Looking for Love in all the Right Places

By Dream Howler

Standard Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or with any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Author's Note: Here you go, hope you enjoy it. I know that some of this is not in Aidan’s part of the story, but some of the behind the scenes stuff will move the story along a bit more than if I had totally left it out. So enjoy some of the behind the scenes stuff that is going on behind the main story.

Standard Note: As with the last several chapters, you may recognize some of this from the original version of the story.

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Chapter 6 Recap

Aidan moved into his new house, which was secretly redecorated by his father. Josh moved into the small house beyond the pool, which was a convenient arrangement for their budding relationship. The house was painted by both groups, and a house warming party was held.

Aidan met Josh’s parents, and they held Christmas in the newly painted house. Aidan’s new kitchen got a huge workout as the moms of both bands chipped in to make the day a success. When Justin got his gift, he ran off crying, and eventually gave it back to Aidan. Aidan was told he would find out why in a couple of days. We also learn that Kent is an artist, and is very talented. Even his closest friends didn’t know about his gift.

Several days later, Aidan finds out why Justin gave back his gift. He is initially angry at Justin, but since Justin’s plans all backfired, he gives him back his gift after making him promise to find out if the person he likes actually likes him back before moving in on someone’s territory.

Chapter 7

Jive Headquarters - Dec 27, 1999

It was the Monday after Christmas and several members of the executive board were having a meeting behind closed doors. For weeks, rumors had been circulating about the buyout and, at last, the final paperwork was complete, held safely in Dominick and Drew’s hands.

"Well, gentlemen, you are the proud new owners of Jive Records. I hope you know what you are getting into. I know that you will probably want to move in your own people, so in the revised bid, we have given severance packages to anyone that you decide to let go."

Dominick nodded as he read over the revised contract. All the changes had been approved and signed in all the appropriate places. He then handed the paperwork to Drew. "Here you go," he said quietly.

Drew nodded. If Dominick signed it, then he knew he wouldn't have to do much other than sign. He grabbed the pen, read a few lines here and there, and then signed at the bottom. Placing the pen down, he looked at his best friend and business partner with a smile. They now owned the hottest record company in the business, even if some of the acts were less than successful and edging the company toward bankruptcy; they would trim the fat completely soon.

Dominick stood and walked over to the previous owner of the company with a grin, holding out his hand to shake. "Thanks. We shall be moving our main staff here in the next week or so. I hope you have a great rest of the year."

Still holding onto the contract, Drew also stood, shook hands with the previous owners and together he and Dominick left the boardroom with wide smiles adorning their faces.   Stepping outside, Dominick moved towards the main lobby of the building whilst Drew headed towards the production team office. He had an employee mention that they would be waiting to speak to him after the meeting.

Dominick held out the contract to his assistant. "Here you go, Jayden. Where's your brother? We should be getting back to Atlanta soon. You probably want to go home and spend some time with your family, right?" Dominick babbled as he arrived downstairs.

"Jeremy is in the bathroom and no... I think we will stay here and look around for a place to live since we are moving here with you, boss. It would be nice to get out of the cold for a while before we move." Jayden shrugged as he went over to pour Dominick and himself a coffee. 

Chuckling Dominick agreed. "Thank you.  Well, I did promise you time off until the New Year, so have fun you two. I guess if you're not coming back, I should keep the contract with me."

"Yeah, you probably should. We want to make sure we do not lose that after all the money that has been spent to buy them out. You know, I am pretty excited. We are getting a lot of big names with this acquisition."

Dominick nodded, spotting Jeremy moving towards them his recently dyed hair glistening almost blue in the sunlight streaming through the windows surrounding them.  He was grateful that Jeremy had dyed his hair black, he really was. Anyone who didn’t know them easily became confused often mistaking them for the other brother.  Since working for him though the brothers made a point of dressing in different styles of clothes. The biggest change, though, was the hair; both brothers had naturally light brown hair with blond highlights, which was why the blatant color change was such a godsend to Dom, it certainly reduced his embarrassment levels now he was no longer mixing the two up all the time.  He sometimes doubted even their mother’s ability to tell them apart without help. It was actually kind of funny, in a way, how they were so different, yet so the same.

Drew joined them after about half an hour, having spent that time sounding out the production team who had wanted to talk with him. "Well, I doubt any of them are staying. When they heard that the company was being bought, they secured other positions. I guess that's good, as we won't have to lay them off. This also means that we don't have to pay them severance pay." he grinned.

Dominick grinned back and winked. "I see. That is good news." He said leaning over to whisper in Drew's ear. "Guess we should thank Jeremy for the well-placed rumors about what would happen if the company was bought out, huh?" Dominick chuckled and patted Jeremy on the back as he joined them.

"Well, this calls for a small celebration before Dom and I get back to Atlanta. Luckily, it won't take long to ship our stuff down here. We called a staff meeting for January 3rd for Jive's people, and we have one on Wednesday back in Atlanta for the staff who aren’t on vacation," said Drew.

“Well, that can wait for now,” Jeremy stated emphatically, “For now let’s celebrate,” as the four of them headed out of their new enterprise: Jive was now the property of WolfSound Entertainment.

WolfSound Entertainment

The large cafeteria was slammed full of people for just a few days after Christmas. Several people that he knew was officially on vacation had even showed up for the meeting. Clearing his throat, he began his speech.

"Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now, as you already know we have recently acquired Jive Records and we will be slowly transitioning our main corporate headquarters to Orlando. I know that some of you have expressed an interest in moving with us, and you all will have the opportunity to do so if that is what you wish. We have decided to turn this building into a production floor where the CDs will be produced, maintained, etcetera. However, almost everything else will be moved to Orlando. It’s a good central location and considering many of our acts live there, it will give us a better chance to create new sounds.” Dom started by saying.

"I know that some of you will have problems with moving and I hope that the six months’ severance package we give everyone will help you secure other employment.  Please make sure to send me an email about references if you haven’t secured other employment yet.   I hope that everyone has a great new year, and, if you are planning on moving with the company to Orlando, please sign the relocation lists that are hanging by the door so we know who needs help with moving."

He slipped out the side of the dining room and let out a sigh. "Man that was a harder than I thought, Drew. I wonder how many of Jive's employees we will have to lay off. I guess I will find out after the first of the year when the deadline for signing the list is over."

Drew walked up closer to his friend and wrapped him in a hug. "Come on, buddy. Let's go out to lunch and forget about this place for an hour or two."

Dominick nodded. "All right, Drew. I think I could use a drink. Next time you do the major speech, okay?" Dominick laughed.

Drew shrugged. "Well dear, you are the CEO. I am just a flunky that happens to own half the business."

Dominick laughed. "Yeah right. If it wasn't for you and your family, we wouldn't have been able to buy Jive at all."

Drew grinned. "Okay, okay, I will make the speech at Jive, all right? However, I think both of us should do the band meetings."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, I agree with that. Especially the meeting between the two more popular bands in the company, Backstreet Boys and *NSync. Poor guys. I saw that contract that Pearlman had them under. They were lucky if they were getting $20,000 a year apiece.  And they’ve already met you; so they’ll be more at ease than if it’s just me there."

Drew blinked. "Wow, no wonder they were suing. Well, hopefully since they both need new representation now, they will consider our deal. It's probably a better deal than they will ever get anywhere else."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, anyway... let's get out of here and grab that lunch. I am starving and tired. We still have movers to supervise this afternoon."

Drew nodded. "Yeah. Are you really sure you still want to live together bro? I mean, not that I am complaining, but..."

"Drew, the house is huge. It's not like we would have to cross paths very often even if we didn't want to live together," replied Dominick.

Drew chuckled. "Well that is true. I didn't quite get why you bought that big of a house."

Dominick grinned. "Well, I figure it won't go to waste. I mean, if we both get boyfriends or if Jeremy and Jayden need a place to stay sometime, we at least have plenty of room for them. Also, you know that I wanted to have a private studio put in, so a lot of space is good."

Drew chuckled and nodded. "Or if we have a party and everyone gets too drunk to go home, right?"

Dominick smiled back. "That too. Anyway, let's go. We can talk on the way to the house."

"The movers should be there in about an hour and a half, so we need to get lunch before then. How about we stop for some Chinese at the Golden Lotus?”

Dominick smiled. "Sounds good to me. Let's go. I could use some of those great spring rolls they make and some fried dumplings. Oh, and we must not forget..."

"Crab Rangoon!" they said together, causing them both to laugh.

"Jinx!" cried Dominick.

"Double Jinx! You pay for lunch!" Drew laughed.

"Okay, how old are we again?" Dominick asked as they both laughed.

"We might want to get out of here before we scare our employees," said Drew who was looking around at the small crowd gathering.

"Yes, let's..." replied Dominick.

Jive Headquarters

Jive was abuzz with activity since Dominick and Drew started taking over the operations of Jive. People were disappearing left and right and being replaced with people from WolfSound. Luckily, the majority of the employees were waiting until their replacements arrived from Atlanta before going to their new jobs. At least only a very few were being laid off, meaning only very few needed to be given severance packages. It seemed that Jeremy's plan had worked. Most of the employees had secured other positions, and the ones that hadn't or wanted to stay with the company were taking up positions left vacant from the employees who hadn’t made the move to Orlando. All in all, everything was moving along like clockwork.  Tomorrow, however, was the big meeting between the Backstreet Boys, *NSync, and the new management in which they would talk about the ending of the current tour and new records.

Both Dominick and Drew had heard negative comments floating around Jive during the transition regarding the fact that their hiring policies and process was completely non-discriminatory and that gay or gay-friendly employees were common place in their Atlanta office. It was now becoming a more frequent occurrence to see a gay couple holding hands at lunch or when walking out of the building at the end of the day.

The few people who were not so tolerant quickly realized that they would not have a leg to stand on if they wanted to do something about it. Drew and Dominick liked the fact that their employees were able to be themselves without having to hide. It promoted good relations between the employees as well and increased productivity. That, of course, was always a bonus.

Dominick was in his office when he heard a knock on his door. "Enter!" he called out.

Jayden walked in. "Hello boss, we are back from our little vacation. Did you miss us?"

Dominick looked up and chuckled. "Yeah, I sure did. The secretary for the old CEO is a complete homophobe. She has been trying to get me to change my ways for the last few days. I only kept her to have her answer the phones. Having her tell me every chance she got about my sinful ways was enough to bar her from my office. It didn't even faze her when I said that I wasn't even dating anyone right now, so how was I being sinful?" he said with a sigh.

Jayden laughed. "Oh, God, you're kidding me. I would have fired her on the spot."

Dominick nodded. "She even tried to introduce me to some woman to try and get me to take her out. I called her in my office, told the woman flat out I was gay, and that I wasn't going to change, and if she continued to treat me this way, she would find herself fired before you even got back. That shut her up for several hours, and then she started up again. I told her that she was fired, that she could gather her stuff and leave. She looked at me, stunned, and said that I couldn't fire her."

Jayden laughed. "She told her new boss that he couldn't fire her? What planet is she from? You don't just tell your new boss that his lifestyle is a sin and expect him not to get mad at you."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, it seems that she forgot that part. She kept telling me over and over again for the next ten minutes how I would be a fool to fire her, that she knew everyone here, that they all loved her, that she knew this company better than anyone, and how I would regret it. I laughed at her and told her that if she cared so much about her job, then she perhaps should have been a bit nicer and kept her opinions to herself and to get out of my office before I called security."

Jayden shook his head. "What did she say to that? Wait, let me guess. She gathered her stuff and started screaming the boss was gay all the way down the hall and out the door?"

Dominick laughed. "Yeah, and I screamed back at her, 'SO WHAT!' Everyone that was waiting for me started laughing. Several asked me if it was true, others shook their head sadly at the woman, and one guy quit. I am assuming that he didn't like the fact I was gay either."

Jayden shrugged. "Well, all in all, I am sure that the word you are gay and Drew is too will spread pretty quickly, so at least we should know how many new people we need to hire shortly. This time we will advertise in several gay magazines to hire gay or gay-friendly employees. I know there are lots of them out there that need a safe place to work."

Dominick nodded. "Right. Just make sure that we don’t discriminate against the straight people. So, let’s just make sure that we don’t step on any toes by doing that. That would not be very good advertising. Oh, by the way... get yourself anything you need for the office out front. We can get a designer later to fix up the place. It looks like a disaster area.  When that woman left, she threw stuff around and kicked some equipment causing damage.   Apparently, she had been here for several years and threw a complete tantrum."

“Are you going to pursue her for damages?” Jayden asked

“No, not worth it. On the bright side, I had several people come by and thank me for firing her. Seems they were pretty happy about it since she was harassing anyone that she happened to find out was gay or she thought that they were gay. The ex-CEO was apparently a homophobe too, so he never did anything to her when she harassed employees for their sexuality."

Jayden frowned. "Wow. Guess it's a good thing he didn't realize he was selling to a gay company or he might not have sold Jive."

Dominick nodded. "Yeah, exactly. Though, I think he would have sold it to a thief by the time we took over. The place is really going down the tubes. We need to start cutting the fat and soon."

Jayden chuckled. "Well, all's well that ends well, huh? Guess I should go out and get some guys to straighten up the office. We can't have the place looking shabby. I will look around for some decorators while I am at it."

Dominick chuckled and grinned. "I knew I hired you for something other than your good looks, Jay."

Jayden laughed and winked. "I would sure hope so, Dom, otherwise you would have a very messy schedule. I remember what it was like before I took it over."

Dominick shook his head. "It wasn't that bad, Jay... at least it wasn't as bad as Drew's. He didn't realize how often time could go over in meetings and scheduled them too close together."

Jayden chuckled. "You have a point there. Well, I better go get the place cleaned up. I glanced at your calendar for tomorrow on my laptop; you have that big meeting tomorrow. Do you need help with the presentation?"

Dominick grinned. "No, but you can come to the meeting - if you promise not to drool on them that is."

Jayden feigned a hurt look. "Me? Drool on ten hot guys that just happen to be coming to a meeting tomorrow? What do you take me for boss?"

Dominick laughed and winked. "Oh, a very hot gay man that is very much single? That is, unless you count your twin brother."

Jayden gasped. "Dom, did you just call me hot?"

Dominick shook his head and grinned. "Yeah, it's not like you don't call yourself that already. I am just repeating it."

Jayden walked over to Dominick and sat on the edge of his desk. "It’s okay, boss, you know I am just messing with you. You know we are friends; I don't mind you calling me that. I know I kind of come off as vain sometimes, but I guess I have had so many people tell me I am good looking all these years, it's hard not to think of yourself as hot. I do know, however, that I won't be the only one wanting to drool over them tomorrow," Jayden said with a wink.

Dominick blushed. "Well, they are hot. Just remember - business first, drool later."

Jayden grinned. "Right, boss, right."

Josh's Christmas Present - Part 2

Sadly, it took some time before Josh could put part two of his Christmas present into effect with Aidan's brother calling to say he needed a place to while he looked for a place to live. Aidan decided that the old room that they used to play around in needed redecorating, and each night they were just so tired from the process that they basically went straight to sleep.

Josh had set up another romantic scene, though it definitely wasn't typical. Most people spread things like roses around, but this time, since Josh had found out during the course of re-decorating the guest bedrooms that they both loved sunflowers, he called around and had several bunches delivered. Josh didn't want to tear apart a sunflower, so he put a bunch on the nightstands, a few on the dresser, and several in their large bathroom as decorations. The room looked great as he moved around, putting finishing touches to their room. He had changed the regular linens to this lovely, silky blue sheet and comforter set he had gotten when the decorator was buying linens.

Josh gathered several bags from the floor and placed the contents in the nightstand. He didn't want to give away his surprise too soon by having them visible. He walked around the room, turning out lights and lighting candles around the bed, creating a warm glow in the room. He slowly removed his clothes, walked over to the clothes hamper in the bathroom, and placed them inside. Walking to the closet, he brought out a blue silk robe and wrapped it around himself as he walked out the door and down the stairs.

He found Aidan in the kitchen, putting the last of the dinner away. He walked up to him, slipped his arms around his waist, and pulled him close, causing Aidan to stop what he was doing and smile.

"Gv-ge-yu-hi wa-ya, let's go to bed. This can wait 'til morning, you know," whispered Josh.

"I know, but I like getting them in the dishwasher before bed." Aidan sighed and leaned back against Josh, caressing the hands around his waist. "All right, I will leave the rest for the morning." As Aidan cuddled into Josh's arms, he grinned when he felt something hard poking him in the ass. "Looks like someone is excited, hmmm?"

Josh chuckled. "Yeah, excited to see you as always."

Aidan grinned and turned around in Josh's arms, pressing his body close to the soft silk. "Well, let's say we go take care of that problem, hmmm?"

Josh leaned forward and licked Aidan's bottom lip before kissing him. "Mmmm... sounds like a good idea to me."

The pair went upstairs hand in hand, Aidan tugging his t-shirt over his head with difficulty, as he was unwilling to let go of Josh long enough to accomplish the feat.  As they reached the bedroom Aidan’s impatience got the better of him.  He stopped and reached out to slowly pull Josh towards him, tugging his robe off his body, and letting it puddle at his feet. As Aidan’s hands started to roam Josh grabbed both Aidan’s hand in one of his, “Hush now baby, slow down.” 

“Josh,” Aidan growled.

“Yes, darling,” he smiled enjoying his lover’s frustration "Lay down on your stomach. I have a surprise or two in store for you tonight."

Aidan loved Josh's surprises; he was always so romantic and creative, so he happily lay down on the bed, settled his cock into a more comfortable position, took a deep breath and looked around. The room was scattered with sunflowers, which made him smile. He was glad that Josh had remembered he loved them and thought to provide them for him. Aidan felt his heart skip an extra beat as he settled his head on a pillow, with one under his hips to ease pressure on his spine.

Josh moved quietly across to the nightstand to retrieve the warmed oil, a mix of sandalwood and Neroli.  Rubbing the oil between his hands Josh carefully straddled Aidan’s hips, being careful not to put weight on his back or legs.  Josh leaned forward smoothing oil onto Aidan’s shoulders gently grabbing the muscles mid-way between the curve of Aidan’s shoulder and his neck with both hands he began to knead these muscles gradually relaxing them and decreasing the tension he could feel in the knots beneath his hands.  Kneading deeper, Josh tried to hold in a gasp as Aidan’s groaned with each movement, trying desperately to prevent his erection pressing into his lover beneath him, wanting this to be a pleasure for Aidan with no strings attached, well at this point anyway.

Feeling the muscles ease beneath his questing hands, Josh then cupped the curve of Aidan’s shoulders, gently lifting his shoulders a few times to stretch the muscles in front across the chest.  Never allowing his hands to leave Aidan’s body at any time, Josh worked down the left hand side of the familiar body enjoying the feel of the skin beneath his hands, almost as much as he was enjoying the feeling of giving such pleasure to his lover.  Moving to the other side he worked down the right hand side finding the muscle groups in Aidan’s front and back and kneading them gently.  Returning to Aidan’s upper back he worked towards Aidan’s buttocks smoothing over them but not stopping too long on his quest to drive his lover mad with lust. 

Crouching lower down the bed Josh started to work on the muscles of Aidan’s thighs and down to his calves.  Knowing how strong his lover’s calf muscles are, he spent a long time kneading each one knowing how much the release of tension here would mean to Aidan later on. 

So far Josh had worked in silence, the only sounds in the room the small intakes of breath he was unable to prevent escaping, the moans and gasps from his lover and small sounds of rustling sheets as Aidan relaxed more into the bed.  Knowing this interlude was about to change he ran his hands back up Aidan’s legs and gentle smoothed oil over the sculptured buttocks he could no longer resist.

“Hey, turn over for me.” He whispered, unwilling to break the mood at all.

Aidan complied eagerly if slowly, his loosened muscles still too relaxed to move quickly, he felt boneless and euphoric all at once, the erotic oils playing their part in releasing aphrodisiacs into the air conditioning and heightening the experience for both men.  As he finally turned onto his back, Aidan’s hard cock bounced against his stomach and Josh grinned, knowing how excited the teasing massage had been on his partner’s libido, something he had been counting on.   

“I’m going to massage your front now...” he whispered with a light kiss to his now pouting boyfriend’s lips.  He started again at the shoulders and worked down the delectable body in front of him, still keeping the same rhythm as before, but working slightly quicker the lower he moved, desperately keeping his own reactions hidden, but knowing he was fighting a losing battle. “God,” he thought to himself, “this is supposed to be foreplay for Aidan; not torture for me.”

Deciding he needed his lover now, right now, Josh finished up with the calf muscles and moved back up to Aidan’s lips needed to connect with him immediately.  He quickly put the oil on the nightstand, and opened the drawer.

"Close your eyes love. Your other surprise is very ready," whispered Josh.

Aidan nodded and closed his eyes. He trusted Josh implicitly, so he didn't worry about anything as he waited. Josh pulled out the lube from the side table and poured some on his hands, again warming it up between them. Laying on his back he carefully started trying to prepare himself.  Realizing that this wasn’t going to go exactly to plan and that he needed some help he moaned softly. "Waya, it's time for you to make love to me. Don't talk yet, just lube me up really well and then lay back again."

Aidan was shocked and extremely happy; whatever had been bothering his Angel all this time seemed to have worked itself out.  He opened his eyes to find Josh on his back, with his knees up by ears, his hands spreading his ass cheeks waiting for help. The sight before him his took his breath away, the boneless feeling leaving him immediately.  Taking the tube of lube, Aidan knelt between Josh's legs and slowly began opening up Josh’s ass for the pleasure to come. He knew that it had been a long time for his love and he wanted this to be so special. He slipped a lubed finger inside Josh, who whimpered softly as he tried to relax. Soon he added two fingers, and finally three making Josh moan loudly, as he stared up at him. Aidan moaned softly at the love and lust he saw there. He wanted Josh so bad he was aching for him now, his cock dripping precum.

Josh winked at his love. "Lean back, love... Looks like you're more than ready for me, huh, big boy?" he chuckled softly.

Aidan smiled, nodding as he did what he was told. Josh rolled a condom onto Aidan, and used a bit of lube to prepare him, before he got up and straddled his waist. Aidan reached down and grabbed his cock, holding it steady as Josh lowered himself onto Aidan slowly. Luckily, Josh only felt a momentary pain since Aidan did such a great job at lubing and opening him up. Both men moaned loudly as the head of Aidan's cock slipped inside his hole, slowly taking more of Aidan inside. Aidan moved his hand to let Josh finish lowering himself, and when Josh was sitting on Aidan's cock fully he stopped moving, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, you feel soooo good, Josh..." Aidan moaned trying not to move before Josh was ready.

Josh whimpered softly as he began to slowly move up and down on Aidan's cock, moaning as it slid in and out of his tight hole.

Aidan closed his eyes, moaning as he spoke. "Josh, you're soooo tight! Oh, God!"

Josh smiled down at his lover, loving the look on Aidan's face as he moved up and down more quickly on Aidan's cock. He leaned down and kissed Aidan passionately before moving to whisper in his ear. "Make me yours, my hot wolf..."

Aidan opened his eyes and looked into Josh's for further confirmation, and what he found in Josh's eyes thrilled him. Aidan grabbed a hold of Josh and pulled him close; pushing up off the bed with one arm as he quickly flipped the both of them over with Josh now on his back. Aidan lifted Josh's legs up over his shoulders and slowly started to plunge in and out of Josh's hole, easing into a quicker and quicker pace.

Josh moaned loudly, whimpering as Aidan began to take him to a height that no one had before. The few previous encounters that Josh had did nothing to prepare him for the pleasure that Aidan was giving him. Aidan was now stroking Josh's cock in time with his frantic thrusts in and out of him. He had waited so long for this moment.

Josh cried out as Aidan stroked him faster, and as he came all over Aidan's chest, his ass clamped down hard on Aidan's cock, causing Aidan to lose it totally and drive him over the edge. Aidan slowed his frantic pace to a stop, still embedded inside Josh's ass as he struggled to catch his breath. Finally he pulled out and lowered Josh's legs to the bed. He disposed of the condom, and then crawled up next to him and pulled him close into his arms, he whispered in Josh's ear, "That was incredible my angel and that glimpse of heaven when you came was so erotic."

Josh smiled, leaning up to kiss Aidan gently. "You should have seen yourself, my wolf. You were so lost in it, taking me like a wild animal... damn it was sexy!"

Aidan grinned and blushed slightly, cuddling his love closer. "I am glad we waited. That was incredible..." Aidan said breathlessly.

Josh licked Aidan's neck gently. "Yes, you were my wild animal. Let's get cleaned up and go to bed - we have that meeting tomorrow morning and we don't want to be late."

Aidan nodded, not really willing to remove himself from Josh yet. He struggled to get up, lifting Josh in his arms as he carried him into the bathroom where they quickly showered. Shortly afterward, they headed back to bed to get some much needed sleep.

The Next Morning – Dominick's Hotel Room

The next morning Dominick woke up nervous for his first major meeting with his new company. Perhaps I should have asked Jayden for some help after all? No, I don't need any help for this. I just have to do my best and everything will work out fine. He got out of bed and stretched. This was going to be a long day.

He walked over to his closet and took out his best business suit. Although he normally didn't wear them to the office, but he felt today it was best to look like a sharp executive. Dominick knew that he and Drew were kind of young to be CEOs of a major company, so he was trying to at least look the part.  Maybe it’ll help me look older, or then again maybe not, but it’s worth a try.

Setting the clothes on the bed, he slipped into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He didn't have time to do much else this morning because he wanted to get to the office early to make sure that everything was set up for the meeting. Getting out of the shower he studied his reflection in the mirror, turning his head side to side. 

Hmmm... Definitely need a shave, he thought to himself, but should I? It would make me look older, but the last time I wore facial hair everyone told me to shave. Better not. I will probably get to the office and Jayden will tell me to shave. Dominick laughed softly. Jayden sure loves to tell me what to do - if he had a hobby then that would be at the top of the list. However, Dominick mused, Jayden is very good at what he does. I don't know too many people that I would allow to boss me around.

Dominick combed back his hair, pulled out his shaving cream, and began to lather his face, thinking about what the day would hold. He just hoped that he got to the bands first, because his offer was a lot better than anything they would get in the music industry. Dominick was actually surprised how many people were transferring to their management firm once they found out that they wouldn't get totally ripped off by their company.

When they first started and hired their entertainment lawyer, he pulled out a standard contract for them and Dominick almost lost it. Did anyone actually read these things? He had mused. Well, that was one thing that Wolf Sound did, and they made sure to offer their clients a better deal and still make a profit.

Finishing up his shaving, he styled his hair, splashed on some cologne, and walked out into the bedroom. Pulling on his suit, he walked to the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and grinned. He looked good, if he did say so himself. Striding out of the bedroom and into the suite he paused, seeing Drew walking out of his room and grinning.

"Hey man, look at you. Guess we must have had the same idea when it came to what to wear this morning, huh?" asked Drew.

Dominick grinned. "I guess so. You look good, Drew."

"Hey man, you do too." Drew smiled and winked.

"Thanks. Let's get some breakfast before work?" said Dominick.

Drew nodded. "Sure, let's go."

"I sure hope everything works out okay," said Dominick some time later as they strolled along from the hotel towards their office building.

Drew laughed softly. "Man, you worry way too much. Come on, we both know they are going to jump on this deal after the way the last ones ripped them off."

Dominick nodded. "True. Hey, did Jeremy say the same thing to you as Jayden said to me? He said that he knew we would be drooling over these guys?"

Drew nodded and laughed. "Yeah, he did. I swear, either they can speak telepathically, or they meet up to tell each other what they are going to say to us first. Course, I already have my eye on someone.”

"Yes, I know. You talk to him almost every night. As for Jayden and Jeremy, I would go with the telepathic thing myself. I swear if those two ever get boyfriends they better hope they get some understanding ones. If they treat their boyfriends like they treat us, the poor things will probably be overwhelmed." He said with a laugh.

"Nah, I bet they will end up treating their boyfriends better than their bosses. Although, that isn't to say that I don't sometimes wish that Jeremy was my boyfriend. He's just so cute, isn't he?"

"Yeah, they are both cute. Problem is that they work for us and that just wouldn't work out. We need someone that works outside of the office. Maybe someone in a band that's real cute, like maybe a certain Backstreet Boy?" replied Dominick.

“As you well know, I have been trying to convince a certain boy band member already to go out with me. We will be having our first date soon I think. He’s taking a bit of convincing to go out with me."

“How is Brian doing? You have been working on him for over two months; I would have figured you would have given up by now.”

“Well, he’s cute, smart, and we get along quite well when I am not pushing the dating thing.”

Dominick shook his head. "All right, Drew, let's get inside before you get more evil thoughts in your mind. We have a meeting to get to." Drew nodded and followed Dominick inside the building. This was going to be an eventful day, and he had a good feeling about it too.

Meeting of the Bands - Jan. 5, 2000

Both bands had just arrived along with Aidan, Tyler, and Kent, who were mainly tagging along as a part of the road crew and costume department for the tour. Neither band was really sure if the meeting was about the completion of their tour, to meet the rest of the new management team, to negotiate their contracts, or all of the above.

The guys walked into the building promptly at 10 a.m. pushing Brian forward to greet the receptionist.

“Um, Hi.”

“Good morning, Sir, I will call for Jayden to escort you all to the board room.”

“Oh, we have a meeting with, um, er.”

“Yes, sir.  Jayden will be here shortly.” the receptionist said, looking up with a smile as Jayden approached the men standing in the lobby. 

Brian turned away embarrassed looking over towards the other band members, subconsciously appraising the good looking young man in front of him.  As fond as he was of Drew nothing said he couldn’t look.

All the band members had been worried when they had first heard that Jive had been bought out, especially since no one seemed to be able to tell them the name of the new label. Aidan was pretty quiet on the subject. He said he didn’t want to jinx it incase Jive’s parent company decided not to sell. It seemed that things were pretty hush-hush at Jive about the transfer of power. Walking through the lobby, they saw letters being installed next to a large wolf howling at the moon. They stood there watching for a moment as the workman put up the last letter, spelling "WolfSound" on the wall.

Aidan let out a soft chuckle as his family owned WolfSound, in a roundabout way, considering they were the financial backers of the label. Course, he only went to the concert because his cousin mentioned they may acquire them for his label. This caused several glances and wry grins to be directed his way since he mentioned on the way to the meeting that Aidan’s family was helping out with the purchasing of Jive.

Arriving at the board room Jayden opened the door and ushered everyone inside.

“Please take a seat and make yourselves comfortable.  I will tell Mr. Wolcott and Mr. Markel that you have arrived.  I will send someone in with some refreshments.”  Jayden stated and quietly left them alone.  A few moments later Jeremy returned with drinks. The group looked at Jeremy, stunned, and several muttered something about rapidly changing hair, which caused him to laugh. "Oh, I changed my hair months ago. It was for a good cause, since my twin works here for the big boss and people couldn't tell us apart. I’m Jeremy, not Jayden."

"Twins?" several chorused.

"Well, that explains a few things," AJ said as his eyes glanced up and down Jeremy's body. Man is he hot... he thought.

Jeremy passed out a few drinks, and when he got to AJ's he smiled down at him. "Here you go, AJ. I guess this one's yours."

AJ nodded and winked. "You can call me Alex if you like?"

Jeremy grinned and winked back, silently wondering about the name change. According to his sources, very few called him Alex. "My pleasure, Alex. I'll be right back; don't miss me too much."

AJ grinned. He was cute and witty - a very nice combination.

As Jeremy walked out of the room, AJ's eyes were all over him. He didn't notice that several of the other guys were watching too, but then how could he when he was watching that perfectly toned body.

Jeremy and Jayden came back in a few moments later, followed by Drew and another slightly older man. The four of them walked to the head of the table, and as the two older ones sat down, Jeremy and Jayden sat down as well, one on either side of the duo.

"Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming so early for this meeting. I guess it's time for some introductions, isn't it? My name is Jayden and that over there is my twin brother Jeremy. We are the executive assistants to Drew Wolcott, who I believe you have already met, and Dominick Markel who are the owners of WolfSound Entertainment and WolfSound Management."

Dominick laughed softly as he listened to Jayden talk. "All right, Jay; we don't want to scare these guys, do we? Let's just get down to business."

Drew stood and walked to the side table, picking up a stack of books, and began passing them around. When he came to stand in front of Aidan he chuckled and shook his head. "Aidan! I guess I don’t have to ask what you are doing here, since you and Josh are apparently joined at the hip these days."

Aidan laughed. "Hi, Drew, Josh asked me to come, and I just couldn’t say no since he asked so nicely."

Drew nodded, grinning widely before addressing the whole group again. "Well, as you may know, we were able to purchase Jive so cheaply because of their lawsuits. Zomba didn't have much choice if they wanted to get out ahead."

Drew watched as several heads nodded in agreement. "You're now a part of the most gay-friendly record label in the world. A good number of our employees are gay or gay-friendly."

"Gay-friendly?" asked Kevin. "What do you mean by that?"

"Dominick, Jayden, Jeremy, and I are all gay. We are known for hiring some of the best gay employees and gay-friendly ones too. If you haven't noticed, a lot of the older employees no longer work here. The majority of them were replaced in the buyout with our friendlier employees."

"The main purpose of calling you all here was to let you know that we also have a very successful management company that will give you a much better deal than you will have received in the past. When we were thinking of taking over Jive, we obtained copies of your contracts and, needless to say, we were very unimpressed with how they were treating you and your music."

Most of the group laughed, and several expressed the same thing. "You're not the only one."

Dominick nodded. "I arranged these packages to let you know the things we do offer to our musicians as a Management Company. I also have new contracts for both bands. You will find them far superior than you would have had with the old Jive Management. You should be treated like the stars you are instead of second rate amateurs that don’t know how to sing."

The group began looking down at the packages and several wows filled the room, though a number of them were glancing down the table at the four young men who were about to change their lives for the better.

Kevin finished looking over the contracts and smiled, "Well, I agree with you Dominick. These contracts are better than our old ones. They definitely improve on any we have ever received before, though I would still like to have our lawyer look over them to make sure that everything is on the up and up. These are our careers we are talking about here and we want to be careful this time."

Dominick grinned. "Kevin, take all the time you need. Your current record contract isn't quite up anyway; we just wanted to get you a better deal before you go back on tour."

Kevin smiled. "That is very thoughtful of you. We should only need a few days. Our lawyer is very quick since we have been looking for new management."

Dominick turned toward Lance and began to speak. “Now, as we have been made aware, Aidan and Stone, are a part of the tour now, and will be going with you when you return to the road. I am glad that you have someone with you who I know personally. It makes me feel much easier about you finishing out your current tour.”

Drew turned to speak to Tyler. “I have also been informed that you will again be joining the tour as head costume designer. I heard great things about what happened at the end of last year with you running things. So that makes me confident that you can handle the job. I assigned you several more assistants, since you have insisted that you could manage to outfit both groups by yourself.”

Tyler nodded and smiled. “I have been doing this for most of my life, so it’s not a hardship for me. Thank you for the new assistants though. I needed at least a couple on the last tour at times. It actually helps to have one assistant for every one or two members of the band, so they will help a lot.”

Drew nodded and smiled. “I will take that under advisement. When the two groups break up after this tour, you will probably stay with the Backstreet Boys, Tyler.”

Tyler smiled and looked over at a certain blond. “I think I can handle that.”

Dominick noticed the look and broke out into laughter. "Well, well, well. It seems that several romances are blooming around here. I don't need my stars unhappy, so I’ll make sure to do that."

Aidan grinned and looked over at Josh. "Oh, don't worry. We take good care of each other." Josh nodded and blushed, reaching over to squeeze Aidan's hand.

Drew spoke up at that moment. "Well, regardless, I just want everyone to know that whatever is said in this room stays in this room, so if anyone else wants to come out of the closet, you can trust it won't leave the room."

Lance blushed, and grabbed Kent's hand for support and began to speak quietly. "I am gay, and I am sure some of you suspected. You can thank Kent here for helping me come to terms with my sexuality. I hope that he will be my boyfriend, though I haven’t had a chance to ask him yet."

“You bet, Tiger. I would be proud to call you my boyfriend any day.” Kent said as he squeezed Lance’s hand. Several of the groups were surprised, others were not. It wasn’t as if they didn’t notice that Kent had been hanging around Lance all the time.

The rest of the room looked around and laughed softly. Joey quietly spoke up as he looked around the room, suddenly felt very left out. "Okay, this sounds all cheesy, but I am single and straight."

Lance, Howie, AJ, and Tyler all mentioned they were gay, though Tyler said he was taken at the moment, with a wink in Nick’s direction. Kevin, Nick, Justin, and Kent all mentioned that they were bisexual, but had a stronger leaning to men. Nick mentioned he was taken and then Kent mentioned that he was taken again, for dramatic effect, with a big grin on his face.

However, when it came down to Brian, he shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't exactly decided yet," said Brian, avoiding Drew’s eyes as he said it, which caused several confused looks to fly around the room. Everyone had thought that Brian was straight until he met Drew. Which caused several concerned glances in Drew’s direction, who was looking at Brian with a slightly hurt expression on his face.

When the group looked over at Chris, he was staring at the ceiling. "Chris?" Jayden called, looking over at him. Chris was avoiding everyone's eyes. Was he gay or was he straight? Perhaps he, like Brian, didn't actually know either. Chris looked up and found Jayden staring at him with a question in his eyes.

"I...I... don't see what difference it makes. It's not like anyone likes me, regardless of their gender," Chris said quietly. "Besides, last I checked, I was the freak in the group."

"Chris, you are not a freak!" Jayden replied loudly, which caused Chris to look up into his eyes and smile.

"Thanks, Jayden," he said as he blushed slightly.

Dominick took back over the group and smiled. "Well, regardless of what your preferences are, you will have a great group here to work with. None of our employees will out you that is for sure. I believe we got rid of the last of the bigoted, ignorant employees this morning."

The whole group laughed. This was a day that would change all of their lives, and from the way things were going, the groups were in for a great time.

Author Note: Well, there is another chapter. Lots of drama huh? Well, I am trying to make their lives better, which causes drama on a normal scale anyway.

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