Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

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This story is dedicated to the memory of Eric Draven, who sadly left this world on Feb. 2, 2004.

Chapter 11

Last Time:

"Sure let's go... we can meet up with the guys in Balboa on the way back. It looks like that is where everyone is headed eventually." JC said.

They all agreed and walked towards Magic Masters.

Aidan and Howie

Aidan walked silently with Howie for a few minutes, enjoying the silence before he spoke." Howie, I have something to tell you. I want to assure you that I didn't know this last night when I met you, and it's kinda important." Aidan moved to a nearby bench and sat down." Let's have a seat and talk for a bit."

Howie sat down quietly, struggling with an inner battle. He tried not to look too concerned, but he doubted that he looked calm." Ok, what's so important?"

Aidan cleared his throat." I met this guy on-line about 8 months ago, whenever I was sad he was always there to comfort me it seemed, and I really liked him. However, up until last night, I really didn't know too much about him other than the few things he let slip." Aidan stopped for a moment, and then continued, "Well, when I went to the concert last night, I met him, and I didn't know it till I got home. I was checking my email before bed and he finally told me who he was."

Howie looked at Aidan confused, "You met him at the concert? What do you mean? He's in one of the groups? Who?"

Aidan nodded swallowing slightly, "JC. He saw us talking last night and realized that if he didn't tell me who he was now, he risked losing me altogether. Turn's out that he's been planning to come here for months while he was on break from the tour to meet me. However, when he saw us together last night he panicked. When I went home from the concert,  he must have hurried to his laptop and sent me an email. I couldn't believe he finally let me know who he was. I was pretty shocked because I had just met you, and thought you were pretty great, only to discover that the guy that I wanted to know better all along was finally available."

Howie nodded and sighed softly." I always seem to be competing with people like Josh, I guess I understand, you knew him first."

Aidan took Howie's hand in his and smiled at him, "I like you both, you're so sweet and I really had fun talking with you last night. However, the problem is that I don't think I could choose between you both right now. Not without getting to know you both better. So this is what I propose... you and JC come back here for your break.  We'll take turns dating and getting to know each other and see how it goes. I know its a little unfair... but its the only thing I can think of that might work."

Howie sighed softly and took several moments to speak, shaking his head slightly, "No, it's okay... really. I know you're probably doing this to spare my feelings, but you don't have to. How about we just become great friends and leave it at that?"

Aidan nodded quietly, "That's not how it is, but All right, if that's the way you want it. I understand. I guess we should get back to the others, we will probably find them in Balboa by now."

Howie nodded and stood, looking down at Aidan for a moment. It was nice while it lasted I guess... he thought to himself. He stood waiting quietly for Aidan to join him.

Aidan sat there for a minute before standing, thinking to himself. Well, that sure went well... though I can tell he looks like he is hurting. Aidan hmmed and decided to find a way to make it up to him. Howie was after all a great guy from what he could tell. Aidan moved over to stand next to Howie as they walked towards Balboa's.

Magic Masters

The guys walked into Magic Masters and started milling around picking up various items when Nick picked up a little creature that looked like a Red Fox. Next to it were several other creatures a raccoon, a skunk, and several other types of foxes, all looking different from the next. Nick chuckled and jumped as the creature moved around in his hand.

"Hey guys! Look at this little thing." he said, and several of the guys walked over towards Nick, he picked up the book, read a couple of lines, and had it dancing all over his hand and nodding his head. 

Brian moved closer to Nick to examine the fox and smiled, "Cute... you going to buy one Nicky?"

Nick nodded and laughed picking up the black fox and did the same with it, and did it several more times with some of the others before finally taking the black fox to the counter.

"I'd like to buy this please..." said Nick after he cleared his throat.

"All right, just a moment Sir." The clerk nodded her head and punched up the price, "Your total is $40.66 sir. Would you like to pay with cash or credit?"

"Credit please." Nick took out his credit card and gave it to the clerk, smiling, as she looked it over." Thank you Mr. Carter for shopping at Magic Masters. We hope you enjoy your purchase. If there is anything we can do to help you, don't hesitate to call or come by for a full demonstration."

Nick smiled, "Thank you, have a nice day."

The group moved around, playing with various magical items before Josh cleared his throat, "Perhaps we should head to Balboa, we might need to rescue Lance from Stone." Josh chuckled and started heading for the door of the shop while the rest followed.

Lance and Stone -> The Hat Shack

Stone waited until he was out of earshot of the guys and smiled over at Lance." So Lance, tell me about yourself."

Lance looked over at Stone and smiled, "Not much to tell really. Anything you want to know about me?"

Stone nodded, and moved closer taking his hand in his to stop him. Stone quickly looked around and smiled, "Are you gay Lance?" he whispered.

Lance gulped, and swallowed hard. Lance hadn't even come out to the guy's yet and here he was being asked by this cute total stranger whether he was gay or not, and for the first time in a long time, Lance was speechless." I... uhh..." Lance stuttered, pulling his hand out of Stone's grasp.

Stone grinned and winked, "Don't worry, I'm bisexual myself, if your afraid that I might beat you up or something there isn't anything to worry about."

Lance swallowed again, and whispered... "I haven't even told the guys yet.how did you know?"

Stone grinned, "I have very good gaydar, and your way too pretty to be straight." Stone winked again, capturing Lance's hand in his and stroked it gently with his thumb. "That and the way you looked at me when you first saw me, the way you patted the seat next to you in the van. I was pretty sure you were."

Lance blushed and gave Stone's hand a squeeze." Come on... let's get my hat and get to Balboa, we can talk about this later. I am sure this place has ears."

Stone nodded and smiled, "All right. Let's go."

Stone and Lance walked hand in hand for a few moments, but Stone dropped Lance's hand as they walked into the Hat Shack. Lance moved around the store quietly, looking for a hat when he saw one for Georgia Tech and pulled it off the rack. Lifting it to his head, he pulled it on and turned to find Stone sporting a black hat that had flames all over it with Stud written across it in red and black, which caused Lance to start laughing." You going to buy that?" Lance grinned and pointed to his hat." Whatcha think?"

Stone grinned, "Maybe, I have people call me stud a lot actually." Stone walked over towards Lance, "Well... it's a nice choice... but I think you would look good in that one over there." Stone pointed to the hat two racks down, it was a solid black Yankee's hat with white piping. Lance grinned and smiled at Stone, "How did you know that was my favorite team?"

Stone grinned, "Well, I surf the Internet a lot... and I saw that one day, some interview I read."

Lance chuckled and walked over and picked it up and put it on. "Oh? Well? How does it look?"

Stone winked, "Great... let's buy it and get out of here."

Lance nodded and went over to the cashier and paid for his purchase and Stone paid for his as well, wearing their purchases out. They looked at the map and headed to Balboa Menswear.

Lance and Stone -> Balboa Menswear

Lance and Stone walked into the very quiet menswear shop and looked around for a few moments before moving over to the large bell on the counter that would ring a salesperson. Normally the counter was manned at all times, however Stone figured that the store must have slacked on security since it wasn't fully open today. Stone rung the bell and a few seconds later Tyler came rushing out and skidded to a stop in front of Stone and burst out laughing.

"Hey Stone, don't tell me... your parents decided to buy out the mall so you could have a day to shop in peace." Tyler was grinning from ear to ear, he didn't even notice Lance standing beside Stone.

"Ummm no, mom and dad wouldn't do that, and thanks for telling Lance before I could tell him."

Tyler looked confused and finally looked over towards Lance and gasped, "Your, your... Lance Bass! Wow Stone, I didn't know you had such famous friends. My name's Tyler Hale." Tyler reached out his hand and smiled.

Lance chuckled, shook Tyler's hand and nodded, "Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you."

Lance turned slightly and looked at Stone." Your parents are rich?"

Stone nodded, "Yeah, I was planning on telling yah, but well... seems Tyler decided to tell you before I could." Stone laughed and punched Tyler in the arm lightly causing Tyler to laugh.

Tyler shrugged, "Hey, not my fault if you don't tell people you got money. Hey, at least your not one of those snobby rich kids, we have one that comes in here couple of times a month that expects you to drop every customer and help him or he leaves."

Stone chuckled and pushed Tyler in the arm, "Tyler, watch your mouth. Telling lies about me like that..."

Tyler laughed and grinned, "You know I am just teasing you Stone. You're a great guy really. Anyway, what can I do for you gentlemen today? A new suit perhaps? " Tyler grinned and went into full salesmen mode, knowing that it was probably the time of the month for the Christmas Suit.

Stone nodded, "Actually yes, Christmas is coming up soon and I need a suit for the ball. I told my step mom I was tired of wearing Tuxes, so she said that I could get a nice black suit. Though, I am sure that the day before the ball is going to get here and she is going to change her mind, but hey it's not my money right?" Stone chuckled.

Tyler nodded, "Didn't that happen last year? I recall however, that you found another occasion to wear the suit."

Stone nodded, "Yeah, Trish is always throwing some gathering or another. It's so boring, if I wasn't forced to go, I wouldn't. It doesn't help that she is always trying to fix me up with snobby rich girls who spend more time in the bathroom, than actually doing anything else. I keep trying to tell her that I am not interested in those kind of girls, then when she finds out I am bi, she tries setting me up with other rich gay guys. Each function is getting worse, I am not sure how much more I can take."

Tyler chuckled, "Sounds like you need a steady boyfriend there Stone." Tyler winked.

Stone nodded, and winked back, moving forward he whispered in Tyler's ear, "Well, I have my eye on someone, but he's kinda shy." With that, Stone walked off towards the racks.

Lance stood quietly as he observed Stone. Stone didn't seem to be the rich type, but surely all this talk about balls and tuxes had to mean he was telling the truth. Lance thought back to the conversation in the van about not having anything in common with Tyler and wondered what kind of things Stone was looking for in a guy.

Tyler looked over towards Lance and smiled, "Is there anything I can do for you Sir?"

Lance shook his head, "No thanks, just here to watch really."

Tyler nodded and pulled Lance aside as Stone moved towards the racks of suits, "You keep a good hold on him, he's a really good catch."

Lance blinked and blushed, "It's not like that, I... well ..."

Tyler chuckled, "Might not be yet, but I can tell he likes you... and believe me, it won't be long before he will tell you either. I've known him for a while now. He might have money, but he's a great guy. He has a real kind heart, and likes to help people. Though to look at him you would think otherwise, but I've seen him give all the cash in his pocket to a needy family and walk off before they can properly thank him."

Lance smiled, Stone somehow seemed almost too good to be true, to hear someone talk about him so animatedly, was nice. However, it also made him wonder what there could it possibly be about Tyler that Stone didn't like. Tyler seemed to be a very nice person.

Tyler grinned at Lance, watching the wheels turn in his head, "Let me guess... your wondering if he is so great... why didn't I try and snatch him up right? Well, truth be known... he likes blonds, and I made a pretty bad looking blond." Tyler laughed and looked over after Stone. "Yeah, that means I tried to change my hair color to blond to make him like me. He said that I looked better as a brunette, and that he would rather have me as a good friend. He has this way of telling you bad news without you realizing it's really bad."

Lance chuckled, "Well, he has a pretty good friend then I think. I think I will go sit down while you help him."

Tyler nodded, "Nice talking to you Lance." Tyler moved off towards the raised platform for fittings and kneeled down to take the already known measurements.

Aidan and Howie -> Balboa Menswear - Underground Atlanta

Aidan and Howie walked through the large doors into Balboa, looking around for any signs of Lance and Stone. They walked along the rows looking up and down till they arrived at the fitting rooms to find that Lance and Stone had been there for quite awhile. Stone was standing in front of the large array of mirrors, getting a pair of black pants hemmed, while Lance was sitting in a chair looking up at him. Aidan smiled and walked over towards them, noticing that it was Tyler who was kneeling in front of Stone, hemming his pants.

"Hey Ty... what's up, you been working hard? " Aidan grinned as he spoke to Tyler. Tyler was staring intently at the pants that he was marking, putting pins and marks in his pants where it was to be taken in. Aidan knew that Stone liked his pants to fit perfectly, no baggy pants for him that's for sure. Aidan thought it was mildly funny on a certain level. Stone wanted to make sure he was noticed for what he had, and for his body, while most guys ended up covering it up. Aidan had to admire that about Stone, he was very straight forward about things.

Tyler looked over towards Aidan and smiled." Hey Wolf, Stone told me that you were here. How in the world did you get so lucky to meet both groups? "

Aidan chuckled, "Trev took me to their concert with back stage passes. It was pretty cool man. Too bad you didn't go with us. Though they should all be here in a little bit... we heard them say something about meeting here I believe."

Tyler smiled, "Well, I heard this morning some special guests were coming and they were shutting down the mall for their use. I sure didn't think it would be for the Backstreet Boys and N'sync to come shopping. It will be cool to meet the rest of them." About that moment Tyler looked over towards Howie and smiled, "Hello Howie. Once I get finished with this cuff, I'll get up and shake your hand... kinda occupied at the moment."

Howie chuckled softly, " That's okay, take your time... no rush..."

Howie was smiling that was a good sign. Aidan figured that Howie was going to be okay, or at least he hoped so. Aidan dropped back from the group as Howie moved closer, and sat next to Lance who was watching Stone get fitted. He walked towards the door, and sat outside waiting for JC.

Balboa Menswear  - Group Assembled

JC, Nick and the other guys were walking to the shop when they saw Aidan sitting on a bench with a big smile on his face, and walked over towards him.

Nick grinned at Aidan, "Hmmmms, someone looks happy... everything okay?"

Aidan nodded, looked over at JC and grinned. "Everything seems to be great at the moment. Lance, Stone, Howie, and Tyler are inside. I thought I would step outside and get some air, but the doors are locked so I just stayed here for a bit thinking."

JC nodded, "Why don't you guys go in and meet the rest of the group, I want to talk to Aidan for a few minutes."

Nick tilted his head and nodded wondering what was going on, but didn't say anything as he moved towards the entrance to the store. There were several confused looks, and several big smiles the group filtered into the store and left the two alone.

JC and Aidan - Outside Balboa Menswear

Aidan motioned for JC to have a seat and smiled at him." Well, looks like this will be easier than I thought. Howie backed off."

JC blinked, "He did? You mean he isn't hurt that you wanted to get to know me better?"

Aidan shook his head, "No, I think he's a bit hurt... I told him that I wanted to get to know you both, but he wouldn't have it... said he understood that I knew you first."

JC smiled, "Well, let's say we celebrate tonight, go out to dinner and have some quiet time to get to know each other?"

Aidan nodded and smiled, "Sounds like a good plan. It's a date."

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