, they quickly went to the service elevator and went up to the 16th floor where their suite was. Lance walked into his room, and picked up several packages that had been brought to the room. He had promised to set up one of the romantic suites on one of the lower floors  for Josh, so he asked Stone if he would help him.

Stone grinned. "Plan a romantic evening for someone else? Sure... at least its for Aidan. He really needs some romance in his life." Stone winked at Lance.

Once the room was set up, it was almost time for the guys to leave for the airport. Lance hadn't realized it would take so long to set up some candles and music, though he guessed he was distracted every time Stone bent over or moved a certain way. It was quite clear to him that he was very attracted to Stone. Lance made a mental note to make sure to give Stone his phone number before they hurried to the airport to go to their next destination.

Josh's Hotel Room

Aidan and Josh walked over to the elevators, pushed the button, and waited. After a few moments, the doors parted and they walked inside. Josh pushed the button for the 15th floor and they quietly rode to the top. Half the way up, Josh grabbed Aidan's hand and squeezed it gently, smiling at him. They arrived at Josh's floor and got out, walking to the suite that Josh had arranged for the night. There was one thing that he liked about this hotel; it had a very large two-person Jacuzzi tub in each room. Josh grinned at the possibilities.

Aidan looked around and smiled. "Nice for a hotel..." Aidan walked over to the refrigerator, placed the two small pints of ice cream in the freezer and placed the rest in the refrigerator. "It's always nice when they have a real fridge. Otherwise my surprise would probably go to waste... unless we ate it now." Aidan chuckled and winked.

Josh looked at Aidan and grinned. "What did you buy anyway? I saw you put something in your bag, too..."

Aidan grinned. "Later babe... How about we get comfortable and freshen up a bit? Then we can see my surprise."

Josh laughed and grinned, slowly pulling his shirt over his head. Aidan watched Josh for a moment, and then began disrobing himself. Aidan wasn't the least bit self-conscious of his body, however, he could tell that Josh must have been because he was blushing ever so slightly, especially when Aidan pulled off his boxer briefs. Josh let out a small gasp and Aidan looked down.

"Is something wrong, babe?" Aidan asked.

Josh shook his head, not trusting himself to speak. Aidan was just perfect - or at least to Josh. While Josh was looking him over, Aidan's dick gave a twitch, causing Josh to gasp again.

Aidan chuckled softly, and shrugged. "Sorry, he likes to perform for an audience." Aidan winked at Josh, causing him to blush even brighter. Aidan walked over to Josh and pulled him gently closer, nibbling at his bottom lip softly before kissing him. Josh mmmmed softly and wrapped his arms around Aidan, clutching him close. Kissing was like a drug to Aidan. He could tell in just one kiss how someone felt about him, and Josh was sending out all the right signals. By the time they parted again, they both were breathless, softly gasping for breath.

Josh pulled away slightly. "Let me go set everything up. I'll be right back, stud..."

Josh blushed again. He hadn't meant to call Aidan that, but somehow it fit just right. He walked over to the radio and turned it to a station, and "Seasons Change" by Exposé came on. Josh smiled and headed into the bathroom, filling the tub with water. Aidan stood leaning against the doorjamb to the bathroom, casually watching as Josh busied himself while waiting for the water to fill the tub. He lit several candles, which cast a romantic glow over the room. Aidan was impressed. Josh had really taken the time to make this special, and it made him wonder just when he had time to do all of this.

"Hey babe? Where did all this stuff come from?" Aidan asked casually.

"Oh - when I called to make my reservation for tonight, I spoke to Lance who set it up for me before he left." Josh avoided looking at Aidan, hoping he liked it.

"It's nice. I didn't know you were so romantic, babe." Aidan grinned, seeing Josh blush again.

"Thanks. I hoped you would like it." Josh moved over to the knob, turned off the water, and turned on the jets, which whirled to life. Josh had yet to remove his boxers when Aidan moved closer, walking up from behind to wrap his arms around him. Aidan nuzzled the back of Josh's neck, causing him to shiver slightly.

"Relax baby. We will go as slow as you want, okay?" Aidan said softly in his ear.

Josh nodded, and smiled. "Lets get in, okay?" Aidan let Josh go, walked around him to get into the tub, and held out his hand to help Josh in. Josh looked down at his shorts and smiled at Aidan, blushing again.

"You can leave them on if you want. I don't mind..." Aidan tried reassuring Josh, hoping that he believed him.

Josh nodded, taking Aidan's hand, and stepped into the tub, feeling the water swirling around his legs as he moved to sit down in front of Aidan. Instinctively, Aidan pulled his arms around Josh and cuddled him close, causing Josh to sigh softly as he nestled back into Aidan.

Aidan nuzzled Josh's neck and said, "Babe, tell me the truth - you haven't been with a lot of guys have you?" Aidan felt Josh freeze up slightly and he cursed at himself mentally. "Sorry, baby, its okay. You don't have to tell me. I was just wondering why you were so nervous. Relax, okay?"

Josh nodded slightly. "I'm sorry. It's just been a long time since I've really been with anyone. It's hard when you're moving from town to town every day or so."

Aidan nodded. "It's okay. I said we will go slow, and I mean it. Okay?"

Just then, the radio switched to "Will You Be There in the Morning" by Heart and Aidan started singing softly to the music. Josh nodded and snuggled back into Aidan's arms, sighing contentedly while listening to him sing. When the song was finished, he smiled.

"You have a very nice voice Aidan; you seem to have a lot of talents," said Josh, who looked over his shoulder to see Aidan blushing. Josh scooted up higher, twisting slightly in his seat and kissed Aidan gently, running his tongue over Aidan's lips. Josh definitely wasn't a slacker in the kissing department. In fact, if Aidan were to rate the kiss on a scale of one to ten, he would have given it a twelve.

It was soon after that they both decided to get out of the tub before they turned into prunes. Josh was definitely more relaxed after being in the path of the jets for a while and Aidan was feeling pretty good too. Josh grabbed one of the towels and started to dry himself off when Aidan took the towel and began doing it for him. Josh let out a contented sigh, and Aidan told him that he was very romantic.

When Aidan was done he grabbed another towel and started drying himself, not even really looking up. Josh stilled Aidan's hands and took the towel from him. "Babe? Is something wrong?"

Aidan looked up and shook his head. "No, nothing's wrong. I just didn't want you to panic when you saw how hot that just made me."

Josh looked down and gasped softly. Aidan was fully erect and very big, at least eight inches by Josh's calculation. It was slightly longer than his own and Josh couldn't be more pleased. Aidan was getting more impressive as the night wore on and it made him grin.

Josh looked up at Aidan and winked. "Here, let me dry you off before you catch a cold." Josh moved behind Aidan and began to dry him off gently, just as Aidan had done for him. This definitely was an interesting situation. He couldn't remember ever drying anyone else off after a bath before, and it could be quite stimulating. Josh walked around to Aidan's front and started running the towel down Aidan's smooth chest. Aidan had his eyes closed, just enjoying Josh's ministrations.

"Mmmmm that feels nice..." Aidan whispered.

"Yeah, you must work out a lot, huh? You're... so... hot..." Josh whispered back.

Aidan grinned. "Thanks, babe. You are too."

Josh kneeled down to dry off Aidan's legs, and watched as Aidan's dick twitched right in front of his eyes. Josh looked up at Aidan's face. Luckily, his eyes were still closed. Josh quickly stood, blushing bright red. Fortunately, by the time Aidan opened his eyes and reached for Josh, he had stopped blushing. They shared a kiss once more, and then walked hand-in-hand into the bedroom. Aidan grabbed his bag and pulled on a clean pair of boxer briefs and a pair of shorts. Josh walked over to his suitcase and pulled on a pair of boxers and a pair of blue jeans. Looking over at Aidan, he noticed that he didn't put on a shirt, so he decided not to put one on either.

Josh walked over to the radio, turned it off and hit the remote. When he turned, he saw Aidan grabbing some stuff out of the fridge. Aidan got out the plates he had bought and put the pastries on them, then brought out a couple of spoons and walked over to the bed.

"Surprise," Aidan said with a grin and settled down on the bed.

Josh walked over toward the bed, sitting down next to Aidan. He was surprised to see his favorite type of ice cream. "Wow, you remembered. I told you that, like, six months ago." Josh grinned, leaning over to kiss Aidan's cheek.

"Well, it was one of the few things you would tell me about you before we met, so I wrote it down." Aidan smiled.

Josh blushed. "I am sorry I didn't trust you enough to tell you more about myself then. I wanted to so much, but I kept thinking 'what if you were some crazed fan or something?' When you told me before the concert you hadn't even listened to us before you met your new roommate, I felt really bad about withholding information from you." Josh took a bite of the cream twist and mmmmed. "This is good - interesting combination." Josh took a bite of the ice cream and looked up at Aidan. Aidan leaned down and licked some cream filling off his nose and Josh chuckled.

Aidan grinned. "I couldn't resist, since it looked so yummy."

Josh grinned, blushing slightly. "Uhh... yeah..." Josh was quiet for a moment. "Oh, I got a couple of movies we could watch. I don't know if you"ve seen them or not." Josh put down his ice cream, walked over to the TV, and grabbed a couple of tapes off the table. " Let's see" we have "Hope Floats" and "Godzilla"."

Aidan grinned as he watched Josh. Josh had an incredible ass; all that dancing sure paid off. As he heard the selection of movies, he laughed softly. "Now those are two movies that are at the far ends of the spectrum. Hmm... let's watch "Hope Floats". I haven't seen it yet. "Godzilla" put me to sleep the time I rented it. It took me two times to watch it all the way through," Aidan said as he laughed softly and grinned. Josh nodded and put it in the recorder.

Turning, he walked back over to the bed to grab the remote. Josh looked down at the remainder of the food. "You know, I am kinda full. Let's put this up and save it for later, okay?"

Aidan nodded. "Yeah, me too." Aidan crawled off the bed, gathered the food with Josh's help, and put it away, cleaning off the bed. Josh then walked over to the phone to call the front desk to put in an early morning wake up call for his flight. He then turned around and sat on the bed, picking up the remote and hitting play.

Aidan grabbed a pair of pillows off the bed. He puffed them up against the headboard and laid down. Aidan smiled up at Josh and grinned as Josh laid down next to him. Aidan reached over and pulled him close, wrapping his arms around Josh and nuzzling the top of his head before he turned his head to watch the movie.

Josh cuddled close to Aidan, resting his head on Aidan's shoulder and smiled . Josh thought, "I could get used to having Aidan's big strong arms wrapped around me, protecting me from the world, and all the crazy fans." Soon Josh was so comfortable lying in Aidan's arms that he fell asleep.

Aidan felt a slight weight change and looked down, smiling as he saw that Josh had fallen asleep curled up against him. Josh had tried so hard to make tonight perfect, and no matter what else had happened, this was what it was all about. Josh, curled up in his arms, asleep and complete in his trust in him. Aidan shifted slightly into a more comfortable position, careful not to wake him, and proceeded to fall asleep as well, sighing happily.

The next morning, Josh woke up and realized he had arms around him. He shifted slightly and smiled up at Aidan who was still sound asleep. Aidan had slept all night cuddling him close in his arms, and Josh suddenly found that he could get used to this. Regardless of what he knew, he had this feeling that Aidan was right for him, and he was very glad that he didn't have to share him with Howie.

Josh woke up Aidan by kissing him until he woke up. Aidan stretched and curled his arms around his boyfriend.

The Morning of Nov 26, 1999

Justin's plan was unfolding. He would get Aidan a job on the tour and surprise him. Luckily, he had sneaked a peek at his number on Josh's nightstand before leaving Atlanta yesterday. Justin just knew if he got Aidan a job he would pay attention to him now; he was, after all, the cute one in the group. No one could resist Justin Timberlake, right?

Justin picked up the phone and called Jive, asking for Eric.

"Hello Eric, it's Justin Timberlake. Can I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure, what's up Mr. Timberlake?" replied Eric.

"Ummm, is something wrong, Eric? You never called me 'Mr.' before," said Justin.

Eric laughed. "Well, what am I supposed to call you? What do you want, Justin? I have lots of work to do."

Justin stuttered slightly. "I... Well... Yeah, Justin is better than calling me Mr. Timberlake. I thought we were friends, Eric?"

Eric laughed again, only harder this time. "You lost the right to call me your friend when you dumped me for a woman, Justin. Anyway, like I said, what do you want?"

Justin sighed. "I have a friend that needs a job, and I thought we could give him one on the next tour. I heard Bernie wasn't coming back as a roadie in February. He wants to spend time with his new kid."

Eric hmmed. That was news to him. "Well I suppose we could. Is this friend of yours gay? Straight? Other? "

"He's gay, so he won't tell anyone about us," replied Justin.

"All right, what's the guys name?" asked Eric.

"Aidan Derikson," said Justin.

The Afternoon of Nov 26, 1999

Josh had just gotten in from Atlanta, when he made up his mind that he didn't want to put up with Justin's recent attitude, so he decided he would get an additional room for himself for a change. Putting down his stuff, he glanced at his watch and then picked up the phone to call Jive. Josh was surprised when he got someone new. Shrugging, he told the lady who he was and asked for Eric. Now that the band was changing management companies, he normally brought his concerns to Eric.

Eric picked up the phone. "Hello, Eric Staren here."

"Eric, long time no talk man. How are things?"

Eric smiled. "Well, hello JC. I am doing well, thanks for asking. This is a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?"

"I am doing okay, too. Listen, I kinda have a favor to ask you. I was talking to Kevin Antunes, and he told me that he was having problems getting backups for the new tour, and I have the perfect guy."

Eric put down his pen and held the phone closer to his ear. "Really? Do tell? We have been searching for awhile, and either they are homophobes or won't work with a boy band."

Josh laughed. "Well, in fact he's my new boyfriend. His name is Aidan Derikson. He studied at Julliard. He plays piano and guitar, though he prefers guitar."

Eric blinked. What was going on? "Ummm, I gave him a job this morning, though not as a musician, but as a roadie."

"Say what? Who called you about a job for him? He's my boyfriend!! Why would anyone else be calling for him?"

"Well, Justin called me earlier this morning, saying that he had this friend that needed a job, that he was gay, and that we didn't have to worry about the confidentiality stuff that normal employees go through for your two groups."

"Son of a bitch! What is Justin trying to pull on me?!" Josh was furious.

"JC, calm down. Look, how about you offer this Aidan guy both? He won't be needed all the time unless something unforeseen happens to one of the band members," Eric replied.

"Yeah, I will. Thanks. I just want to know what Justin is trying to pull. He's different, Eric. He used to be my best friend, and now I don't know anymore."

Eric hmmed. "He doesn't happen to have a secret crush on you, does he?"

Josh blinked. "I... I... have no idea. I never thought about it like that, although I don't think so. Eric, he's been after every cute guy that comes in his general area lately. If he isn't careful, he is going to out himself to the world."

Eric hmmed. "Well, I will talk to him if you want me to."

"No, he will get an earful from me, trust me. If he keeps this up, he won't have a best friend anymore. I just can't believe he went behind my back to get Aidan a job. He's been after Aidan since he first laid eyes on him, and Aidan hasn't given him the time of day. "

Eric hmmed again. "Well, that is interesting. You just make sure no one gets hurt, huh? Hopefully, once Justin realizes you are really together with Aidan he will leave him alone. If not, he was never your friend to begin with. Oh, and congrats on your new boyfriend."

Josh smiled. "Yeah, you're right. Thanks, by the way. I think I needed to hear that. You're right. If he doesn't leave my boyfriend alone, then our friendship never mattered. Thanks for the job for him. I will talk to you soon Eric."

"No problem JC, and don't be a stranger. You know you can call me any time to talk," Eric replied.

"Thanks buddy, I might just do that soon. Oh, wait... How is the case going?"

Eric blinked. He couldn't tell Josh about the possible new changes yet. "Going good. I think you will win.."

Josh breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks Eric, I'm glad to hear that. We need to get back the money he owes us. It's sad what we let him do to us."

"Yeah, I agree. Good luck with everything and have a nice break if you can," said Eric.

"Thanks. Have a great Christmas if I don't talk to you before then," replied Josh.

"Thanks. You too, JC," Eric replied.

Josh put down his cell, fuming. He was going to have it out with Justin now!

The Fight

What was Justin trying to pull anyway? Josh stormed across the hall to Justin's room and banged on the door. "Open up, Justin! I want to talk to you!" Josh yelled.

Justin pulled on a shirt and walked over to the door. It was weird not sharing his room with Josh, but when Josh arrived, he asked the hotel for his own room and Justin had no idea why. Pulling open the door, he found a very angry Josh staring at him like he had just committed murder.

"Hey Josh, what's up? You look mad..." Justin looked Josh over for a moment; he doubted that Josh had even changed clothes yet.

Josh pushed through the door and turned around. "That is the understatement of the century! Close the door, Justin!!"

Justin gulped. He knew that tone. Had he found out about Aidan being offered a job on the new tour?

"Justin! What's the big idea calling Management behind my back, and telling them that Aidan needed a job and you were trying to help him out? What are you trying to pull on my boyfriend? Are you trying to take him away from me? I thought we were friends!"

Justin stuttered, "I... I... Boyfriend?"

"Come on, Curly, we are supposed to be best friends. What has gotten into you? How could you try and break up me and my new boyfriend when I have known him for close to a year? I mean, come on, I talked about him all the time Curly. How could you not miss that?"

Justin shrugged. "I didn't know he was Wolf, and why do you always get the hot guys?"

Josh blinked. "Always get the hot guys? Justin, I haven't dated in a long time. You know that as well as I do ." Justin shrugged again and turned away to look out the window.

Josh shook his head. " You're hopeless, Just. I really thought you were my best friend. If Aidan agrees to come on the tour, you can find yourself another roommate, because I will be with my boyfriend. When you come to your senses and realize that you're my friend, you can try and talk to me, though I don't suggest it be for at least a week." Josh turned, opened the door and stormed out, slamming it behind him.

Justin stood there in shock and sighed. "What's the matter with me? I can't control myself anymore around guys." Justin flopped down on the bed and sighed again, crying softly.

Three days Later - Nov 29, 1999

Tyler had just gotten home from work. Tossing his keys on the counter, he walked into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, he grabbed a Coke and started to drink it in large gulps, letting out a sigh as his thirst and his dry throat were soothed. Tyler set down the Coke and started looking around his cabinets, trying to decide what to fix for dinner. He really must make time to go to the store and get some food. For now, he decided to call for a pizza, and headed over to the phone and picked it up.

As he was about to dial, the phone rang and he looked at the caller id. H. Dorough. Howie? Tyler swallowed hard and clicked the on button, clearing his throat. "Hello?"

"Tyler? Is that you? This is Howie, " he replied.

Tyler cleared his throat again. "Yes, it's me. How are you, Howie? What a nice surprise." Tyler had been surprised when several of the guys had asked for his phone number at his parents' store, but he never thought any of them would actually call.

Howie smiled, looking over at Kevin and winked at him, which caused Kevin to laugh. "Tyler, you know... You mentioned you had gone to design school, right? As in, like, costumes and stuff like that, right?"

Tyler hmmed. "Yes, I did... Is something wrong? Did you need some new costumes or something? I thought your tour was almost over?"

"Well, actually, our Head Tailor just quit. He got an offer for some magazine or something and left; didn't even give notice. Problem is, we still have concert dates up until the second, which means it would only be a few days. Could you maybe come and help us?"

Tyler hmmed, wondering why a tailor would quit so close to the end of the tour, but didn't question it. If he did well, he would have some famous references that could land him a good job later. Of course, that was IF he ever decided to leave his parents' store.

"Sure, my parents own the store. They can come in and take over for a few days. I assume this means I need to fly out tonight, don't I?"

"Well, it would be nice. Luckily, tomorrow is a free day. However, the guy left all the stuff that needed to be done without fixing it, and the rest of the staff are just people that help us get dressed in them. Some don't even know how to sew. "

"So when you say Head Tailor, you really mean that he was the only guy that did costumes for five guys?" Tyler hmmed. Head Tailor of the Backstreet Boys would help him out in the fashion industry. He would be dumb to turn it down.

"Yeah, well sometimes he does help *Nsync too, but they have their own staff. This would mainly be for Backstreet, " replied Howie. Howie looked over at Kevin worriedly. Should he tell Tyler that *Nysnc's tailor quit too? No. That would scare him away. He could always say he didn't know later.

"Of course I'll help. Get me the reservations, let me call my parents, and I can be there later tonight or tomorrow morning. Just call me back when the reservations are made."

Howie grinned and gave a thumbs up signal to Kevin who quickly got on his cell phone and began to reserve a one-way ticket to Orlando. Howie then turned his attention back to the phone. "Kevin is on the other line now. If you want to hold on a second we can find out. How long do you need to get to the airport and get packed and stuff?"

Tyler hmmed. "Well, I need to grab some food on the way to the airport, since I just got home from work. Should take me less than a half hour to get packed, about another half hour to get to the airport from here, not counting the food stop and calling my parents. I'd say I would at least need about 2 hrs, not counting that Atlanta is a huge airport and you need time to get to your plane. Let's see... It's 6:00 now. If you could get a flight around 10 or 11pm or later, that would be great."

"All right, let me tell Kev." Howie covered the receiver of the phone, and quickly relayed the information. A moment later, Kevin got off the phone and relayed the information to Howie.

"Flight 1032 - Delta Airlines - leaving Atlanta at 10: 45 p.m. Tickets are at the desk waiting for you. Tyler Hale right?" Howie asked.

"Right. Where should I go once I get to Orlando?" he asked as he wrote down the information.

"We are sending a car to get both of us; don't worry. See you later tonight Ty... Oh, by the way, let me give you my cell number just in case you need to get a hold of me before then." Tyler nodded and had begun taking down the number when he realized that Howie had called him Ty and he rather liked it.

Tyler calls his Parents

Tyler hung up the phone and hurried through packing his stuff as he thought. Did Howie say that he was going to be at the Atlanta airport or the Orlando one? Tyler hmmed. Maybe it was a mistake. Tyler shrugged. He didn't exactly know how long he was going to be with the guys, so he took at least two weeks worth of clothes, even though the tour was only supposed to last a couple of more days. He included some dressier clothes and shoes as well in a hanging bag and put them by the door while he called his parents.

The phone rang twice and then was picked up. "Hello, Hale Residence."

Tyler grinned. "Hey Dad - can you put me on speakerphone and grab Mom and have a seat?"

Matt Hale hmmed. "Son, are you all right? Are you in some kind of trouble?"

Tyler laughed. "No Dad, it's just some great news that I need to tell you now before I catch a plane."

Matt blinked. "Plane? Where are you going son?"

"I'll tell you in a moment - go get Mom. I need to get out of here quickly," he replied.

"All right, Tyler, just a moment," Matt said as he put the phone on speaker and called his wife over. "Christine! Tyler's on the phone!" A minute or so later both parents were sitting by the phone, looking at each other with confused expressions.

"Okay, you both there?" said Tyler.

"Yes we are son. Now, tell us what's wrong," said Matt.

"Nothing is wrong, Dad. In fact, it's probably the best break of my life. Remember when you let me handle the store a couple of days ago when the mall was closed due to some celebrities coming in to visit?"

"Yeah, you sold Stone another suit if I recall correctly. What else happened son? What didn't you tell me?" he asked, looking over at his wife with concern written in his eyes.

"Well, I met *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys. They were the special guests and Stone, Aidan, Trevor and Duncan were there with them. It seems that three days before the end of the tour, their costume designer quit on them, so they called me and asked if I could fill in for a couple of days."

Matt was floored. "Well son, that is good news. I know you have wanted to do something big with your skills, though I didn't think you would make it into show business," Matt chuckled.

"That's great honey. You just be careful with those boys. Do they know you're gay dear?" asked his mom.

"Yes mom, they know. They are very comfortable with it, too. In fact, I don't think I should tell you any more. I think I have to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement when I get there about them."

"Are you saying some of them are gay, dear? Well, you had better be careful, dear. I don't want my little boy hurt."

Tyler grinned. At least he could say his parent's loved him for who he was. It was always a big comfort to him. "I'll be careful, Mom. I don't really know how long I will be with them, so you might need to get someone to take over for me temporarily."

"Well, actually, your father and I were planning to give you some time off anyway. You have been working so hard lately. Actually, we kind of miss running it together like we used to. So don't worry about us, dear. You have some fun in Orlando. If you need any money, just let us know and we will put it in your account for you."

"Thanks, Mom. I appreciate that, although I think I will be okay. That, and I am sure they will pay me pretty well. Even though we didn't really discuss salary, being the head tailor for a popular boy band should pay pretty good," Tyler chuckled.

Tyler heard his parents laughing. "Well, have a safe flight, dear. Let us know if you're going to be staying down there for awhile, okay?"

"Mom? Do you know something I don't?" he asked.

"Well, I know you dear. If he is gay, I know you won't be coming back for a while," she replied. She knew that Tyler had a crush on one of the guys, and her mother's intuition told her that if there was any chance the guy was in fact interested in Tyler, she might not see her son for some time.

Tyler blushed. "Mom! I have no idea if he is gay or not. I doubt I would even have a chance to ask him. The tailor quit with a pile of work to do and they have two big performances left."

"All right, dear, all right. Just don't be in a hurry to come home. See if you can spend some time with him."

Tyler sighed. "Okay, Mom. I'll try."

Tyler's mom smiled. "You be good. Call us soon and let us know how you are. Bye dear. "

"Bye Mom, bye Dad," he said.

Tyler hung up the phone. Was he gay? Tyler just didn't know, but something in his mother's tone implied that he should find out and he decided he would.

An Hour Later

Tyler rushed to finish packing - packing up the stuff he needed along with his deluxe sewing kit . I hope all of this is worth it, he thought with a sigh. Though, he thought, if I hung around the guys for a bit, perhaps I will find out if my secret crush is gay. Pushing those thoughts aside, he hurried out the door with all of his belongings and went down to the now waiting cab. He was glad he had thought about it and it made getting to the airport that much easier than leaving his car at the airport.

Being the cute guy that he was, he actually thought he could talk the cabbie into stopping by McDonalds to get a cheeseburger and some chicken nuggets. He even offered the guy a $20.00 tip, but the guy just wouldn't bite. Tyler didn't like airport food, so he figured he would find something to eat in Orlando.

When he got to the airport, he checked in and then hurried down to the security checkpoint. He got through without too much trouble, proceeded to the train, and took it to his stop and got out. He rode the escalators up one floor and arrived at his designated spot with time to spare. He sat down and pulled out his tickets and glanced over them.

"First Class?" he said to himself. "They got me first class seats?" Wow, he wondered, is this normal, or did they just forget I'm not a celebrity? Ahh well, might as well enjoy them, right? Glancing at his watch, Tyler hmmed, wondering if the plane is would be on time.

Howie - Nashville, TN

The concert that night was scheduled to start at 7:00pm, which, of course, was an hour earlier than most of his concert dates. Howie was very thankful that it was, because if it hadn't, he would never make it to the airport in time to catch his flight. Howie paced back and forth in the green room, waiting for their time to go on stage. Howie was extremely nervous. He had kind of run over the fact that he would be in Atlanta waiting on the plane for Tyler to arrive so quickly, he wasn't even sure if Tyler had heard him.

Howie had been thinking about Tyler non-stop since he met him three days ago. It's funny how things work out really. One minute he was depressed because Aidan didn't want him, and the next he was falling for the cute tailor that they had met in the mall. Howie was proud of himself for even waiting three days before calling. He certainty didn't want to scare Tyler, that was for sure.

Howie put down the phone, having just planned a little romantic dinner at his place for him and Tyler when they arrived in Orlando. Howie figured that Tyler would still be hungry by the time they got there, so it would work to his advantage. Howie was lucky he was very good friends with the owner of the company. Most companies wouldn't go to someone's house, prepare a meal, and keep it warm that time of night. However, Howie knew that he would be way too tired by the time he got to Orlando that he didn't want to have to cook.

The guys of Backstreet took the stage and the performance went off without a hitch, and Howie felt very lucky that Backstreet went first tonight. He somehow suspected that Kevin had something to do with that since he vaguely recalled them supposed to be going second yesterday. It wouldn't be the first time that Kevin had rearranged the schedule to fit plans that one of the guys had.

Once the performance was over, Howie rushed out the side door to a waiting limo to get to the plane on time. He quickly checked his voice-mail and didn't hear anything from Tyler, so he assumed that there were no problems with any of the arrangements, or his parents. Howie had almost expected the rest of Backstreet to want to go home on the plane with him. However it seemed that the rest of the guys were taking the tour bus back to Orlando after the concert, which would give him plenty of time to get to know Tyler.

Aidan had told everyone that Tyler was gay, so it only stood to reason that he might actually like him. However, he was pretty sure that Tyler didn't even know that he was gay. Howie finally got on the plane and sighed as he tried to relax. However, try as he might to take a nap during the flight, it just didn't work. He was just way too excited at the moment.

The plane landed in Atlanta, and Howie crouched down in his seat with his hat pulled down. He had to stay on the plane to get to his next stop and to meet Tyler. He pretended he was sleeping as the few people filed off the plane and walked into the brightly lit airport. After a few moments, several ramp agents came on and started cleaning up the plane. Luckily, they left him alone since he was the only passenger in the First Class section that time of night, so he would have plenty of time to speak to Tyler.

Tyler and Howie meet on the plane

Tyler's flight was called, and they began boarding First Class passengers. He walked up to the gate agent and handed her his boarding pass. She smiled at him and he boarded the plane. In the First Class section, it almost seemed deserted. He looked down at his boarding pass and hmmed. It seemed his seat was right next to a blanket covered lump near the window. Tyler shrugged. At least he wouldn't have to worry about mindless chit chat from someone he didn't know, right? As he sat down, the lump moved slightly and part of the blanket moved to reveal an eye. The eye blinked several times, and then the blanket fell away.

"Howie? I thought I heard you say something about meeting me here, but I thought I was hearing things," Tyler said as he laughed.

Howie grinned. "Well, the rest of us weren't going to be in till tomorrow, so we figured it would be easier to just fly you to Orlando instead of flying you up to Nashville and then ride the bus back to Orlando. So, then we figured we would get you there a bit early to give you time to sleep before you had to get to work. From what I understand, the trap door tore some clothes tonight, so they will need to be mended before the first concert date. Anyway, enough about work. How are you?"

Tyler chuckled as he looked into Howie's brown eyes, a smile lighting his face. Howie was funny; that was good. Tyler liked humor, which was one of the first things that he looked for in a guy. Though was he gay? That was, of course, the big question. Tyler smiled and they settled into a polite conversation as the plane took off for Orlando.

Howie smiled at Tyler. "Oh... have you eaten anything yet? I am starving, and I thought we could get some dinner when we got to Orlando."

Tyler nodded. "Yeah, I hate airport food, and the cabbie wouldn't stop at McDonalds, so I am pretty hungry actually."

Howie grinned. "Ok... good. I ordered dinner to be brought to my place. I know the owner of this nice catering service called Magic Occasions, and she said it would be ready for us when we get there."

Tyler blinked. "Your place? Oh, I forgot... you live in Orlando. I just assumed I would be at a hotel."

Howie shook his head. "Nope... I want to be able to sleep in my own bed for a change. That, and most of the places that are good are closed by the time we get there, so I called JoAnn and had her help me out. She is used to it by now from when we come in from long trips and don't want to cook."

Tyler nodded. "That's real nice of you, Howie. You didn't have to go to so much trouble though."

Howie shrugged and laughed softly. "No trouble. JoAnn is used to this by now. We call her all the time for all kinds of occasions."

Tyler nodded and smiled. Howie was really nice. Even if Howie turned out to be straight, he could tell he had a very good friend in the making. One could never have too many friends.

Before both knew it, they were on the ground. They gathered their luggage, headed out to the waiting limo, and got inside. Tyler hadn't been in a limo in a very long time. It was a nice change, though he suddenly wondered if Howie was trying to impress him. Could he be gay? Could he like me? Tyler was a jumble of thoughts as they pulled into a driveway of a house and got out. The limo driver took the bags inside as the catering truck drove off. They were alone if Tyler judged correctly.

Stepping inside, the smells that assaulted Tyler's nose were terrific. He could swear he smelled something really good, and when they walked into the dining room, Tyler gasped softly. The table was set for two, with candles, expensive linen napkins, and tablecloths. It was so... romantic. Tyler looked down at Howie and smiled. "Wow, is this all for us? I don't ... " Howie lifted a hand and held it gently against Tyler's lips.

Howie smiled up at Tyler. "I'm gay Ty."

Tyler blinked, as Howie removed his hand. "You are? I... wow... I can't believe you did all this for me." Tyler blushed slightly, and looked into Howie's vibrant brown eyes. "This is the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me." Tyler leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "Well, what do you say we get some of that good-looking food in our stomachs? I am starving."

Howie blushed as Tyler kissed his cheek. It wasn't exactly what he expected, but Tyler didn't seem to be mad. Perhaps he still had a chance.

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