Hello everyone,

I am sorry that this isn't the update you were hoping for. If you are a member of my mailing list, then you already know the following information for the most part. For those that aren’t a member, please see the contact information below and join.


I know it's been since April of 2005 since I published my last new chapter of LFL, and I am sorry about that. It has been rough the last couple of years to find a bit of time to dedicate to any of my stories.


However, the good news is that LFL is getting a major overhaul. Over the years since I have started LFL, I have grown as a writer. I have learned many new things about writing since my very first short chapter of LFL, and I wanted to get back to writing my first love, LFL.

I hope that the below information will be helpful.

Frequently asked Questions


Below are some answers to frequently asked questions since I announced the re-write.

What will change?


Some of the original characters will either be replaced or taken out.

The two main pairings will stay the same, some will be changed to more suitable partners.

A few less story lines running at one time (For my own sanity)

Why did I decide to do a major overhaul of LFL?


Well, when re-reading the story to find some inspiration to write on it again, I found several large plot holes. Therefore, in the interest of continuality, I will be re-doing the story from the beginning.

What will you do with the old version?


Once it is done, I will be asking David to take down the original, and it will be permanently archived on my website at http://lfl.citadelofthewolf.com/old-version/. The old Profiles have been taken down, since I won't be updating the story anymore.

I want to thank all of you over the years for your continued support. I hope that you will all like the re-write that I have planned, and that it will be worth reading again.


If you have: Questions, Suggestions, Feedback, Character ideas, Plot ideas, Story holes that you have noticed.


Don't hesitate to use the contact information below.


Dream Howler