Looking for Love in All the Right Places
by Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives. Please note that the Pictures and Information are ONLY there to pertain to the story. I again state that I have NO clue what the sexuality of the Backstreet Boys or N'sync are. I do not know them personally and probably never will.

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Chapter 10

Aidan sat on his bed nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, to clinch a cliché. Aidan had probably never been more nervous in his life, which meant that he was either going to totally screw up today, or at least end up with JC and hurt Howie's feelings.

Just then there was a knock at the door, oddly enough Aidan had figured that the guys would pick him up downstairs, not climb the stairs to the 3rd floor where Aidan and Trevor lived. Aidan stood, walking over towards the door and opened it. Leaning against the doorframe was Howie, by himself, and Aidan blinked.

"Hey Howie, are the rest of the guys downstairs?" Aidan put on his best smile and hoped it didn't look too fake. Aidan had hoped he would get Howie alone, but now was not a very good time. Aidan could just picture Josh's look of sadness as Howie nodded.

Howie looked Aidan up and down appraisingly; soft worn denim hugged his strong thighs and narrow hips, while the deep blue shirt emphasized his broad shoulders. Finally Howie looked at his eyes - dark, mesmerizing and today filled with what Howie could only describe as nervousness. Like last night, his dark hair was long and layered, with a single lock drifting onto his forehead. He looked amazing in more ways than one.

Just then the hair dryer turned off, and Trevor came out of the bathroom. He quietly walked over towards his closet and quickly put on his shoes, not really noticing that Aidan and Howie were standing at the door waiting for him. Looking up and over towards Aidan and Howie he smiled. "Looking good Howie.... You picked up my boyfriend yet? Or are we the first stop?"

Howie nodded, "We already got him.... he was going to come up to get you, but I asked him if I could. I think he was a bit disappointed, but he gave in." Howie chuckled softly.

Aidan made a step towards the door, "Guess we should go then huh?"

Aidan walked past Howie and into the hall when he heard someone call his name.

"Yo Wolf! What's up man?"

"Hey Stone, nothing much, going to the Underground with some friends." Aidan turned and looked at Howie and smiled. "Hey Stone, this is my friend Howie. Howie, this is my friend Kent Stone, but most everyone calls him Stone. We go out once in awhile for drinks, he lives down the hall."

Howie looked over Stone quietly, wondering about Aidan's statement. He silently wondered if they dated or if they were really just friends. Mentally shrugging, he held out his hand to Stone to shake. He was a nice looking guy; there was no doubt about that. His hair was blacker than Aidan's, deep chocolate brown eyes and a smile that could charm the beasts.

Howie and Stone shook hands for a moment, and Howie quickly dropped his hand and cleared his throat. "Nice to meet you. Though guys, we should probably go, the rest of the guys are waiting on us."

"Guys? You going with a group to the Underground? " Stone looked confused. "Can I come? Or is this a private party?" Stone grinned and winked at Aidan.

"Ummm, well.... we were invited.... we would have to ask the rest of the group if you could come I would guess." Aidan looked at Howie, then back at Stone.

Howie shrugged, leaning over to whisper in Trevor's ear. "Can we trust him? "

Trevor nodded, whispering back. "Yeah, Stone is bi.... though he leans more towards guys these days. Says girls are too high maintenance." Trevor chuckled softly, causing Stone to look over at him.

"Whatcha whispering about over there? My ears are burnin.... must be about me huh?"

Trevor nodded, "Yeah.... He was wanting to know if you could be trusted. See .... the guys we are going to the Underground with are.... well.... celebrities. In fact Howie is one too...."

Stone's brow wrinkled with confusion. "Celebrities? Cool." Stone smiled at Howie.... and realized who he was. "Sorry about that, didn't realize who you were.... your in a band or something right?"

Howie laughed, "Ummm yeah.... The Backstreet Boys. I can feel my ego deflating.... first Aidan didn't know who we are and now you."

Stone laughed, "Oh, I know who you are, I was just teasing you."

Howie grinned and laughed, "It's All right with me if he comes, but we should ask the rest of the guys. Let's go and ask them huh? "

Trevor, Aidan and Stone all nodded and headed for the stairs.


Several of the guys began pacing downstairs as they waited for Howie, Aidan and Trevor. Duncan was getting antsy and started several times for the door, but was stopped by Nick.

"Come on Man, they will be down any second...... really.... just relax...." Said Nick.

"Yeah, you're right.... just wondering what is taking them so long.... though knowing Trev.... he probably overslept and Howie is waiting for him to get out of the shower." Duncan chuckled softly.

Nick laughed, "Your a great guy Duncan, too bad you're not single." Nick winked and climbed back into the van as he saw the rest of the guys walk outside.

Duncan stood near the van for a moment slightly stunned. Of all the things that he would imagine that Nick would say, that certainty wasn't what he expected. However before Duncan could ponder too long on what Nick said, he had Trevor in his arms, giving him a kiss.


As the guys got downstairs, Trevor laughed. Duncan looked like he had been pacing back and forth. It was nice to have someone worry about him. In fact it had been a long time since that had happened. Trevor sped up the pace and was shortly in Duncan's arms, giving him a hug and a kiss.

"Hey babe.... miss me? " Trevor grinned and winked, grabbing his hand to pull him towards the Van. Suddenly Trevor put on the breaks, "Oh, I forgot!" Trevor quickly walked over to the van and addressed the group pulling Duncan with him.

"Hey guys? Can our friend Stone come with us? Please?"

"Stone? That's someone's name, or a nickname?" Justin peaked around Lance and looked outside the van to see a tall guy with short black hair and an incredible body standing next to Aidan. Justin blinked, how many cute friends did Aidan hang around with anyway? Were all his friends this cute? Gotta have them both, but how?

Lance cleared his throat and shrugged. "The more the merrier I guess.... what do you think guys?" The van was suddenly filled with either yes's, sure's or why not's so Lance motioned to the empty seats. "Hop in.... guess since no one objects you can join us." Lance smiled.

The guys began climbing into the van, while Stone smiled at Lance, giving him a wink. "Thanks, I really have been meaning to go and get some new clothes. This will give me an excuse.... and actually have someone tell me if they look okay."

Aidan laughed from behind him, "Like you have any problems dressing yourself Stone."

Stone grinned, "Hey, I like having cute guys give me their opinions. I am always asking the sales boys and girls how I look. You know.... I think my favorite one is working today, you guys remember Tyler? Works at Balboa?"

Aidan grinned, "Yeah, didn't you say you finally realized he was gay last week? Though I think you should have realized that a long time ago Stone."

Stone grinned, "Yeah, I know.... cute and all, and we get along and stuff.... but just don't think he is my type.... we don't really like much of any of the same things."

Stone was the last of the group to climb in, and the only available seat left was next to Lance. Lance smiled shyly, and patted the seat next to him, "Guess you will have to sit next to me."

Stone grinned, sliding into the seat. "Yep, guess so."

The van door closed and they were off to the mall.


The guys chatted on the way to the mall, bringing Stone up to speed on what they were doing and where they were going which made him laugh.

"We get a whole mall to ourselves? No other shoppers? Wow... I sure picked a great day to meet up with you guys. Do you do this a lot? Buy out the mall so you can roam free without having to worry about being mugged by fans?"

"Well, normally we just wear disguises, but after awhile someone always spots us and we have to run and hide somewhere. It gets a little tiring actually." Lance smiled shyly at Stone as he talked. Lance was still very much in the closet about his newfound sexuality. He had always thought of himself as straight, but the more of his bandmates and friends came out of the closet, the more he realized he had never really been attracted to girls. Stone was very attractive, though he had no idea if Stone was gay or straight. However, Lance suddenly recalled the comment about Tyler not being his type, that let him know he might be bisexual at least. He decided maybe he should ask Trevor later when he could get him alone, without showing how interested he was.

Stone nodded and smiled back at Lance. "Must be nice though, you get to have all the sales people to yourself... not having to wait 'till they get done with other customers. I have that problem. I'll want to ask someone's opinion on something and have to wait till they are done with other customers. Drives you nuts when you really don't want to spend all day shopping." Stone chuckled and shook his head, wondering how stupid and airheaded he sounded. Stone was a smart guy, but sometimes when he was nervous, talking wasn't always the best thing to do. He looked over at Lance who was still smiling at him, and guessed he wasn't doing too bad.

The rest of the group listened to the exchange between Lance and Stone, while Aidan leaned over and whispered in Trevor's ear." I think Stone made a new friend."

Trevor laughed, and whispered back, "Yep, he does have a thing for blonds. Though is Lance gay? "

Aidan hmmed, "Don't know... guess we will find out soon. Knowing Stone, he will find a way to ask Lance."

Trevor nodded, "Yep, he is a bit too bold sometimes... at least he doesn't ask in front of everyone like one of our friends does, that get's embarising.."

Aidan nodded, going quiet again.


The guys arrived at the Mall and got out of the Van, they had several bodyguards waiting for them as usual, but luckily no one seemed to bother them as they went underground to the Mall. The manager of the Mall came outside and opened the door for the group and smiled, "Welcome to Underground Atlanta, Our staff are waiting for you. Please enjoy yourselves."

Lance smiled and nodded, "Thank you." Lance turned to the group and smiled, "Well, I am going to The Hat Shack, cause I need a new hat. Anyone want to come with me?"

Stone grinned, " I will, if you go with me to Balboa when we're done? "

Lance blushed, "Sure, sounds interesting."

Stone winked, "Well, let's go then."

Lance and Stone walked off together leaving several dropped mouths including Justin who glared at Lance who had the gall to run off with Stone. Well he thought, I will just have to get Aidan to go with me somewhere. The rest of the guys began laughing as they walked off.

"What was that all about?" asked Aidan who was looking confused.

"Guess Lance was in a hurry? He does that sometimes, especially lately. I think something is up with him, but he won't really tell us what." JC came to stand next to Aidan.

Aidan smiled at JC and leaned over to whisper in JC's ear. "I am going to try and get Howie alone to talk to him okay? I need to tell him."

JC looked concerned, and a bit sad but nodded. "All right, talk to you later."

Aidan moved up behind Howie who was looking around trying to decide which direction to go in. Aidan tapped him on his shoulder and smiled. "Why don't we go for a walk and talk for a bit."

Howie nodded and smiled up at Aidan and they turned and started walking across the mall. Justin, who was just about to say something to Aidan, began cussing to himself as he watched them leave. This just wasn't Justin's day, first Stone runs off with Lance before he gets a chance to meet him formally. Then Aidan runs off with Howie. Justin grumbled and started walking off towards Balboa, he would look around while waiting for Lance to show up with Stone.

Trevor and Duncan blinked as they watched Justin stalk off. The other guys were just shaking their heads and laughing. Trevor looked over at Duncan and then over at the remaining guys. "Wonder what crawled up his ass?"

Joey laughed, " Actually I think that's the problem, nothing has lately." All the guys started laughing hard, and Joey high-fived AJ as they bowled over in laughter.

"Yeah, Curley gets a little.... well cranky.. if he don't get some often enough... and he hasn't had a girlfriend or a boyfriend in a while." said Chris.

Trevor looked over at Duncan and blushed and quickly changed the subject. "Well, where shall we go? How about the Magic Shop? I love that place..."

Duncan laughed, and ducked out of the way..."You would dear..."

The guys began laughing as Trevor pretended to take a swing at Duncan, and then pulled him into an embrace kissing him softly. When the two came up for air, they saw the guys had moved into a group and were nodding, and discussing things nearby. As they moved apart they smiled at the pair and JC spoke.

"Sure let's go... we can meet up with the guys in Balboa on the way back. It looks like that is where everyone is headed eventually." JC said.

They all agreed and walked towards Magic Masters.

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