Looking for Love in all the Right Places
By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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Chapter 1

A typical day wouldn't begin to describe the day that Aidan had. He had just come back from classes and the gym to find out that Scott, his roommate of 4 months had moved out. Aidan was told by one of his neighbors that he left because he had found out that Aidan was gay. The odd thing was that Aidan had caught Scott looking at him quite often and normally at the oddest of times with what can only be described as repressed lust.

Truth be known, Aidan suspected that his ex-roommate was pressured by the football team to leave Aidan's room. Being the star running back for the school's team called for certain decorum in behavior and that didn't include being gay, or living with a gay man.

Aidan, although disappointed in Scott was quickly overcome when he was informed by student housing that he wouldn't have to share his dorm room for a while. Aidan also was glad that he could have the peace and quiet he needed if he found someone to bring home one night.

Bring home a man, now why does that seem like such a funny thought? Aidan chuckled and shook his head. Aidan had never brought anyone home to his place because he always seemed to have homophobic roommates. Heck, the only roommate that he thought would understand him moved out on pretences that he just couldn't be living with a gay man.

"Men!" Aidan harrumphed to no one in particular.

Shrugging his shoulders Aidan walked over to the large window that overlooked the courtyard, watching the various people going in and out of the dorms. Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, Aidan decided to get ready for his daily swim. Slowly changing clothes, he put on a very tight pair of blue Speedos that showed off his great tan and long muscular body. Aidan worked out quite regularly and did a lot of swimming and running to keep in shape. Unlike some of the other men in the gay community at school, Aidan was what girls liked to call a stud and he knew it.

Putting on a pair of shorts, throwing on a gray wifebeater and pulling on his running shoes, Aidan headed towards the mirror that hung on the back of the front door. Stopping in front of the mirror, Aidan pulled his long ebony hair into a ponytail, looking down towards the handle, Aidan noticed a note on the mirror. Pulling the envelope off the door, he opened it.


Sorry about everything.

Please forgive me.

Aidan reread the note several times blinking, perhaps he really did go against his will. Though the note was unsigned, Aidan knew instantly it was his ex-roommates handwriting, and it caused him to ponder for several minutes on what the true meaning of the note was.

Turning to his dresser, Aidan carefully hid the note in his top drawer and started to walk outside where he bumped into a young man that was hurrying down the corridor with piles of books and several suitcases. Clothes upon impact went flying, along with several questionable magazines that a normal guy just wouldn't be reading.

Aidan however dismissed this and quickly started to help the guy pick up his stuff while he kept mumbling over and over again how sorry he was. Aidan shrugged and passed it off as an innocent mistake and stood picking up the suitcases to hand to the guy when he stood up.

Shaking his head again, Aidan decided that introductions were in order and proceeded to tell the young man his name. "Hello, name's Aidan. What's yours?"

The young man before him who he had now just realized was slightly cute stumbled over his words and all Aidan could make out was that his name was Trevor and he was looking for his room so he could set up and get back to his classes.

Aidan blinked and tilted his head, the only room that Aidan knew that had a vacancy was his and he was told he could have the room to himself for the rest of the semester. Aidan shrugged; this wasn't the first time that the student housing had to go back on their word for one reason or another.

"So let me guess, you're my new roommate?" To his credit, Trevor looked quite puzzled. "Do you live in room 208? Cause if not, then the answer to that is no." Aidan shook his head and laughed, "Yes, I live in room 208. Though the housing department promised me I could have the room to myself for the rest of the term."

Trevor looked confused again and considering Aidan wasn't making too much sense he decided to drop the subject. "Come on, let's get you in the room. Though I will have to warn you I am not exactly straight." Aidan shook his head and decided to tell his new roommate right off the bat so if the guy was homophobic he could leave now before he had to put up with all the gay jokes and other things that normally came up sometime when he later told his roommates.

Trevor looked up at the much taller Aidan and blinked several times, hastily picking up the magazines that had fallen on the floor. Trying to stay balanced, Trevor shifted his weight to one side; causing one of Trevor's magazines suddenly fall open to reveal a mostly naked man. The picture kind of reminded him of a Aerosmith poster he had at home, that showed Steven Tyler nude except his hands covering his cock, with black paint camouflaging one side of his body.

Trevor blinked several times and grabbed the magazine and blushed brightly. "I guess I am not exactly straight either." Trevor said this so quietly that Aidan barely heard him. Aidan smiled and looked his roommate up and down silently. Aidan could suddenly tell that the rest of the year was going to be a lot more interesting than the previous one.

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